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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

13 August 2017

You Are A Child of The Universe ~

You Have A Right To Be Here


By Michael Irving, editor of WGFT website


You are a child of the universe, no less than the

trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

~ The Desiderata


In 1993, with a clairvoyant friend, we met up with the spacecraft of friendly ETs and for two months my friend received loads of messages by telepathy. It was all absolutely amazing and wonderful. The following year I spent the whole summer mind-linking with the friendly ETs. In the autumn I had a pretty good idea of how these off-planet humans live and exist. They live with incredible sensitivity, total communication with each other, the ability to express all their creativity, etc. By contrast, our present society and civilisation on Earth is terrible.

I had moved into living in a big forest and I was on my own, surrounded by modern, lost, confused, dysfunctional, mad society. Because of my recent, mind-expanding experiences, I could no longer hide my natural feelings about our mad society and as a result I became suicidal. I felt like I had been abandoned on a lost and mad, alien planet. There was no-one to talk to about this, everyone was lost. There was no point phoning a suicide help-line because I would be talking to a left-brain dominant person who was so lost they had no conscious awareness of how lost they were.

This was an awful time. But I was seeing the true reality of life on Earth and this was vital information which propelled me many years later to put all my efforts into going for a completely new way of living on Earth for all of Humanity.

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I was in a depression ward in 1995 and one evening when around 20 of us were sitting in the lounge I said loudly: Hands up everyone who has felt they have never fitted in with this society we are living in. Approximately two thirds of those in the lounge quickly raised their hand. This was a revelation to me. I had been thinking for a long time that maybe I was odd and perhaps there was something wrong with me because I have never been able to understand our contemporary 'modern' society. We need to stop the mad, mindless machine... our current civilisation and paradigm are only fuelled by money-making and it's an empty, desolate wasteland for most souls experiencing it.

We are the seeds.... we can change the world.... we have all been spread out around the world for a purpose.... It starts on the Internet and from the Internet the new life pulse will spread out throughout society.... "The new human type will be found scattered more or less over the thinking face of the globe. Some apparent attraction draws these scattered elements together and causes them to unite among themselves. You have only to take two people in a gathering endowed with this mysterious sense of the future; they will gravitate instinctively towards one another. They will know one another. No racial, social or religious barrier seems to be effective against this force of attraction." ~ Teilhard de Chardin


Start The 100th Human Effect And Wake The World Up


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The Gathering and 100th Monkey Effect



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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

The World Gathering For Truth is happening now wherever we are by our sharing with

others what we feel and think about life today, and by distributing information we believe

is important. Our individual and united actions will lead to a major world change.