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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

7 August 2017

The Rainbow Lights And A Mass

Awakening Of Humanity

A Planetary Change In Consciousness

By Michael Irving, editor of WGFT

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I met the organiser of Harmonic Convergence, Jose Arguelles, in Boulder, Colorado, a few months before Harmonic Convergence took place on 16th and 17th August 1987.

During Harmonic Convergence I saw a vivid spectrum of rainbow colours in my sleep and I believe I had an early preview of what will happen for the whole of humanity:


The various winged wheels ~ the human chakra system ~ will begin to turn, to dance once again and when they do the Rainbow Lights will be seen in dreams all over the world and these Rainbow Light dreams will help awaken the rest of Humanity. ~ The Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope.


The key to getting our chakras to function properly is for us to express more of what we believe to be true, our true feelings, our true thoughts, etc. Once a critical number of people have their chakras spinning a huge change will be communicated through the human consciousness field.


Start the Hundredth Human Effect and Trigger the Awakening of Humanity


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The Gathering by Chief Sitting Bull



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The Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope



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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

The World Gathering For Truth is happening now wherever we are by our sharing with

others what we feel and think about life today, and by distributing information we believe

is important. Our individual and united actions will lead to a major world change.