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Dramatic Events In The United Kingdom's Skies



Michael Irving, WGFT editor, 2017: Friendly ET began to appear low in the sky all over the British Isles in 2009. Our friends were harassed by military fighter jets but they kept on appearing... everywhere. Cars were stopping and children were cheering. We are not alone - we have friends out there.


Location of Sighting: Framwellgate Moor, Durham, England
Date of Sighting: 3rd May 2010 ~ Time: 9.15pm
Witness Name: Matt & Jenny Gibson


Saw various formations of luminous orange lights (x8) in the sky that kept moving in a triangular shape. All lights changed to the shape of the ‘Plough’ constellation [WGFT Ed: The Plough shape is turning up a lot in UK sightings]. A larger light came in to view, and gradually faded into the distance. Other lights disappeared. Not the only witness in the street.





Location of Sighting: Alexandria, Scotland, British Isles
Date of Sighting: 2nd May, 2010 ~ Time: 10pm
Witness Name: Margaret Russell


My husband and I were taking our dog out, and noticed an orange/red light quite low in the sky. It was very bright and slow moving at this point. We watched it thinking it was perhaps a plane or helicopter, but there was no noise of any kind from it. As we watched the light seemed to fade at first, but it rose in the sky at a great speed, until we couldn't see it anymore. We are sure this was not a Chinese lantern, it was far too deliberate in moving. Unfortunately we had nothing to take photos, we were out dog walking.





Location of Sighting: Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Date of Sighting: 2nd May 2010 ~ Time: 10.15
Witness Name: Mrs Karen Duckett


At 10.15 last night, I saw a solid and clear orange light in the distance. We watched this whilst opening the window. There was no noise at all. As the light came nearer it changed from what appeared to be a solid orange ball into what looked like a CIRCLE, made up of separate lights with spokes - made up of separate lights - also going into the centre of the circle.
An hour later this happened again.

This time we watched for longer and went outside and again there was no noise. We watched as it disappeared towards the Trough of Bowland. As it disappeared the separate lights became one solid light again.

We had not been drinking nor are we UFO spotters this was just a coincidence. Did anyone else witness this. We live at Beaumont Park.




Location of Sighting: Southport, Lancashire, England
Date of Sighting: 1st May 2010 ~ Time: 11.30pm
Witness Name: John Boardman


I was staying over at my Mum's house in Virginia Street, Southport, and before going to bed, at about 11.30pm, I went to the back door to see if Mum's cat was ready to come in. As soon as I opened the back door I saw an Orange light. I estimate no less than half a mile from the house.

It glowed with an Orange haze around it, and had a blue light and a red light shining downwards at an angle. The blue and red lights crossed each other underneath the Orange glowing ship. The lights remained the same colour after they had crossed paths.

The Ship was moving with a curious wobble across to the right at a slowish speed, and I stared at it intently trying to see it closer up. But then it disappeared into the night clouds, after a couple of minutes of it getting smaller as it moved away.
I was not shocked to see this as I had seen another sighting of UFOs here in Southport a couple of years ago. This older sighting was of different UFOs, which were in a clump of three packs, containing about 8 or 9 ships in each clump. On this occasion I had two other witnesses to confirm what I was seeing.
These ships were smaller and had a silvery top and a multi coloured underside in which the colours merged and moved around. These ships also moved in an unusual fashion and were still visible when they had gone into the clouds.

All strange but perfectly true.




Location of Sighting: Bexleyheath, London, England
Date of Sighting: 2nd May 2010 ~ Time: 9.20pm
Witness Name: Debbie & Lee Fitzgerald


My husband called me urgently to come look at something. He was sitting in the living room and saw at roof height an orange light. By the time I'd run downstairs it had moved to the rear of the house and very high up in the sky. To me, it resembled a flame (like a very small air balloon).

Then approx 2 minutes later, I looked out the back again and said there was another one and grabbed camera to get video footage.

This one was same shape as first one, but was pulsating red (video is a little shaky as it was cold but you can see it clearly pulsating, not like an aeroplane and it was silent). Although footage looks like it is moving all over the place that is me shaking, it was moving straight. Have no proof of first one but this could be explained as a Chinese lantern but 2nd one I really don’t know.




Location of Sighting: Kingston, South London, England
Date of Sighting: 1st May 2010 ~ Time: 11.45
Witness Name: Anon


Just saw and filmed a set of three lights, arranged in a triangle (spaced some distance apart - the lights were not part of the same craft / air plane) travel across the sky.

They were followed by a fourth lagging behind but on the same general course.

