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Strangest Night Of Our Lives ...

It Was A Flying Disc!

Michael Irving, WGFT editor, 2017: Friendly ET began to appear low in the sky all over the British Isles in 2009. Our friends were harassed by military fighter jets but they kept on appearing... everywhere. Cars were stopping and children were cheering. We are not alone - we have friends.



Location of Sighting: Blackley, Manchester, England
Date of Sighting: 13th February 2010 ~ Time: 11.35PM
Witness Names: John Cookson and Melissa Dunbar


At about 11.35 pm last night, Melissa (my fiancée) went into the back garden for a cigarette. A minute or so afterwards, she called me outside to have a look at something strange in the sky.

It was an orange/red light in the distance (from the back garden of our house, it was positioned in the sky above and just to the right of the old ICI building) with an appearing/disappearing tail behind it.

She thought it may be a shooting star. I took a look and said it might be, but it then started moving slowly in a direction towards our estate.

As it came closer, you could see as it silhouetted on the clouds (it was below the cloud cover), you could make out that it was a metallic/grey disc, with an orangey / red light on the perimeter, and on the opposite side a cut out or darker patch, this allowed you to see that it was spinning whilst it was going forward.

Melissa then ran into the house as she was too scared to watch it!

It seemed to be getting lower and lower as it progressed forward.

It then went directly over our house, totally silently in a SE direction, and you could clearly see it was a disc shaped craft, with this cut out and orange light, spinning (probably about 1 rotation every 2 seconds).

The size of it was hard to make out, as it was at night and there was no reference point, but to me it looked like the same sort of size as a 737, and was going at that sort of speed, maybe a bit faster.

We saw it for a total of a few minutes, before it went out of sight heading across Manchester. It was too dark to use a camera, it would not have picked this thing up.

About 5 minutes later, we were still in the back garden coming to terms with this, when we saw another red light going in a SW direction, way in the distance... positioned above Manchester General Hospital. You could not make out any detail on this one as it was so far away, but it did not seem like a light for a commercial jet, as it was a constant orange/red light, and disappeared into the distance very quickly to the point that within about 10 seconds it was gone (it went away into the distance and up in altitude).

We were so freaked out by this we actually reported it to the police, who took the details.

Then about 10 minutes later, to the West, we saw another red light moving slowly, it then started moving straight up into the clouds (which it lit up as it went through) and disappeared.

Before people say I am crazy, I would point out that I am a very objective person, and I also have a degree in Aerospace Engineering, so I know what I saw and it was not a normal aircraft, meteorite etc. etc. It was a flying disc! Strangest night of our lives.


Please let us know if you saw something like this. Thanks.


This report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...

5 Comments on the above report:


Rob ~ February 14th, 2010
Last night, 13th Feb 2010, from around 11pm till midnight, we saw a colourful, blinky light, flashing and moving slowly. From where we were, Burnage, and the direction we saw it, tallies with the above mentioned sighting. Weird.

Ant ~ February 15th, 2010
I live by Heaton Park and saw this last night on Sunday 14th. It came from the north heading south about 6-ish, a round light, very bright orange like a sodium street light, silent, as it got over head it just faded away. I saw another from my front door this time heading south east away from me around 9-ish and that too just disappeared. We get planes coming over from all angles headed to Manchester airport and there was no way it was a commercial plane or helicopter. It seemed to be just above the clouds, defo not a satellite as they give off a white light and you can tell they are very high up. Was strange but interesting!

Mike ~ February 15th, 2010
I had picked up my daughter from the MEN Arena in Manchester on Saturday the 13th Feb around 11pm and was heading back home through Blackley in the direction of Middleton. I noticed two orange circular lights high in the sky. If you can imagine a gas hob light with a low flame that would be the sighting. Looking up through my windshield at the objects was difficult but the passengers saw them. I didn't stop, just wanted to get 4 hyper noisy kids back to their respective home. Shame really, should have taken a picture.  Mike

Alex ~ February 26th, 2010
Yes I live in Blackley, me and my partner was eating pizza on a bench on Middleton Road / Blackley New Road when we saw a disc shaped spinning orange light directly above us. It didn't seem to be very high up, and all I remember is that we were trying to look for how it was actually flying. It seemed to move slowly in the direction of the bridge then suddenly flew off and disappeared in seconds. I only typed in 'UFO in Blackley' on the internet for a laugh, I can't believe other people saw this. Defo not a military craft, way too low and no sound. Strange or cool.

Lee ~ February 26th, 2010
John and Melissa, I have some fantastic photos from my sighting of a silver/metallic disk with an orange/red light underneath – if you would like me to forward them onto you so you can see if we both witnessed the same craft, then please post an email addi and I will forward them onto you.


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