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'Chemtrails' - Short Radio Interview




A short interview on 'Chemtrails', chemical spraying, on the
Isle of Man's 'Manx Radio' on in October, 2003.


Are we being sprayed with chemicals?

Stuart Peters interviews Michael Irving.


Click here to listen to the interview: chemtrails



The original interview broadcast by Stuart Peters closed with brief comments by Martin Blackburn of the Island's Civil Defence. Martin essentially said there was no evidence, and that he had lived on the Island all his life and not noticed anything unusual.


I think it is quite possible Mr Blackburn had never heard of the deliberate release of chemicals by jet aircraft until Stuart Peters briefly described the situation to him just prior to this interview.


If that is the case, which I believe it approximately is, Martin Blackburn was probably not aware of the colossal amount of information on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of websites, dating back over the past five years. Regarding Mr Blackburn stating he has noticed nothing unusual, I would probably say the same if I had not read numerous reports on 'Chemtrails' on the Internet in the summer of 2000. If I had not seen this alarming information, I would perhaps think increasing chronic illness, of an allergy type, was a normal trend. I might also have thought the huge mess of trails, from planes, coming down to extremely low altitude (i.e. ground level) was also normal. However, it is a very simple jump in understanding to consider that very messy skies produced by planes (which is a new thing over the past few years) may be the cause of the allergy and respiratory illnesses, etc., which have increased over approximately the same time scale.


Further, when you compare the Internet's information providing chemical analysis of what is falling through our skies only from certain jet planes; with the reported dangers to health of these chemicals and substances; and with the varieties of illnesses increasing in incidence and virulence in people around us, and perhaps to ourselves, the picture begins to emerge that there really is something quite dangerous intentionally being released from certain aircraft.




Explanation of the two distinct events we can see

happening in the above photograph:


1) The two, thick and massive 'X" lines are deliberately sprayed 'CHEMTRAILS', falling way down in altitude - keen observation will show these powdery particles coming right down to ground level.


2) The thin, white streak (at high altitude, which is where natural contrails almost always stay because the rapidly disappearing white line is made up of small ice crystals and quickly melt as they descend in altitude) is a 'natural' CONTRAIL.