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This War is a Spiritual War and God is in it with us .... the Internet is the means ~ Withstand With Wolves

Operation Truth ... Operation Freedom ... The Gathering ... It is time to get into action ... The Revolution Is On The Internet ... The Worldwide Gathering For Truth ... The Peaceful Revolution For Truth And Sanity On Earth ... Chief Sitting Bull is a World Teacher ... The Gathering global message by Chief Sitting Bull ... It is very important that as many people as possible, in different places, should take part in The Gathering. Decide where and when and how to gather. Your participation is needed. ... This is the beginning of the break we are all waiting for. This is the beginning of the turnaround. We have waited so long for the change. It is time. ... This is the beginning of the end of the old ways, the turning of the tide. ... State what you believe is true. Exchange the information and hopes you have. ... Courage is the ability to go beyond the familiar. ...  Always in the world, a change starts with a few people. These few speak the feelings and thoughts of a multitude. They speak the heart of humanity's soul. ... The people who are coming together will ring in a return, a turnaround. There will come a flow of expression and action on Earth which will burst the dark energies surrounding you and your planet. ... Let your self-belief be your guide, and follow your heart. Realise the greatness you have within yourself, and go ahead. ... This is the time so many have waited so long for. Never doubt it has started. ... That which you believe is true must be stated. ... The Sitting Bull ... Tatanka Yotanka ... Operation Truth ... Operation Freedom ... The Gathering

New Motion Slideshow Video ~ Worldwide Gathering For Truth 2018 ~ Global Paradigm Shift

The Revolution Is On The Internet ~ The Worldwide Gathering For Truth

A Call For Revolution ~ A New Book by His Holiness The Dalai Lama

The Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman ~ Peace And Unity for Humanity

Tagashala And The Enlightened Teachers ~ Open The Veil of The Crack Between The Worlds
The Time Has Come To Start To Solve All of The World's Main Problems
Professor Albert Einstein ~ Those Who Have The Privilege To Know, Have The Duty To Act
Two Giants of Modern Thought: Mahatma Gandhi and George Orwell, author of '1984'
The Truth About 9/11 Which The Whole World Should Know ~ NOT 'Conspiracy Theory'
The Demon / N.W.O. Manifesto ~ "We Must Be Ingenious In Dispensing The Poisons"

August 2000: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Called For All Governments To Be Sued

Off-Site News ... The Petition for a Grand Jury Investigation Into the Crimes of 9-11

Sitting Bull's and White Buffalo Calf Woman's Two Craft Over WGFT HQ In Scotland In 2009

We Would All Love The World To Change But Who Is Going To Start The Change?

New: ACTION GROUP ~ Let's Change The World Together ~ ACTION GROUP

STARDUST ~ A Rallying Call For Starseeds On Earth by Michael Irving

Lying Bullies Want To Rule Earth ~ US Openly Attacks Syria In Major Escalation

15 Years Since the Fall of Baghdad: A Broken Statue in a War Built on Lies ~ Patrik Paulov

Chief Crazy Horse, Chemtrails, The Final Hopi Warning, and The Worldwide Gathering For Truth

Prison Planet Earth ~ Information Censorship And Money Enslavement Control Humanity

TRUTH and LOVE will lead us HOME ~ HOME has OM in the Middle ~ Michael Irving

Massive Censorship of THE GATHERING on The Internet

POLITICAL MIND GAMES: How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding ~ Roy Eidelson

Silence Is Betrayal: Get Up, Stand Up, Speak Up for Your Rights ~ John Whitehead

Mental Illness Epidemic: It Turns Out The DRUGS Are The Problem ~ Poisonous Chemicals


World Gathering For Truth's ACTION GROUP ~ That Which You Believe Is TRUE Must Be Stated

CHEMTRAILS DRUGGING ~ Hopi Elder Dan Evehema: Unite And Arise For Survival


Chief Crazy Horse and Hopi Elder Dan Evehema Warn of Worldwide Chemtrails Drugging

The Gathering Is Promoting An Uplift In Consciousness And Global Paradigm Shift

Calling Earth... Calling Earth... Have You Become Comfortably Numb?

This War is a Spiritual War and God is in it with us ... the Internet is the means ... WWW We need to synchronise ... Watch out for the opportunity Window to start world change

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