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Stand-Off Battle Underway ....

Friendly ET Versus New World Order

By Michael Irving, editor of WGFT News

There is a tense Situation in the Skies of the United Kingdom



As 2009 has progressed, there have been more and more appearances - often very low in the sky - of silver, disc Craft and intense, bright orange / yellow / red / gold lights. The craft look like classic saucer / disc craft, approx 20-30 feet in diameter; the lights are frequently mistaken for aircraft on fire because of the intensity of the light and its burning-like character.


They are making their appearance very, very obvious, hovering over the centre of towns and cities; flying slowly at low altitude over busy roads and motorways. Frequently, people in towns have gone into the street for a better view and have found fifty or a hundred people in the street already watching. If the Craft is hovering half a mile away, then there were probably thousands of observers. These sightings have happened hundreds of times right across all of the United Kingdom through the summer of 2009.


Observers - perhaps millions of people - have been kept in ignorance of the scale of what has been happening because mainstream media is blanking this dramatic and important news. In 2009, many people have had amazing sighting experiences which they felt certain would have been observed by numerous witnesses, and have been dumbfounded when there is no mention of the event on local or national news. However, at sighting reporting forums on the Internet, people have been finding people who only live a street or two away from them reporting the same astonishing event.


Through the summer of 2009, across the UK, three things have happened:


(A) Benevolent / Friendly ET has come closer, and closer, delighting, at minimum, hundreds of thousands of people (perhaps several million people have observed something very unusual, in the UK in 2009).


(B) RAF fighter aircraft have been speeding into the areas the sightings are taking place, but arrive just after the display has finished. Police helicopters have frequently been monitoring hovering craft and stationery lights.


(C) As the summer of 2009 has progressed, more and more sightings have been reported of large, black triangle-shaped craft. These triangle craft have been identified by experts for quite a few years as expensive technology usually belonging to the 'Secret World Government' also known as 'New World Order'.


Below is a sighting report from 8th December 2009, from the NW of England. This report is fairly dramatic. Throughout 2009, there have been similar reports of what may be a 'stand-off situation' between three groups: (1) The RAF and Police, and (2) The NWO, and (3) Benevolent ET.


It could be that the Police and elements of the RAF do not know what (2) the NWO, and (3) Benevolent ET, are doing, because they do not have 'insider' information. So ..... it's getting interesting.



Location of Sighting: A696, Capheaton, England, UK
Date of Sighting: 8th December 2009 ~ Time: 5.45pm
Witness Name: Nicole & Adam


Driving home from work, my partner Adam, pointed out three triangular orange/red lights in the sky, gliding from east to west about 500 feet high, as smooth as anything. I wound down my passenger side window to hear what it sounded like and get a better look. There was no noise whatsoever.

Just as it disappeared out of sight over the hill to the west, another one appeared .... same thing except I got a much close look this time. It was what appeared to be a completely black triangle, totally flat on all sides, and not flying too fast (it reminded me of a paper airplane except totally flat).

Just as this one disappeared over the hill in the same direction, a huge fighter jet - flying remarkably low - comes chasing/following the triangles from the east. The noise was immense from the fighter. It banked around a little, and went over the hill too; just as a second fighter came close behind.

I got a brilliant look at the second fighter, it was massive, and very well lit up. No more craft were seen.


As soon as we got home, only 10 minutes later, I searched on the internet for American, European and British aircraft currently in use. The black triangles were not like anything the militaries claim to be in use today or from the past. Maybe something new. But, if these are going to be claimed as 'military training exercises' why would a new stealth bomber be so publicly displayed? Why would they fly over a busy road at the end of rush hour? Why would they be lit up for all to see; and why would such huge and loud fighters be chasing/following them drawing huge attention to themselves?

[WGFT editor: Perhaps a situation has developed where those in control are losing their ability to control our view of the world because large numbers of people are figuring things out; and because ET is flying all over the 'darn' place, astonishing large numbers of people, and showing us we live in a world where a few people try to control what we know and what we believe.]


The above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/2009..


From another report, approximately 10th December, 2009: ".... three helicopters and a couple of light aircraft were circling the strange object or objects. ...." - Details


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