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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

2 May 2018

STARDUST ~ A Fairy-Story For Adults

By Michael Irving

Transforming The World By Realising Who We Truly Are

Sent From Heaven To Michael Irving In The 1980s

AS A CHILD I had memories of far distant things and 'normal' life seemed confused and lonely to me. I remember I was visited by what we call 'Angels' ... glorious, radiant, beautiful Beings... some with wings, some without. I remember feeling a wonderfully deep closeness with these Beings of Light. All the time throughout my childhood I was surrounded by unseen friends. In difficult times of loneliness and confusion I would feel the presence of inner voices which gave me both strength and inner guidance.


My best friend and constant companion was Stardust, my white pony... light constantly sparkling from his eyes.


When I left school I went into the world of work and competition. This world felt even more strange to me than my childhood world... I could not understand why people did the things they did. I seemed to be searching.

I now had a beautiful cottage home in the hills and one day it dawned on me that Stardust had stopped ageing... he was getting younger!

At night under cloudless skies I felt an inner harmony with the Stars. Unusual but reassuring coloured lights and soothing humming tones could be seen and heard in our valley. Sometimes I would watch a Star to find it suddenly move off across the sky as if had been a Starship 'parked' in the sky.

When I was with Stardust he would whisper messages to me... "You remember our home in the sky... out there... a wonderful planet so peaceful with all our friends which we left to come on our mission to Earth... we are here for a purpose".

At this time I started to write my inner feelings and Stardust's messages down on paper to read to friends. I felt so much beauty inside and I saw so much confusion out in the world I desperately wanted to help dispel the ignorance and tell others about the beauty and truth we really are. So I started to have Gatherings at my little cottage and we would share our thoughts, feelings and Star messages... and songs and paintings... even dance to express our unfolding inner joy.

At night my spirit would leave my body and go to Stardust who, as I mounted his back, turned into a magnificent Pegasus with beautiful, white wings. We would fly through the starry night showering stardust down onto the peaceful homes of sleeping humanity helping them awaken to the Truth of who they are, knowing their lives would grow and improve the next day with more joy and self-understanding.


One morning I awoke feeling that in my sleep I had gone aboard a beautiful Spaceship which landed in Stardust's paddock. On board the Spaceship were beautiful fair-haired men and women with wise, love-filled countenances.

These Beings told me by telepathy they were from a part of the Universe where they heard of Earth's plight and they have come to help us. They cannot intervene directly because conditions on Earth today are humanity's lesson to learn and grow from. However, they and millions of other Beings in millions of other Spaceships from all over the Universe are constantly using the inner levels of consciousness to communicate ideas, feelings, music, projects and plans to many Star-humans who have retained their childhood gift of inner listening.

I found more and more I was meeting and hearing of people who were introducing ideas and projects on how to live more harmoniously... more effectively, how to remedy pollution, how to grow and cook more nourishing food, how to heal without the use of chemical medicine, how to create a new purpose and harmony in society.

Friends were creating exciting, colourful, inspiring new music... poetry, paintings, festivals, celebrations, seminars, plays, books... I felt a deep and common bond with people all over the world working towards something quite wonderful... following their inner blueprints... meeting at Gatherings to share ideas, to celebrate, to make plans...

One night when Stardust and I were flying over towns trailing stardust sparkles onto rooftops and sleeping humanity we soared away from the Earth and Stardust took me through galaxies until we started to drop down onto a glowing, beautiful planet in a Star system half way across the Universe from Earth - it felt like home. With great Joy I recognised friends I had to consciously forget as part of my agreement when I left this planet, my home, to go on my mission to Earth.

Earth cried for help... and Star Volunteers from all over the Universe went to Earth in their spirit form to be born into Earth life as normal Earth children. The Plan being to stay in quiet contact with their Star friends about the Earth in Spaceships and in subtle contact with their home Stars; until one day they would start to awaken within their Earth families and to begin to realise that they are something much, much more than they thought they were. The 'Starseed' children would feel deep, wonderful inner stirrings as a Light within begins to shine forth whispering to them the Truth of who they are, saying...


"NOW is the time to awaken... to come forth in all your splendour, O Star Child. Now is the time for our Plan to heal Earth. Now is the time to awake, O Lighted One, to spread harmony, healing, understanding, peace and love to all those around you. NOW is The Time. Be In Peace... We are with you".


The next morning, awakening from my journey to my home Star I felt as if I knew everything. My life took on a new meaning and I had from that day forth new confidence and a new determination. I could see through and beyond the confusion still common on Earth... I could see a Plan to heal the Earth and all humanity.

My days were filled with joy as I met with others who felt the same as I did... we shared our joy and by just looking into each other's sparkling eyes we could tell our friends knew the truth too.

My nights were filled with magic. Some nights I felt I was back on my home planet 'on leave' resting and being refreshed and reminded of Truths needed to take back to Earth. Other nights I was in my spirit form on Stardust's back soaring over towns all over the world sending the message to sleeping humanity down below me ...

"AWAKEN Brothers... AWAKEN Sisters... Remember who you are. Go forth in great joy and spread the Truth and Harmony you have within yourself to searching humanity... your Star friends are with you now always to inwardly help and guide you. Remember who you are. Go forth in Peace with confidence and know that we are with you. Remember the Plan to heal Earth... So be it... Be In Peace".


Some mornings I awoke feeling I had been at all night meetings with friends from all over the Universe but often I could not remember faces or remember what was discussed... I just had a deep inner glow of knowing I had been with friends I loved dearly.

Something was now happening to the Earth. Something wonderful... something which could not be stopped. The Earth was slowly and gently beginning to send out a New Light... blue... white... pink... and gold... and Star Brilliance... out into Space sending a new message out to Star systems everywhere in the Universe... something was happening.

One evening, from my cottage's upstairs bedroom, after seeing a glorious sunset and the Stars rise in a cloudless, deep blue sky, listening to the birds settling down for the night, and the whole, lush green valley quieten into the silence of night... I looked out onto the majestic, white form of Stardust quietly grazing in a pool of golden light in the paddock... I gazed up into the Heavens, as Starlight messages from home filled my eyes... my heart filled with a profound feeling of peace and love and infinite contentment at the mystery and joy of it all... my mind, without any attachment to an answer, asked: 'What is next in the Plan?' ... and immediately my whole Being was filled with an inexpressible amount of gratitude and love for the Creator of all this......


I went to bed and a warm, inner radiance soothed my whole Being as I felt the entire Universe whisper as One to me saying something so familiar.... something impossible to put into words.... it was more like a sound.... a tone.... a hum.... gently and peacefully my entire Being drifted off into the vast Universe......




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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

The World Gathering For Truth is happening now wherever we are by our sharing with

others what we feel and think about life today, and by distributing information we believe

is important. Our individual and united actions will lead to a major world change.