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First Deaths In Sweden From

'Swine Flu' Vaccine

Johan Niklasson ~ The Flu Case ~ 22 October 2009

News - Latest News


We have already reported about the over 200 official cases of 'side effects' from the 'Swine Flu' mass vaccination that is taking place in Sweden. So far, only the so called "risk groups" are targeted, people who are sick, work in hospitals or are pregnant(!).

Historically, the reports of side effects are normally just the tip of an iceberg and if the past is any guide, no more than a maximum of 10% of all cases are reported. Officials even make statements to the effect that it is unusual to report side effects.


It has been said from the authorities in Sweden that "we now will begin to ask people to report serious side effects, those who are not already known". With such strategy, very few cases will even be considered to be reported and to reveal that it is normal to not consider the already known damages is shocking.

Today, Aftonbladet reveals that two Swedes have died from the Pandremix 'Swine Flu' shot. Media in Sweden have consistently been promoting the mass vaccination and have systematically blocked any debate or critical voices from being published.

Vaccinations have just begun but already they have killed more than the so called "swine flu" has done in Sweden.

Propaganda has constantly repeated that "we need to get vaccinated to avoid to infect others and to save society from the economic loss if many are sick at the same time. The flu will kill many more than the vaccine ever will".

Another blatant lie to add to the numerous others.

In what seems to be the first signs of taking a different stance towards the vaccines, Aftonbladet today reveals that two elderly citizens who took the vaccine died shortly after. They were both already sick or had serious health problems. One of them was an elderly man who died of what looks like a heart attack. The other one was a woman aged 65 who was found dead in her home two days after she got vaccinated. It is said she suffered from a "muscle condition".

Even though it is obvious that the vaccination is causing severe side effects, including death, health officials deny the connection. Lennart Waldelind who works for The Medical Products Agency says "It is very hard to judge. It is a matter of personal preference how one declares this." In Expressen he says about damages from vaccines: "Sometimes one can only realise a connection after a while".

It can not have come as a surprise to the Swedish authorities that this vaccination would lead to enormous problems, there have been more than enough warnings sent in from hundreds if not thousands of concerned individuals.

Lennart Waldelind explains that warnings directed to elderly people regarding the 'Swine Flu' vaccine are now being formulated and prepared by The Medical Products Agency. It will be very interesting to see who will take the responsibility for this large scale deadly testing of a new vaccine on a defenseless and misinformed public.

The headline in Aftonbladet reads: "The flu vaccine may be too strong"


The biggest medical scandal in the history of Sweden has just started.

Johan Niklasson

The above article is at: http://www.theflucase.com/..

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