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THE GATHERING by Chief Sitting Bull
The Native American Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope
Operation Tell The Truth - Sir George Trevelyan & Michael Irving

Scholars Repudiate Official Version of 9/11 ~ Scholars For 9/11 Truth

Claim government's account violates laws of physics and engineering

ET Contacts And Sightings By Astronauts

1993: Confrontations (ET-Alien / Human) In The North Atlantic

This War On Terrorism Is Bogus ~ By Michael Meacher, Member of Parliament, UK

'Vaccination' Information Breakthrough by Zulu Shaman, Credo Mutwa

'Crop Patterns' - The Amazing Shapes In The Fields

Free Energy: 'Extraordinary Research' ~ By David Ash

ET Message, UK TV, 1977: 'Listen To The Voice of Truth Which Is Within'

1952 Top Secret UFO Memo: 'FLYING SAUCERS EXIST'

Fifty, Long, Unnecessary Years Of Depression ~ By Mark Burdman, for EIR

"Final, Decisive Battle Between Good and Evil" ~ Hopi Elder, Dan Evehema

The Three Helpers Of Humanity ~ Hopi Prophecy

Living Versus Denial / The Hundredth Monkey ~ By Michael Irving

It Is Time To Light A Global Truth Beacon ~ By Michael Irving

A Key To The World Situation:
The 100th Monkey Effect ~ By Lyall Watson

World Held Back For 50 Years ~ By Michael Irving, Editor of Inspiring Times

The Basis of The Problem of Inaction ~ By Michael Irving
9/11 Was A Hoax ~ By John Kaminski
Vatican Admits On National TV That ET Contact Is Real


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