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Three Craft Visually Change

Into Aircraft In Arizona


Multiple Objects Seen over Arizona Highway
Arizona, USA - 3rd May, 2009


My husband and I, along with our young son, were driving by White Hills, AZ, on US 93 leaving Las Vegas, NV, towards Kingman, AZ. My husband was telling me about lights that he sees in the sky in this area often, and about an encounter he had a month ago.

He was explaining to me what the craft looked like when he pointed ahead towards the left of the highway above White Hills town and said 'There it is!'

I saw a very bright object in the sky hovering (not moving) in the same spot. I immediately thought it was probably just a plane, but the white light was WAY too bright and big. It was large and watching it I realized it was not moving.

We watched it for a minute, then pulled over into the middle of both sides of the highway (it is a good sized dirt/brush area in middle) and we watched it. You could barely see small lights lined up on it (about 4 or so when you squinted, it was far away/small but could still make out).

It appeared to be more boomerang-shaped by the way the lights were lined on it, but it was so far away I can't be exactly sure but to offer these observations.

Soon after we stopped on the side to watch, the bright light turned off and a small red blinking light on the bottom turned on and it began to move towards Las Vegas. It appeared to 'transform' into a plane (moving and light looking like a plane). My husband told me that is what they do - transform to be like planes if you stop to watch (it happened the last time he saw it).

We got back in the truck and a couple of minutes later we saw another bright, stationary light just a little farther from where the first one appeared. It looked the same as the first, hovering and stationary. We didn't stop until a couple of minutes later, when another bright light appeared near this one, but a little higher in the sky.

We pulled over again and watched them both. The first one we had seen before the other still appeared to be stationary, but it made a weird loop-circular motion (to the right, up, left, and back where it was-in a circle) quickly.

It did that a couple of times. After watching for a few minutes, the 'first' one turned the bright white light off and turned the red blinking light on as well, like the very first one that had already flown away. It started moving in the same direction as the other one, moving exactly like a plane and blinking similar to one. We watched the last one (3rd) one for a bit more, and got back on the road and started driving again.

The 3rd, bright, white light started moving in our direction for a little while, then it turned off its bright, white lighting, and the red light like the others blinked on and it started traveling toward Vegas like the other 2 did before it.

Once their red lights kick in, they look like a plane, you wouldn't think twice about it unless you saw its bright, white light and it hovering stationary, or moving weirdly, or simply appearing, but again, the red lights seem brighter or bigger than the average blinking airplane light.

My husband said they looked exactly like the one he previously saw a month ago except that one had blue lights blinking as well as the red. When it turned, the bright, white light went off, and it was a more detailed sighting than these. Also the lights seemed to be flying lower than a regular airplane.

After we saw these things we were scanning the sky for more but found none. Searching triangle shaped crafts there seems quite a few seen in AZ. We plan to be well equipped camera-wise next time we are in the area and we are confident we may see these lights again since they seem to frequent that area.


Source & references:

submitted through www.mufon.com



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