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February 7, 2009 :

Two Craft Above World Truth Gathering HQ

Selkirk, Scottish Borders, Scotland, British Isles

Report: Jump down page


To hear good music while you read this report and study the photographs,

right click on this link, and open in another window: worldaction18


Four photographs, taken over a total of 70 seconds.

~ Click on an image for a larger version ~

Is the large white dot Venus? It seems very big.


Photo 1 ~ 5 pm; 40 mins; 06 secs ....


Photo 2 ~ 5 pm; 40 mins; 15 secs ....

In this photo there is an orange line above right of the orange 'light'.

Is this a second craft zooming in to join the first craft?


Photo 3 ~ 5 pm; 40 mins; 35 secs ....


Photo 4 ~ 5 pm; 41 mins; 16 secs ....


NOTES: Two Craft Over World Truth Gathering HQ, Scotland, UK


Early evening on Saturday, 7th February, 2009, I felt I needed to get out for a walk and see which planets are visible in southern skies. I seem to have had a lot of telepathy for many years, so this walk may have been prompted by telepathy. I walked the two-bridge route around the lovely Ettrick River. After turning for home at the second bridge, I headed off along a parallel lane. Along the lane there is an interesting industrial-age chimney, so I snapped off quite a few pictures, in the direction of World Gathering HQ.


Getting the photos up on my PC, I nearly fell off my chair.


Four photographs showed:


(1) A colourful craft, just to the right of a bright, big planet (Venus?)

(2) The craft lower, with an orange streak of light to its right.

(3) Two craft behind trees on the left.

(4) The two craft have moved right, into clear sky, and have halos around them.


The same evening, a report of two sets of three lights above the three Eildon Hills was submitted to UK UFO Sightings website. The Eildon Hills are approximately six miles north-east of Selkirk, World Gathering For Truth HQ. ~ The Eildon Hills, 7th February 2009, report - 'Melrose, Scottish Borders - 7th February 2009' - is here:


I think this sighting report is no longer available - sorry.


Michael Irving, World Gathering For Truth, 2017


World Gathering VIDEO: Flying Friends Over Scotland


A 'good fun' video by me of Craft over Scotland:

123 Let's Go ~ Freedom Craft Over Scotland


~ ~ ~

The above report, with slideshow, at UK UFO Sighting Reports website:


Whoops.... it looks like my sighting report is also not available - sorry.

~ ~ ~    ~ ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

Braveheart .... William Wallace

The site of the old Kirk of the Forest church, Selkirk, Scotland:


Click on image for a poster version .... Save to desktop


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The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect



Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth



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