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ET Flies Through Millennium Bridge

Over River Tyne, British Isles



UFO Invades BBC News (Video)
6 August 2009 - Posted by Sherwin

An unidentified flying object literally made the headlines when a white probe-like thing was spotted by a BBC camera during a live TV broadcast.

As Colin Briggs was delivering the breakfast headlines, the Look North webcam captured a UFO as it flew over (or through?) the Gateshead Millennium Bridge on the River Tyne.

Viewers immediately started speculating on what the white light could be with doubters claiming it was merely a bird. But experts - who have slowed the footage down - say they have ruled this out and cannot explain the white UFO.

The BBC website is asking for help in identifying the mysterious object. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? What do you think?

Watch at YouTube: 'UFO' on BBC Look North webcam



Link: http://dailycontributor.com/ufo-invades-bbc-news-video/6492

Other news reports of the same event:





Download Windows Video - 2.5 MB - Time - 00:24
Right click on link, from menu select "save target as"


[Michael Irving, WGFT editor: You will notice, in the comments section for main-media newspapers, etc., many people are posting the usual stupid remarks for anything connected with 'UFOs' and 'ET'. Are they being paid to do this? Or do they just like being stupid? Perhaps, somehow, a normal, everyday explanation might be found for what has been filmed here by the BBC, but as the film footage stands, it seems convincing; and experts seem to agree. If you agree with me (and the experts), consider posting a good comment to help counteract the negative effects of those who have been mentally programmed through the mass-media by the sixty-year long 'Ridicule or Deny' UFO / ET cover-up policy.]


UK Resident Responds to BBC News UFO ~ 9 August 2009
RE: See UFO Invades BBC Breakfast - see Video.

From a resident of United Kingdom

I am writing to corroborate further on the BBC Look North morning article. I am Gateshead born and bred, and can confirm that the footage shows the object actually flies between the cables of the Millennium Bridge, not over it as reports suggest.

Having walked over the bridge I would estimate the cables are no more than 25 feet apart and flying between them would be a feat in itself. Some idiots on YouTube suggested the light follows a road... it does not, and the road to the right of the river is always busy with traffic lucky to hit 20 mph.

The object looked to be traveling upwards of 200 mph to me, and its projectile seems to be straight initially then up over the Tyne Bridge in the background.

If somebody wanted to draw attention to a UFO they could not have chosen a better way, given the Millennium Bridge is the most visited landmark in the North East, apart from the Angel of the North.

Regards, A. Brown

Link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/bbcfollowup.html



ET Celebrates 'Scoring Goal' At Millennium Bridge?

Kyle Richmond ~ August 23rd, 2009

Last night, myself and my partner were driving south on the A19 just past the Wolviston service (editor: same county as Millennium Bridge, approx 30 miles south), when we saw approx 5 really bright orange balls. They were too low and moving too slowly for aircraft. They hovered in an ARCH-like formation, whilst slowly drifting west over the fields. Unfortunately I could not get a picture due to there being nowhere to stop. Weirdest thing I've ever seen.



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