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The Hopi Message to the World



The Hopi Message to the World


By Michael Irving of WGFT


I met Thomas Banyacya in early 1987. I had just driven off the reservation, and was more or less taken back onto Hopi lands, and one of the key things that then happened over the next couple of days was being taken to meet Thomas. Thomas Banyacya had been selected by the Hopi to take the Hopi message of warning to the 'House of Mica / Glass' on the eastern seacoast of North America. Thomas discovered the House of Mica to be the United Nations building in New York.


When I had arrived on the outskirts of the westernmost Hopi settlement, three days before, the son of Qwa David stopped my car, and invited me to come and meet Qwa David, and later to go to the Kiva. In the Kiva, when the dozen or so men standing in a crescent-shaped line turned around 180 degrees, I pretty well fell off my seat. Later I seemed to get the message that what I saw was that events on Earth could be turned around from the course of disaster we are presently on, to a good direction.



I have always felt, since approximately that time, early 1987, that my main purpose is to try and help the world take the good turning, as seen in the Hopi Kiva ceremony. In effect, to help carry on the work Thomas Banyacya was dedicated to; the same work many are today dedicated to.


What I am writing to you about is the evident fact that a specific, large fleet of many hundreds of aircraft is right now carrying out a programme of saturating the United Kingdom, the USA, and dozens of other countries, with a spray mixture that appears to contain both biological agents and toxic chemicals.


Where the Book of Revelation describes a mixture being dropped on the Earth ("the sting is in their tails", just like the 'sting' comes out at the tails of the spraying aircraft) and causing a great dying - this is it.


This is the so-called, 'Chemical Trail' spraying, 'Chem Trails', or 'Chemtrails'.


There seems to be substantial warning of this mass, intentional poisoning in Hopi teachings.


For several weeks, usually in the night, around the year 2000, I kept getting the feeling I had to go and look at a Hopi website, a website I had not visited for some time. Eventually I followed the intuition, and I found these words by Hopi elder Dan Evehema:

"We will see... mist... as a warning... telling us that people of all colour must unite and arise for survival, and that we must uncover the causes of our dilemmas."


I have always felt this to be the final Hopi warning to Humanity.



It is reported Hopi elder Dan Evehema has also said this:

"The time will come when from the earth will arise a mystic fog which will dilute the minds and hearts of all people."


More and more people are experiencing mists and fogs, and rains and storms, that are full of unpleasant smells: odours of chemicals, pesticide-like smell, and so on.


At the same time, many types of illness are increasing.


All year round, this writer hears large numbers of people coughing and sneezing in a highly severe way, and their condition often drags on, and on, with little or no improvement.


Large numbers of people seem tired, irritable, depressed, low in energy and vitality, and often seem to be unhelpful and argumentative. That is how we become when we are fighting for our health and constantly feel 'under the weather'.


The significant and main cause, surely, is the global 'Chemtrails' spraying programme.


Crazy Horse warned of trails in the sky that would cause 'The Great Dying'.


Plagues falling out of the sky, that have come from vials or bowls (test-tubes? mixing vats?), are described in the Book of Revelation as causing immense illness and death across the Earth.


The Book of Revelation says that the things in the air that deliver these plagues and poisons will have "the sting" in "their tails". This matches what the hundreds of aerosol-spray aircraft are doing. The new type of voluminous trail, gushing out from only certain aircraft, spread out in a highly extended and noticeable manner. This new type of on-off/intermittent (surely the pilots don't switch their jet engines off for 30 seconds or so?), massive plane trail was never really seen before the late 1990s.


It seems that this callous poisoning of humanity by aircraft releasing noxious substances on us will only be stopped by a united effort of all peoples, saying:

"This MUST stop"

The recommendation of this article is: 'Unite for survival'


Michael Irving, World-Action & World Gathering

Scotland, British Isles, 2017






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The Hopi Message to the World