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Is 2008 Actually 2013?

'Is 2007 Actually 2012?', By Victoria Hardy, December 10, 2007


Is 2007 really 2012? Strange question to ask, but I have noticed that statement appearing more and more often. And although I do not believe everything I read, this idea captured my imagination. Time is an interesting concept, some say it is linear, others believe it is circular and still others believe that all time is Now. It can leave one a little confused.

I have to admit when I discovered the Mayan calendar I wondered how our calendars, which have been altered again and again throughout history, could match the Mayan dates? Were we changing our calendar to keep in tune with theirs? Did we adjust their calendar to fit ours? And if we did, how do we know no mistakes were made? Or perhaps, the band Chicago was correct after all and nobody really knows what time it is anymore.

Commercially the 2012 idea has been a success, movies have been made and products sold based on the theory that time, as we know it, ends on 12-21-2012. Googling '2012' will give about 12 million results and no, that is not an exaggeration. So it appears that millions are looking forward to the date with fear, excitement and longing, wishing for change that never seems to occur. Some believe we will ascend to the next dimension, others think it will be the time of the long awaited rapture and those that don't see themselves raptured or ascended, expect upheavals in the world that will make survival our biggest challenge.

I do not discount that these ideas may very well be truth and I believe that the earth is going to experience changes and those changes may be spiritual in nature. But I hesitate to fall in line with the 2012ers, because it is a broad path, very popular and very commercial. In this day and age, would truth be advertised and televised? Or is it a distraction? A date set in the future, surrounded by mystery and potential doom, an intriguing novel that takes years to unfold and an effective way to keep the masses looking in the wrong direction.

It has been my understanding that a celestial phenomenon brings the changes predicted for 2012, an alignment of the galactic center causing a reversal of the magnetic poles or a polar shift. The shift is natural and has happened periodically through the history of the earth, but how that has affected the inhabitants of the earth, no seems to know, it appears written records don't typically survive the occurrence. Of course there are hundreds of different theories as to what is supposed to occur on 12-21-2012 and I just pulled one of the many ideas out of the drawer to share as a possible scenario, but for all the catastrophic events rumored to transpire, all are said to be brought about by celestial circumstances.

Interestingly enough, that rare event may be happening this very month in the heavens. On December 23 many planets will be aligned along or near the galactic center, some have suggested the planets will form a cross with the sun in the middle, bringing forth all types of Christian imagery. This alignment of the planets is a very rare spectacle, of course planets align on occasion, but this event is almost a convergence of all planets near or along the galactic center.

2007 has been littered with galactic events, from Comets Mira, McNaught and the very strange, Holmes, to a grand conjunction unfurling in our skies on the winter solstice. We have been led to look at the year 2012 and that date has seeped into the mainstream consciousness, but what if it is wrong?


What if we have been led astray?


Of course, what is happening now could very well be the beginning of what will culminate in 2012, but even the 2012 experts have said they may be off 5 years in either direction, so could 2007 actually be 2012?






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