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Michael Irving, WGFT editor, 2017: Friendly ET began to appear low in the sky all over the British Isles in 2009. Our friends were harassed by military fighter jets but they kept on appearing... everywhere. Cars were stopping and children were cheering. We are not alone - we have friends out there.


UFOINFO Sighting Form Report



February 16th 2009 : Blaenavon, Pontypool, South Wales, UK
Time: Roughly 6:30pm
Number of witnesses: 2 plus other cars (2) stopped

and watched so in all maybe 5
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Roundish shape
Weather Conditions: Clear


Description: I was driving towards Blaenavon across the mountain from the Varteg when me and my friend suddenly saw this bright orange light. We were amazed and quickly stopped the car and just watched this light. At first it seemed to travel slow, then it gradually got further and further away, all of a sudden it seemed to do great speed and was soon out of sight. It was incredible, nothing I ever seen before. It was definitely no aircraft or helicopter, there was no sound whatsoever. A short while later roughly 2 minutes, we saw another and it headed in the same direction. I know what I saw, it was unreal, I now believe.



UFOINFO ~ http://www.ufoinfo.com/contents.shtml



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Websites for the latest reports of Craft / UFOs worldwide:

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UFOINFO: http://www.ufoinfo.com/contents.shtml

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The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect



Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth



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