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Draft Of Top Secret UFO Memo - Now Public

Through the diligent research efforts of York University researcher Nick Balaskas, a draft of the original "Project Magnet" Top Secret Memo has been recovered from the Archives at the University of Ottawa. It adds important information to the Wilbert Smith UFO research efforts for the Canadian government.

The Balaskas discovery not only backs up the contents of what was found in the Project Magnet Top Secret document declassified by the Canadian government in 1979, it adds two new pages to the three researchers were already aware of.

Wilbert Smith, Senior Radio Engineer in the Canadian Department of Transport, wrote the original Top Secret memo to his superiors in November 1952. The memo was the beginning of the Canadian government official program (Project Magnet) to investigate flying saucers. Wilbert Smith headed up that investigation from December 1950 to August 1954.

The existence of the Top Secret draft in the Wilbert Smith UFO files is part of the reason that the Canadian government was forced to declassify the Top Secret Memo held in their files.

Wilbert Smith left the draft in the files to give future researchers the truth of what had actually happened in the early days of government investigation into flying saucers. Dying of cancer, Smith made arrangement with his wife to hide the files so they would survive his death. "They will be coming to recover them," he told his wife Murl.

As Smith predicted, the Canadians, Americans, and Soviets approached Mrs. Smith requesting the files for research purposes. Mrs. Smith told all callers she no longer had the files. After a number of break-ins that might have been linked to the search for the files, the files were passed on to Arthur Bray, a local Ottawa researcher, who held them quietly for over two decades.

Bray was aware of the Top Secret memo draft, but was unable to say anything because the copy in the Smith files was still marked Top Secret. Bray held a Navy security clearance and was forced to remain quiet.

Bray, aware of what was in the files, did however lead the charge to force the government to release all the "Project Magnet" files held by the government. He wrote letters to government ministers and officials telling them where the files would be found.

The "Project Magnet" Top Secret memo is the key document in the large Smith collection of UFO material, now stored in the archives at the University of Ottawa. In the memo, Smith outlined five key items about flying saucers that he had discovered while in discussions with top U.S. officials working on the flying saucer problem. These were:


1) The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher than even the H-bomb.

2) Flying saucers exist.

3) Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Vannevar Bush.

4) The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.

5) The United States authorities are investigating along quite a number of lines, which might possibly be related to the saucers such as mental phenomena.




Project Magnet - Secret

The two newly discovered pages of the November 1952 memo are titled "Project Magnet" and are classified in the draft as "Secret." The new pages read as follows:


Project Magnet - Secret


This project is for the purpose of studying magnetic phenomena, particularly those phenomena resulting from unusual boundary conditions in the basic electromagnetic field. There is reason to believe their discovery will open up a new and useful technology.


The initial organization shall be as small as practical and composed of personnel who are used to working together, including so far as possible a variety of research abilities. Laboratory facilities are to be drawn from existing facilities so far as possible. Overall responsibility for the project shall rest with the engineer-in-charge, who shall delegate such responsibility to subordinates as maybe required to carry out the project.


The initial program shall include the following avenues of investigations, to which others may be added from time top time as may appear expedient.

1. Theoretical study of electromagnetic radiation assuming boundary conditions different from those upon which the conventional theory was developed.

2. Laboratory study of mechanical forces associated with electron drift and electric currents in metallic masses.

3. Theoretical and laboratory study of magnetic domain resonance conditions in magnetic materials.

4. Investigation of the propagation of magnetic wave motion in magnetic materials.

5. Investigate the possibility of producing, an effect, a "sink" in a magnetic field.

6. Investigate the possibility of producing, in effect, single isolated magnetic poles.

7. Investigate the effects of a magnetic field on a rotating curviplaner metallic object.



Full coordination is to be maintained, within security regulations, with other groups working on a parallel or associated problems. Project reports will be available on a classified basis to suitably accredited groups of individuals.


As in the case with most fields of research, it is impossible to assess the results in advance, which might be obtained through this project. However, there exist certain suspicions that the lesser-known and little explored aspects of magnetism may hold the key to a new and significant technology. Consequently, it is intended to classify this work in it entirety until such time as it can be assessed for its impact on our civilization.

Top Secret Draft





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