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Many More Christmas UFO Sightings

Over the UK - 1



Location of Sighting: Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England
Date of Sighting: 14th December 2009 ~ Time: 16:42pm
Witness Name: A. Mainwaring


I'm not joking, seriously, I've had all the jokesÖ. Santa's reindeer and all that. I'm not mad!!!! I was outside my house with my friend Duffy and my 12 year old son, also a couple of neighbours were outside. This bright light was hovering over the tile quarry next to my house, then the light - like a bright star - moved up about 5 meters. The bright light went out and these little coloured lights were on itís bottom rotating in a circular motion. it moved really slowly until it was directly above us and was sort of ball shaped. It was NOT a helicopter and was totally silent. Then it shot off at high speed to the west. The speed was phenomenal, if it had been an aeroplane or helicopter of sorts we would have been able to see it for quite a while into the distance for sometime, but this was literally out of sight within about 4 seconds. I'm saying to Duffy 'Please tell me you're seeing this'. Then the lights and power literally drained from half the town!!! Half of the power grid of the town went down and we were in total darkness. My friends & family think I've gone insane, but I'm seriously seriously telling the truth. I don't believe in that sort of thing. It was definitely an unidentified object because we were all just frozen on the spot just staring at it! I wanted to grab my camera or phone from the house to film it but we were just literally numb staring at it!!


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Friston, Suffolk, England
Date of Sighting: 13th December 2009 ~ Time: 22:20
Witness Name: Kev & Amy


Whilst walking my dog with my girlfriend, she pointed out a light in the sky to our 2 o'clock position, this was approximately south west. Initially I dismissed the observation as a Helicopter, probably operating out of RAF Woodbridge. However, after watching for a couple of minutes the light was not accompanied by navigation beacons and was certainly not moving in a manner expected of helicopters. The object descended very quickly and blinked out. This entire episode lasted about 3 minutes. The object re-appeared rising from behind a tree, whilst zig-zagging from left to right. It stopped then ascended rapidly, within half a second, I would estimate about 1500 Ė 2000 feet. Again it stopped and then began to move left to right again. We had watched this time for about 3-5 minutes. Then it again blinked out. I have been an aviation enthusiast for about 25 years, my father was in the USAF operating from Bentwaters. There was no way this vehicle was operating under conventional flight models or even our laws of physics! I would estimate the object to have been about 2-5 miles away, possibly over Snape or Tunstall. We have both been left gobsmacked and would hope to see this object again as it is on my regular route for walking my dog. I will keep you posted as to any further developments. If anyone else saw this object, please comment so we exchange details. Many thanks.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Redditch, Worcestershire, England
Date of Sighting: 11th December 2009 ~ Time: 23.15
Witness Name: Bob Sayers

From my location just North of the town centre in Redditch, I saw a single green light crossing the sky from East to West, at an angle of elevation of about 30-40 degrees, and over Redditch town centre (although it was impossible to tell how far away it was). I would estimate the light to have been 10-15% the apparent diameter of the Sun, and was a vivid green reminiscent of a flare, but not as bright. I appreciate that that direction of travel would have made the starboard navigation light of an aircraft a possibility, but it was far brighter than a nav light, and itís size as viewed would have put the aircraft only a few hundred metres away. There was no sound whatsoever. Redditch is now within the Controlled Airspace surrounding Birmingham, but Birmingham Zone air traffic control was not talking to any aircraft in the vicinity at the time, and nothing showed up on my Virtual Radar system.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Date of Sighting: Sunday, 13th December 2009
Time: early afternoon, 12 ish ~ Witness: Lalita

I was checking for the new UFO sightings in Aberdeen online to see if the Ďoneí I saw yesterday is something related to UFO. I found this site where people who witnessed shared their experience. Here is mine. I witnessed on Sunday, around 12ish, while I was talking to my Fiancť in USA on phone, lying on my bed looking out the window telling him about the bright sunny beautiful blue skies in Aberdeen which happens rarely in December, and I noticed a slow moving object which was shaped like a star and Dark Blue in color ... turned to be moving in a circular motion ... changing its shape and slowly moving further into a round ball kind of a thing. It became smaller and smaller as it moved away. I was trying to figure it out, but couldn't.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Between Bulmer & Gestingthorpe, Essex, England
Date of Sighting: 12th December 2009 ~ Time: 11:30
Witness Name: C M Warnes


