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UK UFO Reports:

Three Flying From Mr Marvels

~ A Million MPH!


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Three Flying From Mr Marvels

Location of Sighting: Scarborough
Date of Sighting: 15 August 2009
Time: 21.45pm

We were near the Sea Life centre on North Bay and saw three really clear kite-shaped objects moving across from an area near where Mr Marvels used to be, across and out to sea. They came at different intervals, one would appear, go across the sea, and into the sky, and then the next one would come ['Yippee, MY turn!!' - WGFT editor]. Through a camera lens the shape looked different to as it did to the human eye. They moved quite fast and were an orangey/red colour. They slowly disappeared, probably as they had got to a high point in the distance.


UFO image added by WGFT News


A Million Miles An Hour!

Chris ~ Posted: August 18th, 2009

I saw only one and it was a lot brighter, maybe closer... and it was towards the direction of Scunthorpe (WGFT Ed: refers to comments for this report) like the first person said. I saw it falling fast and bright, that's what grabbed my attention, and then went dim for a minute or less, then bright as it shot up again at a million miles an hour!! Dunno wtf it was but I’m glad someone else in the area saw it!!! Wednesday or Thursday night last week, about 21:35 again, I saw another one!!! HuH!!! Same direction, same kinda time on the way to work… North East England.


UK UFO Report sources:

Three Flying From Mr Marvels


A Million Miles An Hour!



Photograph of UFO taken by WGFT News in 2007 in Scotland:

More UFO photographs by WGFT


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The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect



Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth



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