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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

4 April 2018

Massive, Hidden / Covert Censorship of THE GATHERING on The 'Free' Internet

By Michael Irving, The Gathering, British Isles

I have not yet written this important news.

For the time being read this news article from 2017:

The Dark Forces And The Battle For The Internet



Also read the following important news article. I registered my second domain name in June 2007 - after being off the Internet for over 2 years - and, a few days later a psychiatrist visited me and so began a campaign of massive harassment by both so-called 'Mental Health' and the Police in the UK:


Michael Irving ~ 4 April 2018

Emails to me may not get through to me. But please try:

Email contact - hopefully - for Michael Irving




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Chief Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering



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The Gathering by Chief Sitting Bull



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The Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope



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The Gathering and 100th Monkey Effect



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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

The World Gathering For Truth is happening now wherever we are by our sharing with

others what we feel and think about life today, and by distributing information we believe

is important. Our individual and united actions will lead to a major world change.