I donít believe in UFOís as inferring the existence of extraterrestrial life. I am sceptical and err on the side of caution, usually doubting individual sightings as some misinterpretation of a perfectly explainable event. That is until ~ 11:30pm Saturday 12th December 2009. Whilst travelling back by car from Bulmer, near Sudbury, towards Gestingthorpe... my and my partners eyes were suddenly drawn towards a fast descending light low in the sky. Our immediate and collective thoughts were that of a shooting star, but as we discussed the sighting later it was clear that for a number of reasons neither actually believed it was. Firstly it appeared from nowhere and lasted but a second or so, before disappearing equally instantaneously as it neared the ground, but it had no trail, and was of some size when compared to the appearance of a star. We perceived it as being low in the sky with a very rapid but shallow angle of descent at a distance vaguely but aptly described as 'close' as opposed to distant. We heard no noise. The object appeared as a cluster of bright white light, tending toward being square in shape, with very evident green aurora. What could it have been?

A shooting star? - No trail, too large, wrong shape and too low in the sky. A helicopter? - Travelling far too fast in rapid decent. A flare? - Trajectory too straight and obviously not under the influence of gravity. A lantern? - Not orange!, too fast and obviously propelled by something other than a breeze. An aircraft? - Too fast for anything other than a jet at low level close to mach one. A Jet? - Close to us but no noise, only a singular light cluster no wing tip lights and with a trajectory appearing to head toward the ground that disappeared as instantaneously as the appeared from nowhere for a moment as fleeting as that of a shooting star.

Do I now believe? Both being of a rational, practical and scientifically minded we are equally puzzled and can offer no explanation of events that fits the observation. A UFO? - Indeed it was, and has provoked such considerable thought and debate that even a sceptic now considers it worthy of a note to record the event.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Mackworth, Derby, England
Date of Sighting: 12th December 2009 ~ Time: 5.30pm
Witness Name: Torz Cooper

I stepped out of the back door of my partnerís parents house and happened to look at the sky, due East. I was looking due East at about 45 Deg above the horizon (I canít find out what star I was looking at). At first I thought I was looking at Orions Belt, but quickly realised it was all wrong, and not only that but there were THREE STARS and two of the were moving, but very slowly, towards the ONE stationary star. The other two were the same size and luminosity as the other one, but were moving in sync at the same distance apart from each other, towards it. We watched them get closer to the star for about a minute, and then they quickly faded out to nothing. Both lights were star-size and star-colour. There were 5 witnesses to this event, myself and 5 of my children, ages ranging from 9 to 15 yrs.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Tiptree, Essex, England
Date of Sighting: 12th December, 2009 ~ Time: 12.30am
Witness Name: Chris Wren

Driving home from Tollesbury, just on the outskirts of Tiptree, I saw what I first thought to be a meteor, (I had already seen a meteor from the Geminid shower early the previous evening), but it was moving too slow to be a shooting star so I stopped the car for a better look. It was a bright fiery orange in colour and could have been made up of THREE BALLS OF LIGHT in extremely tight formation - I say could have been, because of the fiery nature they blended together as one. I was a little worried as to all intents & purposes, it looked like a large aircraft that was on fire - you could almost see flames. it was moving at about or slightly faster than the speed of a conventional aircraft - I would estimate a speed of at least two or three hundred miles an hour - It travelled in a straight line overhead then gently changed direction and took a completely new course at almost right angles to the first one. I got a pretty good look at it - It must have been about the size of a conventional large aircraft - Definitely not a Chinese lantern - It moved too fast and changed direction and it was a clear cold night with little or no wind. It also was too late at night to be a satellite and anyway satellites do not change direction! I watched until it went out of sight wishing I had brought a pair of binoculars and a camera.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Bath, Avon, England
Date of Sighting: 31st October, 2009 ~ Time: 11.30pm to 12 .30 pm
Witness Name: Lisa Jane Shepherd

