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NOON 19 & 20 JUNE 2010

World Truth Gatherings at Local and Special Sites




The World Gathering For Truth: The weekend before each Solstice and Equinox. Plus New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Exchange information, and connect with others. Hold 'Truth' Talking Circles at Noon on each day.

Solstice Eve Truth Gathering: Noon 19 & 20 June 2010
(The Solstice is Monday, 21st June 2010)

The Great Gathering Together Circle:


It is very important that as many people as possible, in different places, should take part in the Gathering. Decide where, when, and how to gather, your participation is needed. This is the beginning of the turnaround. Exchange the information and hopes you have. The people who are coming together will ring in a return, a turnaround. That which you believe is true must be stated.

THE PURPOSE of gathering at special sites is to empower people by meeting like-minded people who also urgently want to change the world for the better. When we know others think and feel the same things we do, we are empowered. We know we are normal, and we know there are more of us. These gatherings are to help you make links with other people, and links to small and large networks and groups of people. We are going to express ourselves, hear others, connect with others, and feel and know the world is changing as we do this. When our personal world changes, the world also changes. When we change, we become different people and we can do different things.

Let's go. You can start in your garden or backyard, a friend's garden, a local park, or special site the weekend before the Solstice: 19 & 20 JUNE 2010.

The next World Truth Gatherings will be:
(1) 18 & 19 September 2010 (Equinox);
(2) 18 & 19 December 2010 (Solstice);
(3) 31 December 2010, 1 & 2 January 2011.

Agenda for Noon Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles
[We are not a religion or even a meditation group, this simple
agenda is solely to relax people and help us come together.]
1) NOON: Form a circle, holding hands, two minutes silence.
2) Five minutes meditation / quiet / prayer, sitting on the ground.
3) Sharing Circle: Pass the talking stick, share your experience
from the meditation, share ideas and plans, or hold the stick.
In winter: bring waterproof, warm clothes, hot drink, etc.



The Gathering ~ Noon ~ 19 & 20 June 2010 ~ Solstice Eve
(The Solstice is on 21st June, at 11.28 GMT)


From the Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope:
"Many of the teachers, leaders and ceremonialists that are so-called traditional, but are trying to keep us locked in the past, will not function today, will fall. Many teachers and wise people will be seen for who they are and they will be the farmers, the labourers and the gas station attendants because the Tagashala will be fully awakened. Many people will begin to awaken in their dream mind-body. Awakening souls will sit down in gathering together circles. Many of these will be the so-called common people and not the teachers you see up there now. The various winged serpent Wheels will begin to turn, to dance once again and when they do the Rainbow lights will be seen in dreams all over the world and these Rainbow light dreams will help awaken the rest of humanity."

Rainbow Dream Vision:

The Network of Sacred Sites by Sir George Trevelyan:

Decide To Network by Dr Robert Muller:



Background Information - Dedication for WGFT 2000:

Background Information - Reports from WGFT 2000:

Suggested Gathering Sites for the British Isles ~
Use these special sites and their photographs as inspiration.
Your backyard or local park make great places for gathering:

The Gathering ~ The Turning of the Tide:




World Truth Gatherings at Local and Special Sites


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The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect




Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth



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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher