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Approaching OMEGA POINT -

Three Mental Forces Now On Earth

Michael Irving, editor of World Gathering News



Three, new Mental Forces are now active on Earth:


Over 6 Billion people, 90% to 100% of humans on Earth, want life to be better on Earth. Excluding those who are insane or are self-destructive, all of humanity are becoming desperate for a far better way to live. This is a powerful force.


Hundreds of millions of people are becoming increasingly suspicious of the NWO / Globalist power-mongers, suspicious of what they are doing, and suspicious of where they are trying to lead the world. This is a crucial force; and is rapidly growing in numbers.


A few super-rich, power-mongers want to dominate and control life on Earth. The method they use to tell they are influencing people is to make people suffer, deprive people of necessary technology and health remedies etc., and cause people to argue and fight.

These three forces are now in extreme flux: i.e. intense change.

Or, to put it another way: It's ALL Happening

We are approaching Teilhard de Chardin's predicted 'Omega Point'.

Providing the system (life on Earth) doesn't blow up (look to the NWO / PNAC / Globalists) the turmoil and turbulence we are now experiencing on Earth will transform into a much better way of life on Earth, for all.

As difficult, confusing, and terrible as life is today, it is also beautiful and wondrous; because also here are the seeds of the new change. We can catch these seeds. These seeds are growing. People, ideas and events which contain these seeds are gravitating towards each other. Something amazing and powerful is happening.

Something Extraordinary Is Happening

"We are talking about the emergence of a different world view in our time. This is a phenomenon that is happening during your generation. It's the most curious, the most extraordinary thing. This is not somebody's thought out idea... Something extraordinary is actually happening inside our thinking. There has really been a turn-about in the centre of human consciousness." ~ Sir George Trevelyan

Listen to Sir George Trevelyan describe the change in which we now live:
'Something Extraordinary Is Happening', 1 minute: Extraordinary

For information on Teilhard de Chardin and his predicted 'Omega Point' (although this editor is not over-keen on Wikipedia) Wiki's reference gives a starting point and links to further information: Omega Point ~ De Chardin


Physicist and cosmologist, Frank Tipler: Omega Point Cosmology


Omega Point Cosmology is mind-blowing

The following is what I read at Wikipedia which blew my socks off. I have added a few notes in brackets in case you think I agree totally with Professor Tipler's rather scientific and computer terminology; in fact I hardly noticed the terminology on first read. What I was feeling on my first read was the existence of a wonderful system / reality of which we, of course, are an intrinsic part. Hold on ....


The Omega Point

In his controversial 1994 book The Physics of Immortality, Tipler claims to provide a mechanism for immortality and the resurrection of the dead consistent with the known laws of physics, provided by a computer intelligence [I did not register the word 'computer', I only registered the word 'intelligence'] he terms the Omega Point and which he identifies with God. The line of argument is that the evolution of intelligent species will enable scientific progress [I read this as 'progress in every way' - Tipler, as a scientist, stated 'scientific progress'] to grow exponentially, eventually enabling control over the universe even on the largest possible scale [this idea came to me as: the mind of humans will grow to equal that of the universe = enlightenment]. Tipler predicts that this process will culminate with an all-powerful intelligence whose computing speed and information storage will grow exponentially at a rate exceeding the collapse of the universe, thus providing infinite "experiential time" which will be used to run computer simulations of all intelligent life that has ever lived in the history of our universe [i.e. we / the universe will be self-reflective]. This virtual reality emulation is what Tipler means by "the resurrection of the dead." In more recent works, Tipler says that the existence of the Omega Point is required to avoid the violation of the known laws of physics.



Reading Tipler's 'Omega Point' left me feeling: There IS a benign, benevolent intelligence behind life, and, 'all shall be well'. I think Tipler is showing there is an amazing intelligence behind life, and don't worry, we are headed in the right direction. Keep hope. I think the exchange of information worldwide now is an immensely important thing. 'Our system' is missing very important data.

Editor: I may find better links for 'Omega Point', 'Teilhard de Chardin', 'Physicist Frank Tipler', 'Omega Point Cosmology', etc., so check back here - or, of course, do your own search. I think this is exciting. I think it says: If we hold to what we are doing, and increase our efforts, a breakthrough will happen.


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The Final Battle ...... Human Angels Now On Earth



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The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect



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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher