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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

Sir George Trevelyan - Man of Vision and Inspiration

Something Extraordinary Is Happening



"We are in the second renaissance. In the first, our European ancestors explored the seas and discovered new continents. In this, our present age, we are setting out to explore the cosmos and reality."

~ Sir George Trevelyan, 1906-1996 ~


'Operation Redemption' by Sir George Trevelyan


Listen to speeches by Sir George Trevelyan

Operation Redemption - Sir George Trevelyan - 12 minutes: Listen

Sir George Trevelyan recites 'A Sleep of Prisoners' - 2 minutes: Listen

'Something Extraordinary Is Happening Now' - 1 minute: Listen


'A Sleep of Prisoners' by Christopher Fry

One of the favourite poems recited by Sir George Trevelyan.

"The frozen misery of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move."



'Something Extraordinary Is Happening'

"We are talking about the emergence of a different world view in our time. This is a phenomenon that is happening during your generation. It's the most curious, the most extraordinary thing. This is not somebody's thought out idea; this is not an intellectually conceived hope of improving society or anything like that. Something extraordinary is actually happening inside our thinking. There has really been a turn-about in the centre of human consciousness." ~ Sir George Trevelyan

Listen to Sir George: Something Extraordinary


Click on this image for a much larger image:

The Earth



With increasing sightings, worldwide, of anomalous craft in our skies, in the following speech Sir George's recommendation to 'Look Up' is timely. A strong recollection this editor has of Sir George Trevelyan is he knew, or felt, much more than he spoke about. ~ WGFT editor

~ ~ ~   ~ ~ ~   ~ ~ ~

The Coming, in whatever form it may take, is imminent, and is agreed by all the different teachers and seers who are attuned to the higher planes:




It is for us to awaken.

The transformation of man is taking place and is palpably accelerating. If we can but attune inwardly, dedicate ourselves to service of the Divine Will and open the heart to the Christ Impulse, then there is no cause for worry. The only real source for anxiety would be that we slept through these events and failed to see what is afoot. So, like the Wise Virgins, let us keep our lamps trimmed. Individual human initiative is clearly the essential factor, since spiritual impulses will not violate our free will. The inner dedication achieved, then we may move forward into the unknown, certain that we are being guided through apocalyptic days and that beyond tribulation a new society is coming to birth.

We are co-creators of that which truly is the Body of Christ. This is the New Jerusalem. And the change of consciousness could come ‘in the twinkling of an eye’.


Sir George Trevelyan, Bt.



Sir George, to illustrate the points he made, included many

quotations and poems in his numerous public speeches.

Here are two of his most repeated poems:


"The enterprise is exploration into God.

Where are you making for?

It takes so many thousand years to wake...

But will you wake, for pity's sake?"

~ Christopher Fry ~


"Awake, awake, the world is young,

For all its weary years of thought.

The starkest fights must still be fought,

The most surprising songs be sung."

~ James E. Flecker ~


To support Sir George Trevelyan's statement - 'Something Extraordinary Is Happening' - here are some of the words from Peter Gabriel's song (see News 33) 'More Than This':


"I walked until I couldn't walk any more to a place I'd never been.
There was something stirring in the air in front of me.

I could see ... more than this .... so much more than this.
There is something else there; it's coming through, and more than this.

Much more than this; way beyond imagination."

~ Peter Gabriel ~



Sacred Power Centres ~ Hills and People


Sir George Trevelyan prepared people for the dramatic time in which we now live; during which the destiny of humanity may be decided. The unfolding drama became apparent as the 1990s progressed; and became obvious in the first years of the new millennium when the toxic and poisonous Chemtrail spraying programme began causing global alarm, and the NWO's '9/11' deception and fake 'War On Terror' swung into operation. ~ There is no doubt there is natural power in the land and in the hills; as Sir George describes in this next piece. Sir George used analogy and subtle suggestion frequently. World events have shot us and the world ahead since Sir George's prime years of public lecture in the 1950s to 1980s. Therefore, in this next piece, called 'Network of Sacred Sites', let us regard that what is now most important for the world are 'Human Power Centres'. Where Sir George suggests power leaping from hill to hill, let us also increase our efforts to communicate important facts, feelings, and information, from one person to another. ~ WGFT editor




~ Sir George Trevelyan ~

The spiritual light and Earth power stored at the ancient temples like Stonehenge and Glastonbury is there and waiting for release. The Holy Mountains are veritable store-houses of spiritual power, guarded by Angelic Beings and waiting to be tapped and used in the service of Michael.

We may look down and with inner vision link St. Michael’s Mount, Skirrid, Wrekin, the Eildon Hills, Glastonbury Tor, Malvern, Tryfaen, Schiehallion. There are many more and new ones to find and, through suitable pilgrimage, to activate.

We may compare this network to a great electric grid. If, metaphorically, the cosmic switch were thrown, power would instantly flood throughout the land. Imagine that, as you watch, this happens. Even give it a count-down:

Five... four... three... two... one… NOW!


Editor: 200 million aware people ... 500 million aware people ...

1 billion aware people ... 2 billion aware people ... NOW!






~ ~ ~   ~ ~ ~   ~ ~ ~

I think Sir George would be delighted with the inclusion of this last piece to encourage the importance of human-to-human communication for the destiny of the world ... the network of Human power centres:


DECIDE TO NETWORK ~ By Dr Robert Muller

Use every letter you write, every conversation you have, every meeting you attend to express your fundamental beliefs and dreams.


Affirm to others the vision of the world you want.


Network through thought, network through action, network through love, network through spirit.


You are the centre of a network. You are the centre of the world.


You are a free and immensely powerful source of life and goodness. Affirm it, spread it, radiate it. Think day and night about it, and you will see a miracle happen: the greatness of your own life.


In a world of big powers, media and monopolies... but of seven billion individuals networking is the new freedom, the new democracy, a new form of happiness.

Dr Robert Muller ~ Formerly of the United Nations





Free materials for download ~ Find out about Sir George Trevelyan

Books, writing, speeches, etc., by Sir George Trevelyan; writing about Sir George Trevelyan; photographs; etc.; are available (FREE) at the excellent archive and commemorative website for Sir George at this link:



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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because

if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher