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'End Games Near Climax' .....

New: Humanity Beginning

By J. Speer-Williams ~ 1st March 2010

'End Games Near Climax'


From planned financial meltdowns, to engineered economic collapses, to increased taxes and inflation, to social upheavals, laboratory concocted viruses, deadly vaccines, state sponsored terrorist attacks, and more wars, the Controllers of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel are bringing their end-games to a climax, which is their One-World Government.

We are all being herded into this one-world corral, by psychopaths, posing as the world's elite, who by human standards are the most insane among us; and yet, many people are imperceptive of this obvious phenomenon. Could there be something deeper than the Cartel's controlled mass-media that is blinding so much of mankind to the geo/political realities of our world?

Why is the bulk of mankind in such a stupor? Are these questions to which we are not meant to know the answer? Can we just be satisfied with the words of Winston Churchill: "It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.".


But, I still wanna know.
Why can we not see the plainly obvious?


I know some fairly well educated people want a one-world government, as they naively believe such a universal institution would bring an end to the horrors of war. What these same people do not know, and seem incapable of understanding, is that the power structure that is whipping us into a one-world state is the same tribe of psychopaths who have caused all the major wars of history.

Do we really want to be ruled by the arbitrary, ad hoc laws of the severely insane, rather than to be governed by laws which have the consent of the governed?

Do we really want to be ruled by the descendants of mass killers, who are themselves proven international war criminals?

Today, however, most Americans are largely so apathetic (and/or numb) to the deceit and treachery that routinely comes out of Washington, that they often pass it all off with, "Why inform myself about it as there's nothing I can do about changing it anyway ... you know what I mean?"

Yes, it means you are about as anti-intellectual as the moron who says, "Why study history, as there's nothing I can do to change any of it anyway ... you know what I mean?"

Worst yet, such anti-intellectuals, with their indifference and ignorance, become collaborators with the enemies of mankind, especially when voting for most democratic and republican political candidates, while thinking of themselves as being very patriotic by merely voting. Ignorance and arrogance are truly blood brothers.

Still, most Americans are simply so overwhelmed with their own problems, they have little time or energy to study the severe financial, economic, and political problems facing mankind, even if they could understand them.

But basically, what most Americans do not understand is that most of their problems have been artificially created, in part, so that the criminal activity in Washington can go on unabated. Also creating public apathy is how unnecessarily complex the subjects of finance, economics, and politics have, by design, been made, with the help of mass-media punditry.

But perhaps most devastating of all is the helplessness big government creates in individuals, until the affairs of Washington seem like the happenings of another world. Under a one-world governance, the affairs of state will seem like those of another galaxy, creating total non-participation in the affairs of government, a perfect situation for those who would exercise draconian measures over mankind.

Back in Lincoln's day, when there was a population of about one-tenth of what it is today, and individual states shared power equally with the federal government, there was keen interest in politics, finance, and economics amongst citizens, as they felt they could have some small voice in the direction of their state and national governments. A person will have an extremely difficult time making his voice heard against the din of over six billion people.

There is a maxim we all would do well to learn and remember: As government grow, individual freedom diminish.

Liberals support big government and large public debts, as they think they'll be able to "get something for nothing," the motto of the criminal. Conservatives support big government, as most want large armies and air forces, central intelligence, atomic weapons, war production boards, and the attendant large public debts that come with the centralization of power.

Therefore, either explicitly or implicitly, many Americans will support the move to a one-world government, especially after the Cartel's corporate media tells us how it'll eliminate foreign threats, end terrorist attacks, recover our economy, get the homeless off our streets, and save our environment. And crime? We'll be told crime will be a thing of the past, and it will be ... except for those who'll be controlling us, and who have caused foreign threats, terrorists attacks, failed economies, homeless in our streets, and who have made almost every effort to destroy our environment.

The Establishment would have us believe our choice is between big centralized government or disasters. It's an old Hegelian dialectic trick: a choice between a false thesis and a ridiculous antithesis, as if no other choices exist. And yet, many supposedly educated college graduates and pointy-headed professors of academe fall for this ruse, even in the face of outrageous hegemony and burgeoning despotism. Western education truly robs one of any possibility of critical thought.

Argentine economic analyst Adrian Salbuchi somehow retains his ability to think critically, in spite of his advanced education, which is proven in his three part video, that can be seen at www.Rense.com. In the videos, Salbuchi tells us of twelve planned attacks leading from our current globalization to the ultimate Cartel end game - a one world government.


1. Planned financial melt-down - needing a world currency and financial system.

2. Economic collapse - requiring increased taxes and world economic authority.

3. Social unrest - requiring international military to police.

4. Virus pandemics - created in labs, requiring deadly vaccines and RFID chips.

5. Environmental scares - needing greatly reduced standards of living and increased taxes.

6. Mega-terror attack - by black opts units from US/UK/Israeli intelligence.

7. Major Middle East atomic war - demanded by Zionists.

8. Nuclear accident - requiring nuclear facilities and weapons to be turned over to world government.

9. Assassination of world leader - resulting with a world government with faceless, unelected leaders.

10. Total destruction of "rogue" nations - those "terrorist" states that resist one-world government.


The last two attacks, claimed by Salbuchi, are outside the box. See his videos and be surprised. Is Salbuchi being unduly pessimistic with his above precludes to a one-world government of tyranny? Maybe.

But surely any, or all of the above, could come to pass if enough people do not become cognizant of the possibility of them happening. At this critical juncture of our world, it is vital that we drop some of our limiting and generally mindless pursuits in favor of enlightening ourselves and others, as our future well-being is of next to no importance to our so-called national leaders.


J. Speer-Williams
jsw4 @ mac.com



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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher