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What was thattt?? What is happening??


Michael Irving, WGFT editor, 2017: Friendly ET began to appear low in the sky all over the British Isles in 2009. Our friends were harassed by military fighter jets but they kept on appearing... everywhere. Cars were stopping and children were cheering. We are not alone - we have friends.



Location of Sighting: West London (Hammersmith)
Date of Sighting: 26/09/09  Time: around 10pm/11pm
Witness Name: Various


I was watching TV with my boyfriend when we were disturbed by a very loud noise similar to a helicopter but much stronger. We went to look out the window to see what it was and what was happening, because the noise was stable.

As we looked up we saw a big helicopter that looked like a Chinook, and it was getting close to a strange, big red light in the sky ... it was really big and it was not flashing ... it was moving slowly towards the helicopter - and the helicopter turned around and left.

The bright red light kept on moving slowly and the object's light started fainting; but we could still see the object's shape very faintly and even it's movement!


It was so amazing and weird because after that light fainted, another was coming down, a bit further away from the first one; and after a while my boyfriend called me back to see a third one that was coming from high above.



What was thattt???  What is happening???

Report here: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


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