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Rainbow Dream Vision Prophecy of Hope

In German: 'Die Regenbogen-Traum Schauung'

By Klaus Yeager

German philosopher, musician, and videographer, Klaus Yeager has completed a series of short videos in the German language on the intertribal Native American prophecy known as the Rainbow Dream Vision.


Klaus has written a German translation of the Rainbow Dream Vision ('Die Regenbogen-Traum Schauung') which is published here: Deutsche / German


For English speakers, Klaus's first of five videos has an introduction in English. The English text of the Rainbow Dream Vision is here: English


To watch Klaus Yeager's short videos on the Rainbow Dream Vision, go to Klaus's Channel at YouTube: Grandmasteryeager


Or go to World Gathering's Channel at YouTube, select the playlist named 'Rainbow Dream Vision - Regenbogen-Traum Schauung', and view the details for the five videos: RDV-RTS Playlist  (see image of the list below)


A great thanks to Klaus for his assistance in helping spread the Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope / Die Regenbogen-Traum Schauung.



Main Links:

Klaus Yeager at YouTube: Grandmasteryeager

GERMAN text of Regenbogen-Traum Schauung: Deutsche

ENGLISH text of Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope: English

Big World Gathering at YouTube: worldgathering



The Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope




The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect



Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth




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