Went for a ghost walk with my children and two adults, as we walked we were struck dumbfounded as we where followed by TWO ORANGE perfect orbs of light in the sky, performing a zigzag dance. It was amazing; and then it hit us we were witnessing a UFO sighting. Bizarre. My friend Amy caught them on mobile phone this month as she and her son walked home. Please somebody explain.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Newmarket, Suffolk. England
Date of Sighting: 13th December, 2009 ~ Time: 17:30
Witness Name: Noel Starling

This will be the second consecutive evening that this has been witnessed. A single orange / red light travelling low, and from North to South, heading towards the Cambridge area. It was below patchy cloud, with no noise witnessed at all. No navigation lights, and no differences in the continual colour of the light. Constant speed at about 1,500 - 2,000 feet, which made me think it must have been a light aircraft. I killed the sound on the TV, and I could only hear the low noise of vehicles from the A14. I live in the top storey of flats, and I had a perfect clear view - as in my previous sighting. The object climbed slowly, while travelling away to the south, and disappeared into the clouds... with no acceleration, or difference in speed.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..


Location of Sighting: Trinafour, Kinloch Rannoch, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 12th December 2009, and previous dates
Time: 07.30 am --- Witness Name: Cod


I have seen this sighting twice before, and yesterday convinced me I wasn't just 'seeing things'. Both locations were in the morning, around half 7 time, just before it was light and most stars were still visible. I saw two very bright stars next to each other, horizontally, and it had small lights going between them. If you think what a bike chain with the gears are like, that's how it looked, with the gears being the bright lights and the chain being the smaller lights in between, rotating all the time. They appeared to be moving towards me, but it was very difficult to tell what speed they were going. Definitely moving, then after about three minutes they broke off in opposite directions. The thing about the three times I've seen them... the speed, colour, direction and visibility of them were all different. The last one was flashing; the others weren't. Both going at a medium speed and they didn't fade away. It was like they saw me looking. I have studied various strange things and moving objects in the sky but this was in no way a plane. I didn't even have my camera. This has been happening over the past year; and in a way its quite interesting, and trying to tell someone what you saw, they look at you like you are an idiot. Another one of my sightings was in the morning again, this time of year, stars just visible over one of the hills on the north side of Rannoch ... five objects moving in various directions, then another few joined; then they all disappeared. Perhaps someone else has seen something similar.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: Cheadle, Cheshire, England
Date of Sighting: 13th December 2009 ~ Time: 17.00hrs
Witness Name: P Lonsdale


Large orange ball. Slightly hazy, with smaller orange ball below. Hovering. Then moving slowly in a South West direction ... and then accelerating rapidly, in the same direction ... reducing in size in the distance, until it disappeared. Lasted about a minute. Clear cold night. Noticed a number of house alarms had gone off (whilst outside the house) at the same time.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..

Location of Sighting: St. Austell, Cornwall, England
Date of Sighting: 12th December 2009 ~ Time: 18.30
Witness Name: Patrick


I looked up into the sky to see how clear the night sky was as the Geminids (shooting stars) were peaking over the following days and we were planning to observe them that night. What I saw was an orange light (the same colour as a sodium light) moving in a roughly southerly direction. Initially I thought it was a satellite, but it was too big for that. After about 30 seconds it started turning away from me in a westerly direction where it went out of sight over nearby trees. I also discounted it as an aeroplane as we are in the flight path for incoming planes for St. Mawgan (Newquay) airport and we are very familiar with incoming flights. I also do not believe it was Chinese Lanterns as we have also seen them with their characteristic flickering and flight. Iím open to suggestions to a logical explanation but at present canít think of anything.


The above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/..


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More sighting reports will appear here over the Christmas period.



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Many More Christmas UFO Sightings Over the UK - 2

Many More Christmas UFO Sightings Over the UK - 3


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