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Omega Point ~ Christmas 2008


The more we act from originality, say what we really feel to say, and spread data we believe may be important - the more we are breaking out of the control that has hammered life on Earth for so long.


This is a message to a news list I have run for just over 12 months. The article may seem long, but the people on the list don't know very much about me, and although I am exhausted from the permanent (since late in 2000) targeting on me of an unhealthy energy field, I felt I should say a bit about why the 'World Gathering' is here. The targeting field is done to try to silence me, so speaking up is one of the things I think I should do. ~ For some reason or other, after thinking about 'Omega' for about a week, I felt to call this message and article: 'Omega Point'.


Omega Point ~ Christmas 2008

I had around a dozen good and reasonable responses to the message I sent out a few days ago. I have replied to approx eight of those people so far. I hope I can write also to the other few.

What I didn't say, and many of you may not know, is that I have been continuously hit by some sort of aggressive, harassing energy field (type, I don't know, but I can tell you the bad effects) since late in October 2000.

Everything I do now is monitored. Some agency / group / force has been trying to remove me for a long time.

Many of the approximately 200 people on this News mailing list don't know me more than over the past few months.

After many years (commencing in 1981) of severe and strange harassment, and continuous remote-field targeting since late in 2000, I was made homeless, ill, exhausted and bankrupt by early in 2004.

A force trying to dominate the world knew who I was and what I was to try to do during this life right from the beginning. No-one has ever told me that, but it's not been too hard to figure out. This monitoring may, no doubt, apply to other people; but I am just covering my history here.

In early 1986, I was within fifty feet of three disc craft, in an experience that lasted around 30 minutes. This opened my mind and changed my life.

From 1981, I had periodical attacks to one of my eyes which lasted many weeks each time. My eye would go totally red, I'd be 95% blind in that eye, pain would course through my entire nervous system for up to seven weeks at a time. I believe this was my introduction to the bad forces that do not want humanity to break free.

In 1990, I had to fight the very strong impulse for several hours to go to the Bristol Suspension Bridge and jump off it. The 'bad guys' / bad forces again.

In May 1993, after a clairvoyant friend had predicted the exact meeting day a few weeks earlier, we rendezvoused with a disc craft slightly larger than the three craft in 1986. The craft flew right over us twice, at approximately 40 feet height. Back in touch with friends. Many more mind-expanding, good experiences happened through 1993.

After the amazing, wonderful contacts of 1993, I retreated to live in a forest in 1994; and spent the whole year mind-linking with those on the craft. More and more it has come to me that my closest friends - perhaps even my real family - are on those craft.  [See Robert Stanley: Humans On Craft]

However, yet again the bad forces were active. I held a gathering at my place out in the forest; but I was starting to feel I could not fully relate to anyone else, and it seemed this had been the case all my life. It never occurred to me at that time that my eye torture was done with implants and that using the same means my thoughts could be manipulated.

I thought I made an intellectual decision (but perhaps this decision was based on ideas which were being broadcast to my mind), and I tried to take my life with a large overdose of painkillers late in 1994. No good. When I awoke the next day, I was still alive.

A few weeks later I collected a larger amount of tablets and was just beginning to take them when there was a loud and insistent knocking on my door. A friend, in tears, who was part clairvoyant, said my soul twin (on one of the craft) had told her to rush to me to stop me.

In early 1995, I retreated to my home island, to my brother's house. I definitely felt a huge distance between my brother's family and myself. Even their youngest daughter Lucy, four or five years old, seemed to have been so thoroughly 'normally' coached to use her intellect to deny her real feelings, she, also, was not living in this life.

A totally-circular opening in the clouds, approx a mile diameter, happened one morning a few days after arriving at my brother's. I was certain benevolent ET was very close.

I couldn't stand it. Everyone I was meeting was lost from themselves. Bad forces were trying to destroy me at the earliest possibility (though, I didn't realise this until a few years later). And yet, up above, and very probably in bases on Earth, are lovely and loving human beings who can communicate anything they want to communicate. They have not been tutored to deny their prime feelings.

I filled a bath, got a long electric cable, got in the bath, said a prayer, then dropped the cable end into the water. Straightway the whole house went dark; the main fuse board had blown. I was still alive on the lost planet.

