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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

11 September 2017

The Final Battle for Life on Earth
~ 9/11 and 2017 Weather Warfare

By Michael Irving, editor of WGFT

In September 2017, the Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati are creating atrocious weather, hurricanes, etc., around the world using powerful technology in an effort to divert humanity away from an approaching evolutionary leap in consciousness. The HAARP-Chemtrails system controls almost all of the world's weather. We don't have natural weather any longer, we now have completely artificial weather.

The World Nearly Woke Up Six Days After 9/11

In the next few days after 9/11 took place, astonishing information, news, and facts circulated through the Internet to millions of people around the world. This information indicated the 9/11 attacks were organised by powerful people who control the American government and control various agencies within the American government.

A demolition expert stated the WTC Towers were brought down by planted explosives, not by the planes .... The Commander In Chief of the Russian Air Force stated the 9/11 attacks, as described by the US government and US media, were impossible .... etc. See more 9/11 information here: 9/11 Started The War On Truth

On 16th September, five days after 9/11, the Internet was abuzz as millions of people around the world discussed what the true facts about 9/11 indicated: (1) Governments and mainstream media lie to the people (2) A secret group of very powerful, heartless people control the world. Examining many of the discussions going on, I could see and also sense the possibility that millions of people were coming close to a critical point in a change of human consciousness... a world wake up point... a global Flash Point.


And then, several hours after seeing and feeling this wave of realisation building around the world, without any warning Israel suddenly started a vicious military attack on the village of Ramallah in Palestine, and immediately the money-stream media around the world focused humanity's attention on violence, sorrow, and frustration.... and the world wake up wave / Flash Point disappeared.

2017 .... For the past two to three months, many people have sensed humanity is getting very close to a major shift in awareness... an uplift shift in human consciousness and change of world paradigm.... and then, very suddenly, the weather all over the planet goes completely berserk.

Think about it. The whole world is being played. The present atrocious world weather is being created with powerful technology to divert our attention away from an approaching global shift in consciousness.


Join the Peaceful Revolution for Truth and Sanity on Earth

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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

The World Gathering For Truth is happening now wherever we are by our sharing with

others what we feel and think about life today, and by distributing information we believe

is important. Our individual and united actions will lead to a major world change.