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THE GATHERING: Craft Gathering In Scotland



Michael Irving, WGFT Editor: On the 20th March 2010, the day of WGFT's global event 'Gathering Together Truth Circles', Craft gathered in Scotland. The Equinox was at approx 17.30 GMT on Saturday, 20th March. It is likely William Wallace ('Braveheart') was born at Elderslie, on the western outskirts of Paisley, close to Johnstone....


Location of Sighting: Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 20th March 2010 ~ Time: 10:25-11 pm
Witness Name: Lauren and Tony Kerr


When we let the dog out into the garden, my Dad spotted 2 orange lights in the sky to the East. These lights were stationery, followed by another 4 lights that moved towards the first 2.

The orange lights looked like a blurred circle, almost egg shaped.

The strange thing is that they would move northward at some speed, then gathered almost in the same area and come to a stop.

Then the light would disappear, it seemed into the distance.

We both waited and the lights appeared again. This time just 2 at a time, and then when those disappeared, it was just one at a time.

It looked like, to us that they were following a course, circling, almost orbiting.

It was very bizarre.


Above report is at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...



WGFT: More reports of the 'William Wallace / Scotland' Craft event:


Location of Sighting: Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 20th March 2010 ~ Time: 7.30pm
Witness Name: A McIntyre


I was standing at my house back door on Saturday evening, and noticed an extremely bright orange single light rise very, very quickly out to my west (towards Renfrewshire Heights and out to the Firth of Clyde). The sky was clear, and all major stars were visible. There was no noticeable wind.

My initial thought was that it was a distress flare but the intensity of the light was maintained as it rose at a very fast rate into the sky. I have read the lantern explanations, and I am pretty sure the rate of ascent for this, its overall size and brightness... it could not have been a lantern.

The light continued in an upwards trajectory, and moved off to the South, where I lost sight of it as it continued to rise.

I was astounded at the speed of ascent, so much so that I called my wife down from upstairs to tell her I though some sort of missile had been launched from the submarine base at Faslane. I have always had a healthy [WGFT ed: or not so healthy?] scepticism of such sightings and I like to think I am pretty aware of items moving through the sky from previous experience e.g. shooting stars, satellites, etc.

I have never seen anything like this before and it has really spooked me. Any clues (if it wasn’t a lantern) as to what the heck it might have been!? Thanks a lot.


Comment: Cunningham ~ March 22nd, 2010 ....

Saw the same orange light, at the exact same time 4 miles west in Johnstone. It was certainly not a lantern.


Above reports are at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...



WGFT: This report may also be connected:


Mary ~ March 22nd, 2010


... I live in Dunbartonshire, Scotland... I thought I would share what I witnessed on Saturday evening at 8.20pm. I was driving the car and in front of me I saw 4 orange lights. One was to the left of three orange lights in a vertical line. The three stayed in a straight line, and then changed position. I was awestruck and phoned my parents as I could not believe what I was seeing. It was definitely something I have never seen before! I wish I had taken a picture on my phone.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Also see: Craft Moving Side-To-Side And Circling In Scotland


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