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Michael Irving, WGFT editor, 2017: Friendly ET began to appear low in the sky all over the British Isles in 2009. Our friends were harassed by military fighter jets but they kept on appearing... everywhere. Cars were stopping and children were cheering. We are not alone - we have friends out there.


Something is Changing over Our Heads,

Right in Front of our Eyes

By Chris Holly ~ Published: 7/20/2011


If you are interested in the subject of UFOs I am sure you are aware that we are under a flood of reported sightings lately. Every day on the major UFO reporting sites you find many new reports being posted from all over the world.

The claims seem to be especially increased in the area of orbs and groups of lights being reported. I have had more people tell me that they have seen something odd in the sky in the last year than I have in the last three combined.

My image artist Ed Fleming who also runs his own UFO site, U.F.O.I.I., has been talking to me regularly about the amount of people reporting sightings to him as well.

Not only have we both noticed this increase we both have seen odd things in the sky over the past year with our own eyes.

Ed brought to my attention the other day that NUFORC, (National UFO Reporting Center) posted that they had received a large number of reports following July 4th weekend. Of course many of the reports may be due to the activities around this time of year, however, many of the reports were of large objects or orbs traveling against the wind (ruling out flare or lanterns) at extreme speeds that the people could not identify as the normal air traffic in their area.

I imagine some sightings may be due to the 4th of July celebrations, however, other sightings may be due to the fact people were outside during this time in the summer doing what they rarely do which is looking up at the sky.

It is both a perfect time for the unknown to blend in with the celebrations of the summer and do as they please with little or no notice, yet also a time people are paying attention to the sky and realizing at long last they are seeing things that just do not fit or seem normal to their area sky.

Ed Fleming and his family were on a family outing with friends recently when they too had a strange sighting. Ed knew that reports of orange/red Orbs were being seen all over the Midwest where he lives. One night in June while on a Sky Watch night with his family and friends, a strange object appeared over them in the night sky.

The object appeared in the west as a brilliant ball of orange-yellow light. At first it reminded the group of an airplane head light. As it approached them it immediately became clear it was not an airplane.

This object did not have any transponder lights and made no noise at all. The object floated silently above them. The round object had a bright light that remained constant. The clouds were thin and broken and low to the ground because of thunderstorm activity earlier in the night.

This object appeared just above the clouds. It was low and close enough that if it were in fact an airplane the group would all have heard the jet engines. They watched as this round silent light made its way across the night sky to disappear in the night. The people who saw this object have no idea what the object could have been.

Ed also reported on his site UFOII that he has a second odd sighting this summer on the night of July 4th.

Ed his wife and a few friends were returning to their home in Kansas on the night of July 4th when they noticed an object that they first thought was a rouge Chinese Lantern.

As they drove along the object flew right over the car. Ed pulled over as the object looked a bit odd to him and got out of his car to get a better look at this glowing ball.

Ed was directly underneath this object when he looked up. Ed realized the object was not flickering at all as a Lantern would. He also realized it was moving at a high rate of speed and did not look at all like a Chinese Lantern.

The object held its light in a standard fashion unlike a candle or flare. Ed told me it was the strangest thing he had ever seen. It was a neon type of red, however, the thing looked alive and moved like smoke or liquid silver within its own borders. The object flew quickly by the car.

Ed and his family and friends quickly circled the block in an attempt to get another look at this odd object. By the time they did circle the block the object was long gone. The odd look of this solid yet living-looking light and the speed and determined direction of this object clearly convinced Ed and his family and friends this thing was not a lantern or flare.

Ed told me that he had been hearing of many other reports of Orbs being reported in his area. I could not help but notice a huge amount of photos, videos and reports recently on both NUFORC and MUFON reporting sites. I also have seen strange orbs, lights and clouds three times this year as well.

It seems clear that many of us are seeing things we cannot explain and have started to take the time to report or try to capture with our cameras what we are seeing.

Both Ed and another Paranormal investigator I recently spoke to think it is becoming apparent that those piloting or controlling the objects being seen and reported lately in our skies do not seem to care if we spot them or their activity.

In fact, they seem at times to be right in front of our noses without any attempt of cloaking or hiding their craft or actions. Orbs seem to be rampant all over the planet and seen by millions worldwide.

If they are all Chinese Lanterns there must be some awfully rich large Chinese Lantern producing companies out there to fill the requirements of all these sightings!

I have to admit that I agree with my friends that a tide seems to be turning with the amount of objects openly being seen both day and night in the last year.

It does seem that little or no attempt is being made to cover up the odd objects being seen all over the world. I cannot imagine the reason for this change. All I do know is that there does seem to be a change, not only in the amount of things being seen, but the actions of those controlling the objects that we see.

It could be that as we become more aware they do too. Maybe as we start to slowly accept the concept of the strangeness in our skies the strangeness becomes more active displaying who and what they are to us. I have no idea why this change seems to be slowly occurring, I can only say I believe this change is happening.

If you see something do report it. If you see something do not allow others to ridicule you or insult you. Instead remind them it is sad that they are still so locked in the dark ages that they still think like a fool who will be lost as space and all that it contains opens up to us here on earth.

Do not be belittled by a fool. That keeps us all ignorant of the very universe we live in. Laugh at those so limited and close minded that something as simple as life in the universe confuses and befuddles them. Stand up and do not be silenced by those with limited thinking and small closed minds.


Read more at: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/oureyes.html




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