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World Gathering For Truth Is Now

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TRUTH and LOVE will lead us HOME

HOME has OM in the middle

The background audio to this webpage is this:


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Michael Irving, The Gathering, British Isles ~ 2018


OMming, and making any sounds we feel we need to make, such as groans even, help synchronise the mind and body and help us feel our Cosmic Home more clearly while we are on Earth.

MIX the groans... alternate them... with harmonic sounds ... and we can lift our energies. I find after a while of toning groans in various ways... I start to spontaneously make much more Harmonic tones.

Keep a copy of this ~ 7 Chakra Balancing ~ and tune in and tune up for a while after every time we sleep ....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8kwc1lkiAQ



The following audio is amazing for encouraging us to tone the cosmic sound OM / Aum and to help us feel harmonised with everything in Creation ~ especially trouble-free Creation away from the present big problems now happening on Earth which are pushing us to make a big leap forwards ~ and be stronger and clearer within ourselves .... Keep an eye out for David Hykes over-tone chanting recordings .... Wonderful:


Here is the 31 minute audio I have extracted from the above video .... I had this 'Current Circulation' album by David Dykes And The Harmonic Choir 30 years ago .... powerful energies for all of us .... http://worldgathering.net/sound/choirharmonic144.mp3


When you are making a strong OM tone, slowly move your mouth, tongue, etc., to gradually go through the 5 vowel sounds of .... A ... E ... I ... O ... U .... these five tones take us up and down the harmonic scale between our base chakra at the bottom of our spines to our crown chakra at the top of our heads.


Have fun. There are no rules; just see what harmonises your thoughts, tensions, and feelings; and find what works for you so that afterwards you feel better, and your mind is clearer and stronger.


Notice the over-tones happening? Over and above the lower / baser sound we are making, are higher pitched tones happening at the same time. Try moving your mouth and cheeks into different configurations, and hear the gentle and glorious over-tones reaching up to... Heaven.





The background audio to this webpage is this:

THE GATHERING ..... http://worldgathering.net


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Chief Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering



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The Gathering by Chief Sitting Bull



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The Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope



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The Gathering and 100th Monkey Effect



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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth


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