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100th Monkey Paradigm Shift In Progress

By Michael Irving, World Gathering News, 2017

The 100th Monkey Effect:

When a sufficient number of a group or species
know how to do something, the information can jump
through the air across natural barriers.


The thing that has been holding up progress that we can see and know is progress, is probably the delay while more and more people get up to speed on the situation we are in. So for those of us who went ahead and established a more comprehensive world view some time ago, there seems to be a delay.

Things are beginning to change. Remember the 100th Monkey principle: when a certain number of a population has learned something new, what has been learned can jump across boundaries to the whole species.



Right now, new facts about the world which have been learned over the past few years by 100s of millions of people, and the thinking that goes along with those facts, are hammering away at the old 'World View'.

In science, when a change within a system gets to a certain point, the whole system changes. In an instant, it flips into a new state. And the same laws of change seem to apply to human society. For human society, things can start to flip over and change suddenly.

A new world view, or 'paradigm' for the world, can suddenly appear - literally overnight.


The idea of the 100th Monkey Effect is based on:

(1) In 1952, scientists started giving food covered in grit to a group of Monkeys; (2) A young Monkey, the scientists called Imo, took her food to water to wash it; (3) Imo taught this technique to her Mother, (4) Other Monkeys in the group learned the technique; (5) In 1958, when the number in the group of Monkeys who knew the technique reached approx 100 individuals, an amazing thing happened; (6) Colonies of Monkeys on other Islands started using the food-washing technique; (7) The information had leapt physical boundaries.


Read the details by Lyall Watson: The 100th Monkey Phenomenon


We do not necessarily need to make the same mystical leap which these monkeys made fifty years ago. Human beings have speech; rapid intellect; and we have many types of global communication. New ideas in the human world can spread like lightning.


As we can see, below, these Monkeys are looking bored.

Perhaps they are waiting for us to get up to speed.



Michael Irving, Editor of World Gathering For Truth News


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The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect



Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth



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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher