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A Human Being Speaks Up on 'ET'

and 'The Powers That Be'

This is a featured letter at author, Robert Stanley's website.
Robert Stanley is author of, 'Close Encounters On Capitol Hill'
See WGFT News: People / Human Beings On Spacecraft



Gina has made an excellent statement. Editor: Can't we take government away from a few, big egos - who are destroying us and the world - and place government in the hands of the people? ~ It's time for the people.


Dear Mr. Stanley,

While it is not completely clear when the "leadership" of the United States and its related activities with extraterrestrials began to be hidden from the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, it is clear when this country lost its way.

While you are addressing the issue of extraterrestrials, it is wise to discuss the fact that the United States ceased to be a Constitutional Republic shortly after the Civil War. At that point, the Southern states were asked to ratify a treaty that negated the Constitution for all intents and purposes and placed the United States under a system of Maritime law and UCC code [Ed: I think this is 'Uniform Commercial Code'.]

[Michael Irving, WGFT editor: I want to ask Gina about Martial Law. William Cooper states martial law orders for the Civil War were never cancelled; they still stand. Further, in 1990 a law was sneaked through Congress in the middle of the night which allows the President to make laws whose details do not have to be disclosed to the government or the people: NSD / NSDD / National Security Decision directives.]

This move gave the President and Congress the power to conduct business as would any corporation. (Incidentally, a corporation was formed in Delaware to take the place of the government that had existed prior to the Civil War). These actions were later solidified under the Administrative Act of 1955.


The ironic fact in all of these clandestine peregrinations in government are null and void for two reasons:

1) The treaty forced upon the Southern States that required all the states to renounce their sovereignty in lieu of a hegemonic FEDERAL government and a large number of the Southern states refused to ratify the agreement;

2) The UCC which most judges now use as the basis of their rulings REQUIRES that BOTH parties to any contract be fully aware a) that a contract is being created with specificity as to parties, obligations, considerations etc. and that both parties AGREE to all the specific provisions of said contract.


Since the people of the United States were never apprised of the fact that a contract was being created between their elected officials and themselves that altered the nature of the United States from a Constitutional Republic to something more akin to that of a mortgage holder and a mortgagee (the US citizenry), such a contract was never agreed to by the citizens that it attempted to bind.

The people responsible for such horrors are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and their sycophants. These same people, including David Rockefeller who it is rumored to have stated that he "represented the Earth" in negotiations with Extraterrestrials, have used their knowledge of the existence of ETs and ET technology for personal enrichment and to the detriment of the world.

Obviously, I do not think that you should bring all these issues to the forefront. However, it is very clear to me that disclosure must be accompanied by a complete repeal of all the laws erected to prevent humanity from participating in decisions relating to Exo-relations.


If, as has been alleged, our government gave permission to extraterrestrials to take human beings for use as laboratory animals, this violates the spirit upon which 'civilization' defines itself. It makes some humans less human than others and this is something that we had supposedly eliminated in the debate over slavery.

Laws and bureaucracy that existed to camouflage the existence of ETs or to prevent the dissemination of their technology, wisdom and/or knowledge to humanity should never have been permitted in the first place. Since such projects appear to have existed, the second act of real change on this topic must be to investigate and dismantle secret projects that are not in the best interests of all humanity.


3) Any activities that have served to pollute the earth with technologies detrimental to humanity and the earth's fauna and flora or to enslave mankind must be quashed completely.

4) Any group that took advantage of the situation such as has been suggested with the Majestic 12 group should be forced to disgorge the profits of their illegal and treacherous behavior.

5) Interactions with ETs must be assessed and made public so that everyone can decide with whom humanity wants to react. The truth is: that in some of the interactions rumored, humanity would have been better served by less intelligent, much more loyal humans who would not be as concerned with getting their hands on weapons with which to conquer the world as they would have worried over the safety of the common man.


Regardless of what many might think, I believe that the common man has been the source of many of our greatest achievements. It was the common men in Rome who became martyrs to a new religion that venerated humanity over the individual and the pursuit of lucre.

It was a slave woman who patented the wringer washer and freed women from onerous work. It was common farmers who created plows, harvesters and tools for farming. It was a woman that developed the cotton gin and saved the hands of slaves and sharecroppers.

Creativity, for the most part, has sprung from the minds and hands of those who were well-enough acquainted with work to make improvements. Common people are the first to give to others and the first to lend a hand in crisis.

With few exceptions, this human tendency was demonstrated on 9/11 when firemen, policemen, office workers and bystanders helped to save victims and others as the towers collapsed .... as this was occurring, President Bush was flying around the country in the Presidential jet. Congress cowered underneath the capitol and the "elite" did nothing to help the people of New York or the United States that day. (yes, I know that it was a put-up job, but all the more reason for helping).

There are few bankers, lawyers or members of royalty who have created anything other than maps, wars and boundaries ... yet they are the first to dismiss the people who do the actual work. The same may be said of the military which refers to the loss of innocent human life as "collateral damage."

Personally, I don't want any of the current "Powers-That-Be" to represent me to anybody let alone beings from other worlds. In my experience, those who crave power the most are the least capable of wielding it justly and fairly.

For this reason, I do not want to see interaction with extraterrestrials to be limited to those who view themselves as the "best equipped" or most knowledgeable. The more people interacting with ETs, the wider the perspective upon them and the better the judgments about how to interact with them will be.

Sincerely, Gina


Gina's letter is here: http://www.unicusmagazine.com/response2.htm


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"This nation shall have a new birth of freedom. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people." - Abraham Lincoln


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