I wandered around on what seemed to be a foreign planet of lost souls for the next five years, 1995 to 2000. Nothing made sense. Everything was alien. Depression was everywhere... people moved around and acted as ghosts.

I wondered if I had died, and this was a hell I'd then fallen into. But it was normal, everyday life on Earth. I could tell everyone I met was unhappy; and very few people could express much of their feelings. Customers in my taxi would have deep conversations with me; but then the next time I saw them they seemed to veer away and avoid contact with me. Their deep feelings were too painful to stay in touch with for long.

Universal Intelligence / Spirit / God / Benevolent ET arranged, through my late Uncle Jack for me to inherit a fair amount of money in 1999.

Talking to so many people in my taxi, 1996 and 1997, I figured out in 1997 to 2000, that the world needed help. I started my 'fight back' in 1997. At night I drove my taxi to earn money and meet people, and through the day I spent the money printing free booklets to send around the world and placing the same ideas and information on the Internet. Such as the telepathic messages we had from the craft, and the Native American Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope.

Then the inherited money came.

In mid-summer 2000, under guidance, we (that's 'me', for practical purposes) started 'The World Gathering For Truth'.

I sent the first batch of 'Start of The World Gathering For Truth' emails out to 11,000 subscribers. The next day the underground phone cable up the hill to my flat blew up. Engineers took four days to dig a big trench and re-lay the phone cable. My PC was running bad. A PC mechanic came, and while I slept, he cleaned away the whole drive. Then his phone rang and he was told his sick mother in England was just about to die. I sympathised and said, I think it's important: please put my PC back together before you fly to England.

Dozens of emails started coming in. My main mail programme disappeared in the clean up - of course, so I used another email programme. Emails said their writers were sending 'The Start of the World Gathering for Truth' call to everyone they knew, including their bank managers and doctors. One man in California said he was forwarding The Gathering updates to over a million people.

Synchronistic things were happening. A lady wandering around the coast of the Mediterranean, desperately wanting to help, found a yacht with people onboard who had the Internet - they started sending out the messages. Indians arrived at a WGFT gathering in Georgia stated ancestors and guides had told them to attend. A woman in Costa Rica who wondered how she could support the August 17th gathering discovered a whole-island event, of a similar nature, was organised for the same week. Etc.

The start of the World Gathering for Truth was on 17th August, 2000.

This was more in line with the date given in the Rainbow Dream Vision, than to commemorate the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. However, as I had met Jose Arguelles, and probably under guidance, I tried to find Jose through 2000 to involve him and get his blessing. No luck.

No luck? Bad luck more like it. People's slowness at connecting with other people, aided and abetted by a lot of dark activity to try to keep us all apart. Read 'The dark energies surrounding you and your planet' in the ET ~ Chief Sitting Bull message.

On 25th October, 2000, in the evening, I felt a burning electrical-like field suddenly start to hit me - around and within my head, neck and shoulders. It stopped for 50 minutes - approx one year later. That short stoppage is one of many things which tell me the awful things that are happening to me (and to thousands of other targets worldwide) are artificial. And they are driven by an intelligence - or, I would prefer to say: driven by a lack of intelligence. This harassing field has been with me ever since late 2000, night and day, except for the 50-minute break in 2001.

This negative attention is a driving force: it tells me I must be doing something worthwhile. Another driving force which keeps moving me forwards is the positive input I get from others. And the other main driving force I have is from being in contact with our friends in the sky and seeing their vehicles so frequently. I am kept going by the deep feeling that life does NOT have to be the way it is today.

You can read about my meetings with three spacecraft, other craft, many unusual events, and happenings here: Meetings With Three Spacecraft

This - I believe - is an authentic, benevolent ET message:
Dark Energies Surrounding You And Your Planet

The more we act from originality, say what we really feel to say, and spread data we believe may be important - the more we are breaking out of the control that has hammered life on Earth for so long.

If you would like to send this 'Omega Point' message on to anyone else, please do.  Have a good Christmas.

Michael Irving - Email contact

Scotland, British Isles ~ 23rd December, 2008

World Gathering For Truth ~ http://worldgathering.net


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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher