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The New Underworld Order


If we substitute the name 'New World Order' for 'New Underworld Order', we may see exactly why our societies are collapsing. We have criminals (murderers / liars / thieves) at the top - these are mega-rich people who generally keep out of the public spotlight - making the main decisions for the world.



These 'World Criminals' put people of similar nature to themselves into power as our politicians. The super-rich World Criminals own the money-stream media. With nasty criminals at the top (but behind the scenes), lying and bullying Politicians, garbage and filth (which omits the real news) in the mainstream media, the scene is set for bullies, liars, cheats... and even murderers... to feel they dominate local and national life. There is bullying and chaos in our neighbourhoods.

I don't know how correct the following information is, but seeing the title 'The New Underworld Order' is a revelation. ~ Michael Irving, WGFT News editor


The New Underworld Order ~ By Christopher Story

Published in: 2007 - ISBN: 1-899798-05-6



In 1992, the Illuminati orchestrated the raising of a targeted $27.5 trillion from 200+ international institutions, in the biggest 'secretive' 'private placement' financing operation in world history. The ‘mainstream’ media unfortunately failed to report this operation - so the general public is ignorant of it.


The aim was to provide finance for the imposition of the New World Order, a.k.a., the New Underworld Order, for its use throughout the 21st century.


The euphemism for this programme is the 'global security environment'. The consequent monumental 'Global Security Fund', which is managed in Brussels, and is directed on behalf of the global Illuminati's controllers by financial intelligence operatives, now disposes of secret financial resources of approximately $65 trillion for this purpose, probably far more. Equipped with such limitless resources, the directors of the New Underworld Order have now amassed sufficient finance to bribe every leader, ruler, policymaker, intelligence operative and political figure worldwide, for the rest of this century, in pursuit of their aims.

The New Underworld Order [i.e. the book! - Ed] addresses the greatest crisis the world has ever faced - namely, the globalisation of criminalism.


What this means is that governments, and the revolutionary New World Order cabal seeking global governance (or control), are increasingly in the hands of criminal gangs and corrupt power cliques that hide behind formal government positions. Many of the the main Illuminati figures on the world stage today are compromised or vulnerable to blackmail and other ‘Black Ops’ forms of control. During the giga-fund-raising operation, truly unbelievable sums of money were stolen, misrouted or ‘misappropriated’. Indeed, the ransacking and pillaging that took place was so colossal, and the impasse while this was occurring so extended (in 1989-91), that the international banking and financial systems nearly collapsed.

Other funding resources resulting from creative Financial Warfare and scamming operations are hidden in accounts held by offshore corporations controlled by international intelligence, which is extensively criminalised and thus increasingly engaged in mafia-style global 'gangland warfare'.

A brilliant light is focused by the Author into this contemporary universe of darkness. Christopher Story’s sensational new exposé provides chapter and verse on the dark forces behind the New Underworld Order, gives detailed financial audit trails showing where and how colossal sums have vanished, identifies the international institutions that have had their trust abused by globalist criminalists or have themselves been corrupted by them, shows how secret Financial Warfare operations and scams conducted by the Great Powers are driving the world to catastrophe, and generally lifts the veil covering the global financial intelligence war which the pressured ‘mainstream’ media declines to monitor and report.

In fact, when a distinguished journalist advised a leading London newspaper at the highest level about this Author's research, the publication's management showed keen interest - but reverted 24 hours later with the message that they wouldn't touch this subject 'with a thousand-foot bargepole'. So exposure of these matters is obviously overdue: 'The New Underworld Order' performs this needed forensic function, revealing dark actors playing games.


From: http://worldreports.org/books


WGFT Editor: Who knows how much of the above is true. But, remember this name (New Underworld Order), and take action to get our world back on course.

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