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Severe Spraying of CHEMTRAILS

in Wisconsin, USA


Posted at: Chem Trail Tracking USA yahoo group - 4,300+ members

Posted by: "StrawberryGranny2" ~ Thu Sep 10, 2009


Continuous Aerial Assaults


I have been quiet for the past few weeks, but no more. The aerial assaults over our area in west-central Wisconsin have been unending. I truly feel this is a big push like never before.

Yesterday and already today there has been non-stop, east-to-west air traffic overhead. But I never see the planes. They have become quite clever at shielding them from view, but the deadly chemtrails are a testament to their evil.

In watching the sky, I hear the planes and on occasion can catch sight of the white tankers far ahead of the sound bite, which means they are probably quite high up. More often, there is no visible trail, but inevitably, a white fibrous haze soon fills the skies.

Yesterday, I could hardly stand the ringing in my ears and couldn't breathe. It was the worst I ever felt on a spray day.



Image added by WGFT


The late afternoon skies were a hodge-podge of dastardly soup, proving that they had laid their deadly trails. The smell was also obvious, which is evident today also, although some of the sky remains blue - yet. Plane traffic was/is so bad, that one will pass over and within minutes, another one is heard. I was not outside for the entire day yesterday, but heard over thirty planes in the time I stepped out - and that is probably a low estimate.


What upsets me equally is the plant life and the fact that our Earth is literally dying.


Some of our trees turned color a couple weeks ago, not because it is an early fall, but more likely, because the leaves are dead. The trees hit hardest are the Maples and they seem to be dying on top or the more exposed branches. These actually receive more light, so don't think it is interrupted photosynthesis, but I could be wrong. Going without 20-percent of normal sunlight all summer, has to have some serious effect on the plants.

Animals also are suffering cruelly by this onslaught and I believe that their reproduction was reduced because of the metallic substances they cannot avoid eating and breathing.

Fibres are everywhere. Yesterday, at noon when the sun gave good backlight, I could see long strands floating mid-air across the yard. It is so creepy knowing there is really no way to avoid contact short of holing yourself up inside your home - and that is no guarantee.

I am greatly saddened by this aerial onslaught as I look across my yard and into the adjoining woodland. All appears dead, no life, no ENERGY.

I am thankful for my faith in a higher power during these trying times.

I find more people are becoming aware of the chemtrails everyday and I continue my quest to alert them.

Our Yahoo group does incredible work by giving all of us an outlet, to not only report on the skies above, but to also (express) our reactions and concerns.

Remember the Bible verse that says, "Let us lift our eyes up to the Heavens," - time to pass that word on and tell people to OPEN their eyes also while looking there. We are a strong group and it is time for action like never before.


At: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chemtrailtrackingusa/message/157103

You need to be a member of CTTUSA to read group messages.

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No Blue Skies (Chemtrails) ~ Slideshow video by WGFT




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