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Choose Utopia: UK Society Is 'Close To The Edge'


Millions of Britons Are Unable

to Cope with Modern Life


"The world is now too dangerous for anything less than UTOPIA." -  Buckminster Fuller

Sir George Trevelyan used to phone up the editor of WGFT, and ask how people were doing. I used to say, "People are near breakdown." Sir George would always reply: "Is it breakdown, or is it breakthrough?"


Millions of Britons Unable to Cope with Modern Life, says Study

Patrick Butler ~ The Guardian ~ 7 December 2009

• Britain portrayed as a psychologically fragile society
• Increased wealth [huhh?] accompanied by added stress


Millions of people are unhappy, lonely and unable to cope with profound changes in the workplace, relationships and family life, according to a major study. It portrays Britain as a psychologically fragile society in which increased wealth has been accompanied by soaring levels of individual isolation and stress.

Although welfare services have made big strides in addressing material poverty, they have failed to get a grip on the growing problems of mental illness and distress caused by the rise of individualism and family breakdown, it says.

"The UK [is a] largely happy country, but one with many unhappy people… Too many parts of British society are brittle, vulnerable to shocks, stressed and… close to the edge," says the report, published by the Young Foundation and backed by 13 major charitable foundations.

The report argues that the welfare state has evolved to meet physical and material needs such as providing enough to eat, places to live and cures for illness. But despite material abundance, society's ability to meet psychological and psycho-social needs "appears to have declined".

Many people are more vulnerable to life shocks such as bereavement, unemployment and relationship breakdown, it says, because traditional social networks from the church to the family have declined.


[WGFT Ed: We are also 'more vulnerable' because the money-stream media and government are hiding very important information; such as the massive Chemtrail spraying programme going on right above our heads; hiding the important facts on 9-11, the War On Terror, etc. It is no wonder we feel alienated from the world we try to live in.]

"A more overtly meritocratic society has encouraged people to be more ambitious for themselves, but also made them more vulnerable to failures - and more likely to blame themselves (rather than fate or the class system) if things go wrong.

"Some of the shock absorbers - from faith to family - that helped us cope in the past have atrophied."

It challenges the Conservative idea, promoted by David Cameron, that British society is "broken" and that many social ills are caused or exacerbated by dependency on the welfare state. It argues instead that while society is fragile, most people live "good lives" and believe they live in strong and supportive communities.

[WGFT Ed: These people should get a life and start talking about important things which matter - so that we can all get our bearings within reality - rather than going around in circles just talking about how many Lollipop people, road cones and tons of Prozac we need. Important things are happening in the world. Politicians and money-stream media have become so totally dishonest and live in their own, little world of corporate make-believe.]

"The welfare state is doing certain things very well. It has addressed material poverty but if it wants to be more responsive to social change in the 21st century it needs to think critically about the things it does not do very well."

"Psychological needs are as pressing as material ones," said Rushanara Ali, associate director of the Young Foundation and a co-author of the report.

The welfare state should be remodelled "through the lens of wellbeing", the report says. Failure to tackle psychological and emotional needs such as loneliness can store up damaging problems as vulnerable people spiral into depression, making them more likely to suffer unemployment or poor physical health.

"The risks that matter most include mental ill-health and relationship breakdown as well as unemployment and poverty in old age," the report says.

It argues that unemployed teenagers and refugees should be given a mobile phone and internet access as part of their benefits package because these are vital modern necessities that enable them to engage in society, not luxuries. "Given the importance of social contact to mental wellbeing and opportunities, perhaps this should be reflected in how essential support is provided to people in hardship."


Above article at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/..



Here is a response from Klaus Yeager in Germany:

"People should be asked what they want: public meeting houses and gardens, or cell phones and computers?  Human beings first need human beings and places to meet them. Places for the Youth and children and elders and all ....where they can meet and greet without having money; play, talk, sing, do workshops - a civil centre in every part of the city; with a garden and water in it, trees, flowers."

WGFT / Michael: I am sure Klaus agrees, these centres are needed all across our countries. I sat in a 'Depression' ward with many miserable people in 1995; everyone knew medication does not work. I knew what we needed is a new society. And I put a similar idea to Klaus's idea onto paper. Just because an answer may take some effort to achieve, it does not make it the wrong answer. LET'S GO TO UTOPIA.



Not all of UK society has lost the plot, British students

protested across the UK in February 2009:

Student Protest : The Spirit of 1968 is Reawakening

John Rose, 1968 veteran: 'It changed our lives'



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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher