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White 'Light' Does U-Turn In New Zealand


4th May, 2009


I was out tonight in Christchurch East around 7 PM, and noticed a bright light heading out over the sea towards the East. I noticed at the same time there was a plane coming in from a higher altitude which was displaying its usual colours which made me think the object I was seeing was different.

I went inside and had my tea and then popped outside for a cigarette about fifteen minutes later and noticed the same bright white light heading towards the West and then it did a U-turn, and then suddenly there were two lights, then one.

I thought I was going lightly dizzy and something was going to happen to me as I couldn't focus on what I was seeing as it changed about four to five times from one light to two. Then suddenly there was three lights and the lights were definitely in a triangle.


It circled again and then vanished.


I've seen some funny stuff up there at times as I'm a follower of UFO cases throughout the world, and read many of sightings and this is the best I've seen, plus it sounds just like others have spoken about from their experiences. Hope someone else saw this tonight over Christchurch New Zealand.




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