A second set, in the same pattern came approx 45 seconds to a minute later, and again a following fourth light. Both sets travelled with no audible sound at a constant speed, but at relative pace. They were a single solid color and did not flash like aircraft lights.




Location of Sighting: Dereham, Norfolk, England
Date of Sighting: 30th April 2010 ~ 11.30pm approx
Witness Name: Jean Phillips


My husband let our dog out in the garden and called me to come see what was in the sky. I looked at what he was looking at but could only see a bright fuzzy light. We have binoculars in the kitchen so I grabbed those. When I looked at the light through the binoculars it was a very large sphere that appeared to be made up of many octagon shaped bands of light, moving across the sky towards the east.

I watched it for several seconds until it disappeared behind the clouds.

There was no sound for such a large object and I have to say it was very odd, and I have never seen anything like that in the sky.




Location of Sighting: Birmingham, England, UK
Date of Sighting: 1st April 2010 ~ Time: 8.45
Witness Name: Nicole


As we were sat there, me and my boyfriend, watching Britain's Got Talent, we noticed a flash of lightning which was followed by thunder. We then looked out the window and to the left my boyfriend pointed and said what the hell is that.


At first I thought it was a comet of some sort which was heading to earth (scary) but to which my boyfriend pointed out but it's heading upwards into the clouds to which it disappeared.


It looked like a big orange fireball!! It's not the first time we have seen strange objects, and they seem to be more frequent nowadays.


What's the government not telling us?




Location of Sighting: Shavington, Cheshire, England
Date of Sighting: 20th April 2010 ~ Time: 2.55am
Witness Name: Angela Mee-Hannaford


Woke early - looked out of skylight window as I normally do and saw something travelling across the sky at great speed - at first I thought it was a satellite so watched for a while - no noise but lights flashing - woke my husband so have a witness to what I saw, and he confirmed definitely not a plane (plus air travel was banned due to volcanic ash).


The object had flashing lights that appeared to flash in sequence in a circular motion red, blue, yellow, green - we know what we saw and it definitely was travelling too fast to be a plane.




Location: South Normanton, Derbyshire, England
Date of Sighting: 1st May 2010 ~ Time: 9.30pm
Witness Name: Wendy & Mick Ballard


My husband saw a bright orange light in the sky from the kitchen window, which he thought was the Police helicopter on fire, so he ran outside to see. He shouted me to go and look as it wasn't a fire or the Police helicopter.

When I got outside there were two what looked to me like small planes or hang gliders passing overhead. As it was dark I couldn't make out how low they were but I would say about helicopter height.

There was a bright orange glow, and what looked like a wing, with all red/orange light bulbs all over it. My husband didn’t notice the wing shape, or the red lights, as he was concentrating on the orange fire glow, which he said seemed to extend upwards in a cylindrical shape.

They moved very fast and silently, and there was only a slight breeze if any wind at all. They seemed to be in a straight line, and seemed equal distance apart, and the first one my husband saw disappeared into the distance as a faint orange glowing ball - and the other two followed. My Mom said she was listening to Radio Derby at a similar time, and a few people were ringing in reporting similar incidents.




Location of Sighting: Edinburgh, Scotland, British Isles
Date of Sighting: 2nd May 2010 ~ Time: 9.45pm
Witness Name: Maz Sinclair


My husband and I saw a large ball of fire, moving over Edinburgh tonight, at around 9.45pm. It was heading from east to west and was an amazing sight. We took a few photos but they have just come out like an orange spot.


It is nothing we have ever seen before.


Has anyone else seen it tonight as we are totally amazed!




Location of Sighting: Ormskirk, Lancashire, England
Date of Sighting: 2nd May 2010 ~ Time: 10.30 & 11.00
Witness Name: Stephen Owens


First sighting saw by self and son. Bright orange light, going from north to south, then banked west, and appeared to accelerate out of view.
Second sighting from west to east, appeared quite low nearly directly over my house. But this time was extremely very bright white light and saw very clearly and was not spherical appeared to be slightly triangular with a rounded tip, upon squinting to dull its brightness.
The second sighting was pretty slow on approach, and completely silent, but soon after passing faded very quick.
I have been watching the skies while having a cigarette for years. Often see satellites with the naked eye and can obviously differentiate between this and any thing which would be of obvious explanation. My son video recorded the second sighting on Kodak camcorder, but not impressive unfortunately.

I have seen a few things previously but have dismissed them as unclear. But tonight what myself and son saw was unreal. I have been out several times tonight after the first sighting and still looking.


Please let me know of others who saw this if any, was an impressive sight. 


Regards, S Owens.




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