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USA Chemtrail (Global) Spraying

and Sickness Report

Chem Trail Tracking USA - Yahoo Group



In chemtrailtrackingusa@yahoogroups.com,
October 2, 2009 ~ "shtooby" <shtooby@...> wrote:


Here in West Michigan, I've notice two distinctly different types of chemtrails. Or, should I say my body has.


The last weekend in August we watched as trails were dispersed and literally everyone I work with got sick with the "three week +" cold. Everybody was coughing, had headaches, you know the usual chem poisoning wrought with sinus and upper respiratory problems et. al.


Two weeks passed, and we then saw the busiest trail weekend of the year, (September 19th). No coughing, no sickness, nothing? But, HAARP was obvious in the clouds even to casual sky gazers and continued for a week! Funny - heavy HAARP activity and the next thing you know there are tsunamis and earthquakes occurring?


So, the trails start again this week. This round started two weeks to the day after the last, and on schedule. Once again, the coughing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, ad nausea and everyone feeling sick. Cause and effect right?


To boot, last night, (October 1), the sky in West Michigan was nearly charcoal in color with all the crap in the air. Anyone who didn't look to the west and wonder, "What the?" must have been blind.


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The above report is at:



WGFT editor: You need to be a member of Chem Trail Tracking USA to read group messages. This is a very good, large group; and the subject ('Chemtrails') is very important, so it is worth joining.


Chem Trail Tracking USA - Yahoo Group




YouTube: NBC NEWS on Chemtrails Spraying


Chemtrail Spraying Creating Havoc - Dr Perlingieri


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