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There are two worlds in conflict. One world has truth and honesty compromised for various reasons. In the other world, truth and honesty are paramount. The Hopi Indians talk of two routes humanity may take at this time: one going nowhere, and the second going to a fruitful life for everyone. As we are seeing today, truth and honest endeavour have almost sunk into obscurity, and at the same time the world is becoming more dangerous.


After the second World War, at a time of possible great promise, the world took a dark turn... power and development of technology became consolidated in the hands of a few people.


President Eisenhower gave this warning in his retirement speech in 1961:

"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence,

whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger

our liberties or democratic processes."

Two years later, in 1963, President Kennedy made this

startling declaration just 10 days before he was murdered:

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot

to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave

office I must inform the citizen of his plight."

Sir George Trevelyan ....

The enterprise is exploration into God.
Where are you making for? 
It takes so many thousand years to wake... But will you wake, for pity's sake?



  Awake, awake, the world is young, for all its weary years of thought. The starkest fights must still be fought, the most surprising songs be sung.




"We are in the second Renaissance. In the first, our European ancestors

explored the seas and discovered new continents. In this, our present age,

we are setting out to explore the cosmos and reality." - Sir George Trevelyan

Sir George Trevelyan - Man of Vision and Inspiration

Sir George Trevelyan: Redemption of The Planet

This exploration - of reality and the cosmos - has been held up for approximately

sixty years because the world is not told the truth on many subjects.






All main, modern media - worldwide - is owned by just a very small number of people. The degree of accuracy and truthfulness in the media today is probably the same as, or perhaps worse than, in 1880 when John Swinton, an award-winning journalist, said this:

"If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper,

before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone".


We are not being told the full truth




I suspect that nearly everyone is concerned about and suspicious of the direction life has taken over the past two to three decades. Because, for a very long time main media has not faithfully reported the concerns of the average human being, the gulf is now huge between the real world of our hopes and worries, and the fake world of government and industry influenced main media. The split between the real world and the fake world has been fully exploited by the world's power elite - and we are now in a very dangerous situation.


Buckminster Fuller, designer of the Geodesic Dome, said: "The world is now too dangerous for anything less than Utopia".  It really is time now to make a definite bid for Utopia, because the world is becoming very, very dangerous. Our future depends on how many people are willing to step forward and act. Several million people worldwide have begun to act with integrity and determination. Will YOU join them?


Vital data, collected from hundreds of different, impressive sources on

the Internet, which you really should KNOW about, and ACT on:





Have you noticed the increase in vague and debilitating illnesses since around 1993? And have you noticed that the contrails of planes often no longer quickly disappear a short distance behind jet aircraft, but instead linger, spread out, descend in altitude and create a very messy and vague cloud cover? This is the aerial spraying of particles of Barium and Aluminium - termed 'Chemtrails' - which has been happening since around 1993. Barium and Aluminium are toxic to life, and the spraying of Chemtrails is becoming a very serious situation. The amount of spraying began to considerably increase between 1998 and 2000, and is now very high.


Apart from the serious effect these toxins are having on human, animal, and vegetable life, a very important matter is that we are being deprived of our rights, and are being abused in a massive manner.


In the matter of Chemtrails (and many other areas of life today) we are being treated as idiots who have no rights. Government departments in the USA, UK, and other countries, will not answer enquiries into what the heck is going on. Research indicates that patents have been taken out for plans to reflect 1% of sunlight, by these sprayings, to reduce 'Global Warming'. However, evidence suggests that these massive aerial sprayings are actually trapping heat, and are increasing ambient Earth temperatures.


After seventeen years of research, I have come to this conclusion:

(1) Chemtrails ARE definitely being distributed worldwide,
(2) Large numbers of people, animals, trees, etc. ARE dying,
(3) Chemtrail spraying must be STOPPED.


The only way to stop this worldwide spraying is for large numbers of people to get involved in stopping the mad machine - If we do not get large numbers of people involved, Chemtrail spraying will not stop, and there will be continued great loss of life.






The strangely elected (he was not elected, but gained office on a technicality) President Bush was adamant there would be no investigation into the outrageous attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in September 2001. And when you know what myself and several million other people know, you will understand why Bush did not want an investigation.


'9-11' was an American inside job, and was planned and executed by the mafia-like, rich elite within the USA who have been controlling America approximately since the time of Eisenhower's and Kennedy's warnings, in the very early 1960s, and possibly since soon after World War II.


What I need to tell you is that the world has been going badly off course for around sixty years. We do know that non-polluting 'Free Energy' was developed around 60 years ago, but has been withheld from general use. The power elite of the world want to control power generation.


That takes me to 'Oil'. The government of Afghanistan turned down requests for an American pipeline across Afghanistan shortly before '9-11'. The plans for the invasion of Afghanistan were begun some time before '9-11' happened.


