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ATLANTIS FOUR - by Jose Arguelles
From the book ‘Surfers of the Zuvuya’

This thing we’re living through, it’s the last Atlantis.
The fourth one. There’s major amnesia about it. So we
just keep on creating it, unconsciously though.


That’s the problem… unconscious… no memory. That’s why we’ve got these AA groups now… Atlantean Amnesiacs. It’s true. That is what’s really behind AA: Atlantean Amnesiacs. People hiding out, boozing and drugging, denying memories, because there’s no safe place to remember.


But after this fourth Atlantis – there can’t be any more Atlantises, at least not on this planet. The options have been used up. That’s a big point to remember.


This third Atlantis was underwater. Big crystal domes under the Atlantic Ocean. That’s connected with the Bermuda Triangle. That is the remnants of the third Atlantis’ interdimensional zone. Underwater they had good communication with the dolphins. Those dolphins originally came from the Sirius star system.


This time around the Atlanteans got themselves into some deep trouble. They started to live in disregard of Cosmic law… fooling around with the laws of nature.  [World-Action: OH! OH! Ring any bells for where the world is now?]


That is called disconnecting information and wisdom.


Even worse than that they got into power games [Oh! Oh!]. Some people were tricked into giving their power away [Oh! Oh!]. When that started to happen, they got into the worst… people imposing their will over others [Oh! Oh!].


That is the big Cosmic infringement… the control game.


Well, that was the end…. that spelt doom.


Will over nature, and, will over others.  That will do it every time. That is what we are doing down here, day in day out in every way we can – from the cradle to the grave.


By this time, the 144,000 had forgotten their mission. Things were bad. The last king of Atlantis was a man named Markus Morpheus. During his reign they used drugs to keep people disempowered [Oh! Oh!]. And they had crystal devices, like walkman hand-sets, which they used to keep people under control.  


CONTROL. That’s the biggie. Control.

Do you ever notice how that’s the button, the
control button, that really keeps things seething?

Nobody wants to give up control.


(As I thought about this question, an uneasiness overcame me. My solar plexus got that tight feeling - my button was pushed. I felt it…. the struggle to maintain control - but - control over what? And for what reason? Protection and control and defence and punishment. All these things merged into the dark web of driven confusion called ‘modern life’)


So the third Atlantis blew – and it blew big…. cataclysm…. bad scene to the maximum. All the crystal bubbles shattered. The oceans heaved. The land shook. It sank to the bottom of the sea.  That was Plato’s Atlantis – gone!


The rest is history – at least until now – and maybe now, the history is over.


So, what happens now?

Where are the Atlanteans?  How do we get our memory back?


Do the Atlanteans still remember that they are the Atlanteans?
Are the Maya coming back?  Are they behind the UFOs?


...… my mind was a welter of images, of underwater cities slowly swept and reshaped by deep tidal sands, and of metallic discs… UFOs… buzzing and sweeping the planet’s amnesia wracked reality…..


There are Atlanteans living everywhere. What we have got to do now is remember who we are, what we have to do next and get back into ACTION.


In evolution comes a time when ALL advance

TOGETHER, or, none advance at all.


Jose Arguelles


The Final Battle ...... Human Angels Now On Earth


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