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 "I Can Honestly Say: I BELIEVE"

- UK Sighting Report




Note by WGFT News: There seem to be three main sources for intelligently controlled unusual activity in our skies: (1) Human-friendly 'ET' (probably just as human as us), who have been trying to achieve formal communication with us for over fifty years; (2) the unpleasant, people-abducting, non-human-looking aliens; and (3) covert technology owned by the Cabal / New World Order / Secret Government. Most sightings in which the craft or lights obviously want to be seen and photographed, logically, are likely to be carried out by benevolent / human-friendly 'ET', to catch the world's attention, and remind us we are not being told the full truth.


UFOINFO Sighting Form Report


Location: Bournemouth, Charminster/Queens Park, England, UK
Date: Feb 22 2009 - Time: 12.30 AM
Number of witnesses: 2 - Number of objects: 4
Shape of objects: Sighting one: they were in the distance and star-like.


Sighting two: they appeared to be oval-like in shape, moved silently overhead, can't judge height as I have no frame of reference. They appeared to wobble like a spinning plate on a stick when it slows down. They moved across the sky quite slowly and were about the size of a dinner plate as they passed overhead.

Weather Conditions: Partly cloudy to the SWW, dry.

At first my brother and I saw a couple of star-like objects moving around each other in very quick jerky movements. They would swing in close to each other then circle each other and then swiftly move away from each other. Then a couple more joined in and this continued for perhaps ten minutes.


Image below is from a sighting in 2008:

Wales, 12th June, 2008 - Dr Simon Griffey


Suddenly from the horizon appeared an object and it passed by us almost directly overhead. It was moving quite quick and was about the size of a dinner plate. It appeared to be organic and like it was glowing from within. The second object appeared a few minutes after this and was moving quite slow and this passed directly overhead and was much lower than before. This appeared to wobble as it passed by and looked the same as the other one. After this passed by, we could still see two and then three star-like lights reappear in the original location. They continued their 'dance' and then our vision was obscured by cloud.


Whilst we were waiting for the cloud to move on, we were witness to several streaks of white/bluish light, just above the house, this happened three times in three separate locations. Once just above us, once what appeared to be along the roof line, once from the north to the south along the back garden heading away from the house but not directly overhead. The objects and light flashes were accompanied by absolutely no sound whatsoever. The only sound was ambient noise from the traffic on the main road.

I used to take UFO sightings with a pinch of salt and a healthy dose of scepticism, but after the experience my brother and I have had. I can honestly say - I believe.




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Websites for the latest reports of Craft / UFOs worldwide:

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