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Five Point Cardinal Rule To

Chemically Correct Mental Illness


Dear Reader:


There is a Five Point Cardinal Rule To Chemically Correct Mental Illness. This includes illnesses with names such as severe depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

The Five Point Cardinal Rule To Chemically Correct Mental Illness applies to more than those three illnesses mentioned above. It applies to almost every single diagnosis in psychiatric medicine, if not every single one.

In regard to depression, this five point cardinal rule applies even if a particular case of depression seems to have a psychological stress trigger (or triggers) as its primary causative factor(s). (Priscilla Slagle, M.D. first taught me this in her book "The Way Up From Down". My experience over the past decade has repeatedly validated what she taught me.)

This cardinal rule has five separate and distinct points to it. The chemical correction of severe mental illness SHOULD ALWAYS INVOLVE correction in regard to the following FIVE chemical issues:


(1) Identifying And Correcting Any And All Commonly Known Malabsorptive Causes (that cause broad essential nutrient deficiencies).


Broad essential nutrient deficiencies and mental illness are synonymous. Malabsorption and mental illness are synonymous as well.


(2) Correcting One's Functional Nutrient Status (and at least at one point during the day taking the entire nutrient range all at once as Adelle Davis postulated was the correct healing approach decades ago).


Over the past four years (or more) Willy's Baggie idea has solidly proved in an anecdotal manner that Adelle Davis was right.


(3) Minimizing One's Toxic Load (especially gut generated ones, but pre-existing ones, and environmental ones as well).


A strong argument can be made that antibiotics cause a high degree of toxicity in hundreds of millions of persons, by decimating any good bacteria in the gut. When this good bacteria dies off, a whole host of bad biology proliferates in the gut. This bad gut biology can produce a high toxic load day after day for decades in a person if this situation is not fixed.


(4) Minimizing One's Allergic Load (especially food allergens, but environmental ones as well).


It is going to be interesting in the years to come how much GMO crops contribute to hidden food allergies. It is almost as this stuff is being planned behind the scenes… by people that think they can use sneaky means such as GMO foods, antibiotics, vaccines, etc. to make an entire populace sick, and then enrich themselves from this.


(5) Minimizing One's Bad Biological Load (bad bacteria, yeasts, molds, fungi, parasites, and/or viruses in the body, in the brain, and/or in the gut).


The worst way to address point number five on yourself is to see a conventional drug-oriented doctor. Self-applied alternative medicine is the best way to perform this step.


You Can Cure Yourself


All of the above five issues can be learned about and performed at home by you on yourself. Yes, you can cure yourself!

Some persons assume that the above five issues are too complicated or unachievable. All I have to say to these persons is that my teenage son Willy proved that much of the above is fairly easy to learn and to do, without even reading a single book in which to do so.


The Use Of Drugs To Correct Mental Illness Is Obsolete


The Five Point Cardinal Rule To Chemically Correct Mental Illness is now known. There are almost no exceptions to the Five Point Cardinal Rule To Chemically Correct Mental Illness.

The five point system of chemical correction outlined above can actually cure mental illness from a chemical standpoint, no matter what the diagnostic label involved. (Its only catch is that it primarily needs to be applied by You to Yourself.)

Any chemical approach to a case of depression, or a case of severe mental illness, that does not address ALL OF THE ABOVE five natural chemical issues (such as the need to use nutritional supplements), or often occurring chemical issues (such as the need to correct candida, or the need to eliminate hidden food allergens, etc.), is hereby obsolete.

Any chemical approach to a case of depression, or a case of severe mental illness, that is proper and correct involves NO DRUG WHATSOEVER. (Drugs should only be considered temporary chemical band-aids at best. Long term drug use to correct the flawed chemistry inherent in mental illness is clearly the wrong approach.)

The use of ANY drug is not even mentioned in the Five Point Cardinal Rule regarding the chemical correction of depression or mental illness.

The use of any drug (or combination of drugs) whatsoever to cure mental illness is nuts! (Drugs should perhaps only be a temporary chemical band-aid in which to resolve one's symptoms until a person learns how to cure his or her self via natural means.)




No single drug or multiple drug cocktail whatsoever can cure broad essential nutrient deficiencies, excessive toxic and allergic load, many bad biology issues, and malabsorption. These common problematic chemical issues are causative ones in regard to almost all cases of mental illness. Therefore… drugs cannot cure mental illness. (This simple logical argument has many profound implications.)

Drug-oriented medicine's methodology to cure mental illness will soon be found out for what it truly is… a fiscally self-serving, suffering-causing, and death-causing healing approach. (This is one of the goals of my Healing House. The other goal is to educate persons in regard to how to cure themselves of depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses.)

Only You! can cure broad essential nutrient deficiencies, excessive toxic and allergic load, many bad biology issues, and malabsorption in yourself. Therefore, only You! can truly cure yourself of mental illness (once you are properly taught how to do so).

The drug industry, via bribery of representatives of our government, and bribery of the law itself, is currently enforcing an obsolete healing methodology (the use of drugs for mental illness) on an unaware public. The drug industry appears to be doing this for fraudulent fiscal gain more than anything else. However, who knows? The drug industry may have another evil agenda than simply sucking the wealth out of America.

It is not just drugs for mental illness that are the problem. Almost ALL drugs are a lie as far as healing goes. Cholesterol drugs are a lie, high blood pressure drugs are a lie, sleep drugs are a lie, acid reflux drugs are a lie, arthritis drugs are a lie, and diabetic drugs are a lie (for the most part). This list goes on and on.

Drug-oriented medicine is a terminal cancer that for decades has been steadily eating away at the health and wealth of the once great nation called the United States of America. God help us all if the drug industry's agenda is not stopped, and stopped fairly soon, by the force of public vote and by the force of law.


Allen Darman



Important Note: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Everyone has my signed "complete and irrevocable permission" in which to do so. Signed… Allen Darman and Dated… October 26, 2010.


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