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'Star of Bethlehem' Light ... A Spacecraft ...

Is Being Observed All Over The British Isles



WGFT Editor. Something big is happening. Sightings and performances by Craft have significantly increased since approximately 2007. The following are just a few reports which show people all over the UK are intrigued by a large, bright, star-like light. Study of the reports indicate this 'light' is in fact a Spacecraft.


Perhaps there will soon be the birth of a new awareness and consciousness for the whole of Humanity. A new awareness which has compassion for the whole world, and will therefore bring true peace, prosperity, and health to planet Earth. Jesus said, "Greater things you shall do". This transformation has been underway for many years, and it's progress is accelerating.


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Below are several sighting reports of a Star-like, or white light, object / spacecraft over the UK from the past few days. Appearances began in approximately early 2010.




Location: Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Date: 22nd June 2011 ~ Time: 00.15
Witness Name: Pascal


As I was having a cigarette in the garden, I noticed a bright light coming from north, then it made a 90 degree turn and went east. It stayed like this for about 1 minute, then went north-east, and disappeared underneath the clouds. It wasn't a plane or helicopter because of the way it was doing sharp turns and the light was so bright that I could see it very clearly compared to the background of the night sky.

Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Date: 16/6/11 and 20/6/11 ~ Time: 03:30 and 12:40
Witness Name: Kevin Little


On both occasions spotted bright white light, seemed to be above cloud level, moved at a steady speed (about the same speed as an airliner), but seemed to pick up speed the further they went. In the first sighting at 03:30 on the 16th, the light was flying SE, and the second at 12:40 on the 20th was moving south, both lights seemed to dip as they disappeared out of view, to me it was as if they were following the curvature of the earth. Both were totally silent, with no flashing lights, and they were intensely bright white.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...




Location: Near Portnahaven, Isle of Islay, Scotland
Date: 14th June 2011 ~ Time: approx 3. 40 am
Witness Name: Jane Dawson


Got up at 3.30 am to check a mare foaling, and as I walked to the window in my office which faces south-west, I saw a very bright white circular light travelling south east. It was at least 4 x larger than a low planet and travelling at a similar speed to a satellite. It was low in the sky and when I put my binoculars (Swarovsky 8.5 x 42) to it, it was just pure white light - nothing else could be seen.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: Woodchurch, Wirral, England
Date: 16th June 2011 ~ Time: 12. 30
Witness Name: Chris


Went out for smoke and saw a moving object. it looked like a shooting star. It was moving very slow ... then started to move side to side, and up and down, in quick jumps. I had to look at it a lot, as I thought i was seeing things. Please give me feedback on this.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
Date: 17th June 2011 ~ Time: 12.10 am
Witness Name: Alan Ridge


Bright, single, silver light with no other navigational lights, no blurring, with light visible from every angle, with no noise. Travelling overhead from west to east, with no deviation. There was limited cloud-cover but the object was travelling below the cloud at about half the height of a plane... a guess 20,000 feet.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England
Date: 16th June 2011 ~ Time: 10:45pm
Witness Name: Jay & Gems


Late Thursday evening, at around 10:45pm, 16th June, it was a clear night after a cloudy wet day. We were looking at the stars when from the west we spotted a large white light moving slowly. The height I would say was like the height of two Wimborne Minster's (WG Ed: I think this refers to the local church or cathedral... maybe twice 50 feet = 100 feet) one stacked on the other. This white light was moving in the sky roughly towards our direction. There were no planes in the sky at this moment. We had time to check as the white light was moving at a slow steady speed. As the light passed over our next door neighbors we listened out for any sound coming from this light and heard nothing ... keeping in mind it was fairly quiet being late at night ... and watched it move east.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: Rotherham (in s/e sky), Yorkshire, England
Date: 20th June 2011 ~ Time: 00.30
Witness Name: Scott Blount


Went outside and noticed a very bright star, and thought that's bright. I looked up again and thought it's moving. At first I thought I was seeing things but I kept looking and what was the brightest thing in the clear night sky just moved slowly away and vanished. I was shocked and woke my wife up to tell her. I am amazed that hundreds of people did not see this as I looked online and at the news to try to find out what I saw.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: South Ockendon, Essex, England
Date: 17th May 2011 ~ Time: 08.30 am
Witness Name: Mick G


Went out for a smoke in my garden and saw a plane flying over... as it was a lovely blue sky with no cloud at all... when I noticed a white light moving towards me from the west. It was very high up and thought it was maybe a satellite. Then noticed it started to pulsate with white light. I then ran in and got my binoculars. I could not make out a shape as such but could see it must be quite long. It had a white light at the front; and then, about every 10 secs, the whole object would pulsate. I watched it for about 10 minutes as it arced across the sky and headed north; I then lost sight. very strange! will never forget it.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Date: 16th June 2011 ~ Time: 23:00
Witness Name: Paul


The local police helicopter was flying low around my house ... I was watching it with my son when i noticed a single white light travelling in a straight line towards my house. At first I thought it was an airliner or satellite. But as it got closer i realised it was too low to be a satellite, and was making no noise and had no strobe lights. It was going at a reasonably average pace, and seemed to turn slightly in the direction of Luton, constantly traveling at the same pace. i dismissed it until my boss told me he had seen it (he lives in Bicester, Oxfordshire), and that he had seen it before. He had taken a photo of it with the same camera he uses to take photos of the moon... when he looked at the photo, it was a pure white light with no structure.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: Parkfields. Wolverhampton, England
Date: 16th June 2011 ~ Time: 23.00 - 23.30 pm
Witness Name: Jenny Holland

Whilst at my boyfriend's, he was outside putting his bike away in the shed, when he called me. I immediately went outside, he told me to look up at the sky. There was a huge, bright light ... something I had never seen before. It was not a helicopter or a plane. There was no sound, and it was travelling so fast that it had disappeared within seconds. Had I taken my mobile out, I would have taken a photo, but I would have had to have been very quick due to the speed it was travelling. I now keep looking out of the window in case another appears.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...


Location: Old Harlow, Essex, England
Date: 16th June 2011 ~ Time: 22:55
Witness Name: Vicki


I saw a very bright White light travelling across the sky at a steady speed but no real direction, seemed to wobble a bit as it went across the houses. I don't believe this could be a plane as it was one single, very bright, star-shaped light. It travelled for around 2 minutes before fading into some clouds ... quite a distance away. I am not sure if it was a comet. Was much too bright for a satellite.


Above report is or was at: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/...



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The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect




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