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Two Craft "Chasing" And "Dancing"

At High Speed



Location of Sighting: Luckington, Wiltshire
Date of Sighting: 26th February 2009 ~ Witness: Russell Bond


About 8 in evening, 2 circular White figures were chasing each other across sky, moving very fast and changing complete direction very smoothly. Were there for 20 min.


Comment on “Luckington, Wiltshire - 26th February 2009”
Andy Lucas ~ February 28th, 2009


The location was the North Cotswolds and the time 7.45 to 8.45pm. The date, time and description match exactly the Luckington sighting. This was so clear for so long others must have also seen. It was really unexplainable and spine tingling.

Whilst out jogging last night (26th Feb) I noticed a light moving fast within the clouds. These clouds were high and thin. I then noticed that there were two lights that seemed to be dancing at high speed within these clouds.


Sometimes they appeared to be chasing or following each other.


I stood and watched these two lights for some ten minutes and they continued to move and dance at an incredibly high speed. It was usually 2 lights but I think I may have spotted a third. They reminded me of fireflies dancing.

I started to run back to the house and met a neighbour arriving home who had also spotted them when driving. I arrived back home some 15 minutes later and the lights were still dancing and chasing.

I brought my wife and daughter out to look. The lights stayed within the area of cloud which was moving slowly to the southwest. They got nearer to the horizon and then disappeared. I had been watching them continuously for about an hour.


By the speed and random movements it was obviously not normal aircraft.


As they moved with the cloud formation I can only presume that they were some form of natural phenomenon such as ball lightning. [Editor: Don't think so, Andy]. There was no noise. However the length of time and seemingly intelligent chasing gives food for thought [Editor: Good for you, Andy]. I’m sure other people must have seen this.


Above at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/2009/...

A third report, and input from WGFT's editor here:


2017: Sorry, it seems the above report is not available



Luckington - LUCK - L.U.C.K.


Michael Irving, World Gathering For Truth News Editor:

On February 25th (the day before the above event), I networked an inspiring message (Operation Redemption) by Sir George Trevelyan. The late and amazing Sir George Trevelyan lived at Hawkesbury, in Gloucestershire. On February 27th, I found the above 'Luckington' report, and I looked up Luckington on the map. As luck would have it, Luckington in northern Wiltshire is within walking distance of Sir George Trevelyan's home at Hawkesbury. On the same day, February 27th, a friend who knew nothing about the 'Luckington' sightings, sent me an email which stated: "LUCK is Labouring Under Correct Knowledge".

Our luck is in that we have these amazing craft flying everywhere, but as far as getting the world out of the mess it is presently in, I think we have to make our own luck by making an effort: labouring under correct knowledge. ~ Michael Irving


Click on this image for a larger image:


A map showing the proximity of Luckington to

Sir George Trevelyan's Hawkesbury home:


Scale: Hawkesbury to Luckington is approx 5 miles


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We Are Not Alone In The Universe by Michael Irving, WGFT




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The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect



Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth


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