Evidence shows there were no hi-jackers on the planes, and the planes were taken over by sophisticated remote-control. And this is just where the evidence that '9-11' was an American inside job begins. So, the 'War On Terror' is phony, and the 'Axis of Evil' actually begins in America - with possible British complicity - for instance: Tony Blair surely knew the truth about '9-11'.


Search the Internet for thousands of websites giving

information on '9-11 Truth'; and see: 9-11 Information







IF there is to be a global plan of action against terrorism, it must be based on clear and proven foundations, and carried out with the pure aim of making the world a safer place for all to live. The present 'War On Terror', recently begun by the Bush Administration of the USA, is founded on the completely unproven assertion that the outrageous attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were planned by people foreign to the United States of America, and who lived outside the U.S.A.


On the contrary, since Sept. 2001, hundreds of substantial pieces of data have been assembled by numerous investigators worldwide, which clearly indicate that the atrocities of Sept. 2001 were completely organised and carried out by people WITHIN the highest echelons of the Bush Administration and by powerful associates of the Bush Administration.


If YOU are concerned for the future of the world, please FORWARD to as many people as possible, information which uncovers the truth of September 11, 2001. It is imperative that the true facts of September 11, 2001, are now brought to public attention, for the future and safety of the whole world.





I was going to omit this topic - but if we are going to cover the truth of what is happening today, we have to include this topic. There has been huge propaganda for sixty years to ridicule and cover over this subject. When there is a vast cover-up, you know there is a very important subject - and this subject is as important as the three main topics mentioned above.


A great pioneer of progressive thought in the British Isles, and worldwide, Sir George Trevelyan, said: "We are in the second Renaissance. In the first, our European ancestors explored the seas and discovered new continents. In this, our present age, we are setting out to explore the cosmos and reality".  Part two of Sir George's exploration has been held up - and it has been held up for over 60 years. Don't you think it is time we left the wilderness, and set our sights on achieving - as Buckminster Fuller said - Utopia on Earth?


For those who would like to keep to a neat 'BBC' world, I have to tell you, we are not alone in the Universe. And this fact could be very advantageous considering the mounting problems we have on Earth. I think we have to come of age, and solve our main global problems ourselves. Practical logic tells us, God or ET or Angels would have intervened by now if it was within their remit to do so. Therefore, it looks like it is up to us - at least for the time being.


In the Book of Revelation, there clearly appears to be an intervention, either from higher evolved forces, or perhaps by other folks who inhabit our galaxy or the universe along with us. An Angel in the Sun, and an Angel with the Moon at her feet, call Humanity to gather together. This gathering of humanity becomes a number which "cannot be counted".





It is Time To ACT Now - And DO What We Can


Since 1997, I have distributed key information on the Internet to large numbers of people, and feel I am part of a fellowship of several million people who are doing all they can to wake the world up and solve the problems infront of us. Further to these 'several million', there are probably a few hundred million people who WANT to change the world. The more who start, the more others will also start. A journey starts with the first step - if you have not started, all you need to do is start.


The first thing you can do is to quickly check this information - if you do not have access to the Internet at home, a few hours spent at a public place where the Internet is available is well worth the time. Search for 'Chemtrails' and '9-11 Truth'.  And ask for books on these subjects at bookshops.


The second thing you can do is speak. That's how things change: by people talking about them, expressing their feelings and thoughts on issues, and by passing on information. In the old days, all news happened by people talking to each other. It has possibly been a big mistake to centralise the distribution of news and information into the hands of just a few people. People Power. Take your power back. Help the media and government get it right - by being involved.


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter"
-  Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The most courageous act is still to think
for yourself. Aloud."
-  Coco Chanel





World-Action organised 'The Start of the World Gathering for Truth' on 17th August 2000, by sending through the Internet large numbers of mails every few days - through July and early August 2000 - which were forwarded by others so that several million people were reached. This world event was clearly meant to happen, because many people who were involved experienced synchronicities of help around August 17th. A trend - of affirming the importance of truth and honesty was set - and a local, sensitive friend told me that he felt a lightening in the world situation in September 2000.


Our situation seems quite simple. We have allowed control of Government, Media, etc. to pass into the hands of just a few people, and some of those people are making very bad choices. If not many of us respond to the growing and alarming world events, we are probably headed towards complete disaster. If, on the other hand, MANY of us DO respond, and get involved - we may not only survive, but may also cause an evolutionary leap out of darkness on this planet, and into something far, far better.







Michael Irving, British Isles, 2017


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'A Sleep of Prisoners' by Christopher Fry

One of the favourite poems recited by Sir George Trevelyan.

"The Frozen Misery of Centuries Breaks, Cracks, Begins to Move."

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Sir George Trevelyan: Redemption of The Planet

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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher