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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth


Chief Sitting Bull: Get A Group of One Hundred People Together Ready For Something To Happen ~ That Which You Believe Is True Must Be Stated

By Michael Irving, The Gathering, British Isles



Get a group of 100 people together ready for something to happen ... That which you believe is true must be stated ... Courage is the ability to go beyond the familiar ~ Chief Sitting Bull


What the world needs is 100 people who have realised the CHEMTRAILS are drugging everyone into a strange coma of lethargy and complacency.


The main place a group of 100 aware and alert people can meet up are the six groups at Facebook which are run by The Gathering; and this is probably why these six 'Gathering' groups have big problems at the moment. Please study the following information ....


The Main Part of The Battle of Armageddon is at

the Six Facebook Groups for The Gathering

By Michael Irving, The Gathering, British Isles ~ 16 November 2017


EVERYONE - Be aware the Chemtrail Spraying Operation is drugging you into apathy and complacency ..... "We will see mist as a warning... telling us people of all colour must unite and arise for survival, and that we must uncover the cause of our dilemmas." ~ Dan Evehema, Hopi Elder



When THE GATHERING gets FOUR or FIVE more people to really put their enthusiasm and their intelligence into kick-starting The Gathering of The Multitude / Crazy Horse's vision of Worldwide Awakening, Humanity will see the start of the greatest, positive change ever recorded on Earth.

This is WHY the Dark Forces have totally disrupted the 6 Facebook groups for THE GATHERING since the end of September 2017.

The six Facebook groups for THE GATHERING are dedicated to finding a way to help lead Humanity out of the dead-end it is presently stuck in.



At the end of September 2017, Michael Irving - the owner of The Gathering website and owner of the 6 Facebook groups for The Gathering - suddenly started to be regularly thrown into Facebook Prison and was banned from posting and commenting at ALL Facebook groups. At the same time... end of September... many members of the 6 Gathering groups stopped receiving notifications of activity at the 6 Gathering groups and stopped seeing any mention of the 6 Gathering groups in their News Feeds.

THEREFORE, please regularly visit the home pages for the Gathering group you are in to see what has been posted. Please share, support, and encourage posts I make for THE GATHERING. Something in the world does NOT want THE GATHERING to happen. Please bookmark the home page for each group and visit regularly.


If you are one of the 300+ people who have joined THE GATHERING groups during the past 3 months and stated you want to help find a way to get Humanity out of its present dead-end, please get in touch. At present there are only two of us who are working hard to start THE GATHERING and I am wondering what has happened to these 300+ enthusiastic activists for world change. ~ Michael Irving

WAKE UP people - You are being drugged

and you need to get into ACTION NOW


The 6 Facebook groups for THE GATHERING:


Chief Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering 2017

White Buffalo Calf Woman and The Gathering

Chief Crazy Horse and The Gathering


Operation Freedom and The Gathering



Chief Sitting Bull and The Gathering

Rainbow Dream Vision and The Gathering


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Chief Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering 2017



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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

The Gathering is happening now wherever we are by our sharing with others what we feel

and think about life today, and by distributing information we believe is important. 

Our individual and united actions will lead to a major world change.



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