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A Pilot Reports Increasing

Chemtrail Spraying Over Europe

The following is from a German website. I have produced an English translation by studying Yahoo and Google translations, and then writing English text which reads easily and makes sense. - Michael Irving, WGFT News Editor

CHEMTRAILS is the distribution of BIOWEAPONS on a global scale




Pilot's Description of Chemtrail Spraying by Two Globemaster (American) C-17 Aircraft at 6000m Altitude over Germany



1] Introduction to the Pilot's Report

2] Flight Directing Centre Gives Unusual Instructions To Climb

3] Chemtrail Spraying by 2 Freight Aircraft - Type Globemaster C-17

4] Other Observations on Chemtrails by the Pilot

5] A Dispersed 'Fog' Is Made By The Chemtrail Trails

6] Notes by the Interviewer


1] Introduction to the Pilot's Report

The editor of this website met the correspondent some months ago. In the discussion I asked his occupation. Only after some time it became obvious he was a pilot. Thereupon I moved the topic of conversation to Chemtrails, and asked him whether he knew this term, and if he knew that Chemtrails make chemically-produced vapor trails.

He hesitated, then said, "I have read some things on Chemtrails on the Internet". I told him I was editor of this website - www.chemtrails-info.de - and wanted to know what he had observed from the cockpit. He told me, "I doubted at first that the reports about Chemtrails on the Internet correspond to the facts. Then I experienced some things which convinced me that chemicals [WGFT Ed: unfortunately it is more than chemicals] - for whatever purposes - are being sprayed from aircraft which produce permanent 'vapour trails' and are known as Chemtrails."

Because I did not take notes during the discussion, and with some details still needing clarification, some weeks later I asked the pilot for more details. The following information was given on 17 August, 2009. Only the headings are editorial insertions, and additions are indicated.


2] The Flight Directing Centre Gives Unusual Instructions To Climb

~~ The following text is the Pilot speaking .....

After contact was made with Frankfurt control, we were flying north of Nuremberg. It was in the afternoon, at approximately 14.00 hours. The visibility was very good, there were no clouds. Expanded, high pressure weather conditions prevailed over Germany on that day.

[WGFT ed: The subsequent paragraph is hard to translate. It is regarding being passed by air traffic control to different radar sectors as an aircraft ascends in altitude. It finishes:] Thus one is then released to 25,000 feet... Munich radar... flight surface 250.

Not so on this day. The radar controller's instruction was "Climb to 14,000 feet, then climb to 15,000 feet, climb to 16,000 feet." It was clear to us that air traffic had to be above us, which had the same flight route as ourselves, but could not or did not want to rise at the rate we were able to climb.

On the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), a monitoring system for an aircraft to view the air space around the plane, we could see a traffic to our right and a little before us. As the weather was good, we looked out for a 'visual' of traffic crossing above us. This was not long in coming.


3] Chemtrail Spraying by Two Freight Aircraft - Type Globemaster C-17

It was a heavy transport aircraft, of the American Globemaster C-17 type, at 18,000 feet.

The TCAS system showed a second aircraft of similar type a few miles behind the first C-17, and at the same height. We could not visually verify the second aircraft, however I am certain a second aircraft was present.

Graphic: hand pointing >> The aircraft produced a close vapour trail behind it. At this height, and at this season, this is NOT a phenomenon which can be expected. Aircraft at greater heights, which we could see, were not leaving vapour trails. Thus, a yield of materials must have been involved; and it cannot be accounted for by normal engine exhaust gas.

(Addition D. Red: I asked the pilot if the engines of the Globemaster C-17 were responsible. "Clearly, no! The substances / materials from which the Chemtrails formed came from nozzles in the bearing areas of the air freighters, probably close to the engines.")


View from the cockpit (another airplane, another situation)


4] Other Observations on Chemtrails by the Pilot

In my daily working life (as a pilot, D. Red) I have noticed that this spraying is greatly increasing. These aerosols / spray material are often called 'high fog banks' by the media. I frequently observed these during the whole of the summer of 2009, at heights between 18,000 to 35,000 feet (6000-1200 metres).


5] A Dispersed 'Fog' Is Made By The Chemtrail Trails

At times it is not always easy to differentiate between a vapour trail from engine exhaust, and a Chemtrail. But I see these aircraft daily at high air space, some times at close proximity, if our flight routes cross.

One can recognize how a vapour trail looks and how a Chemtrail looks. Particularly, the difference is seen in the behaviour of the air. While a vapour trail is light and thin and evaporates quickly, Chemtrails are dense, sluggish, and long-lasting.

We can leave an airport in the morning, in an area where Chemtrails are being sprayed; and if we return a few hours later to the same airport the Chemtrails still exist and have spread to make a high, grey cover, while further away there is quite different weather with wind present.


Flying near Chemtrails vapour trail at flight altitude


Enormous Spread of the Chemtrails

When we are cruising, we sometimes fly for hours inside and over these 'low stratus fields'. This is seen by many people. I have the impression the spraying is happening more frequently, and more is being sprayed. It is difficult to prove, but I believe I am correct.


6] Notes by the Interviewer

The information is important that in the indicated flight altitude (18,000 feet / 6 kilometres altitude) no 'Contrails' (conventional vapor trails) were possible, as the other air traffic proved. The information therefore clearly relates to Chemtrail spraying by two air freighters.

Graphic: hand pointing >> Furthermore, the pilot reported that communication between the air traffic control and the spraying aircraft took place on completely different radio frequencies than with the airliners.

This indicates the Chemtrail-spraying aircraft are treated differently to the regular air traffic by air traffic controllers (probably because of orders 'from above'); and the flight control centres will very likely know these flights are for 'atmospheric influencing'.


[Michael Irving, WGFT Editor: We need to be clear here. This mixture is poisoning all life on Earth. Many samples have shown the presence of BIOWEAPONS. We are all breathing this illegally-sprayed concoction day and night, and night and day. Do you understand you are being poisoned and drugged in a massive way?]

Therefore, it is not surprising the flight directing centres of the UBA will not give information when enquiries are made regarding these flights. Skyguide (CH = Switzerland) admitted to probing questions by a journalist that these flights are not recorded in official log books. Whether this actually is the case, may be questioned or considered part true.

No wonder that in the face of such secrecy or denial of Chemtrails at all levels of our government, the weather reports from various stations can and do lie in such a way to hide the existence of the Chemtrail aircraft, resulting in weak-sounding counter arguments ... (there is more to it).


Copying and distributing this information and pictures are permitted for

private, non-commercial purposes providing the source is indicated



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CHEMTRAILS is the distribution of BIOWEAPONS on a global scale


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