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BRIGHT SKIES: Top-Secret Weapons Testing?

 Part 1

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Top-Secret Weapons Testing?

Were Tesla-style EM weapons used in the Kobe earthquake,

the Oklahoma City bombing and the downing of TWA

Flight 800, in a secret war between unidentified factions?

By Harry Mason, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 5, #1 (Dec 1997 - Jan 1998)




On 17 January 1995, the Japanese city of Kobe was struck by a massive earthquake that devastated much of the city, killing over 5,500 people and injuring many thousands more. Shoko Asahara, the leader of the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth (Aum Shinrikyo) sect, had surprisingly predicted, in a Tokyo radio broadcast on 8 January 1995, that a major quake would soon occur at Kobe. Asahara went even further and stated that this quake would be initiated by a "a foreign power" utilising an electromagnetic (EM) weapons system.


Aum's Science Minister Hideo Murai later stated at the Foreign Press Correspondents' Club in Tokyo on 7 April 1995 that, "There is a possibility that the great Hanshin [Kobe] earthquake was activated by electromagnetic power or some device that exerts energy into the ground."


Although Asahara would undoubtedly have preferred his great predictive powers to be thought of as due to a highly developed and superior spiritual ability to examine the future time-track (thus attracting more gullible followers after this quake event), it is far more likely that he was fed warning intelligence re Kobe by Aum's Science Minister Murai, and/or Japanese Intelligence operatives who themselves were forewarned by Russian KGB officials.


In his pre-Aum days, Hideo Murai had worked on highly advanced microwave and gamma/cosmic-ray physics applications for cold moulding of steel at the Kobe Steel laboratories. This laboratory complex was located at the near-exact epicentre of the great Kobe earthquake. Japanese investigative journalists believe that this Kobe laboratory was one of several research facilities (located at Osaka, Tsukuba and Tokyo universities) engaged in top-secret research and development of EM weapons technology-under the cover of Kobe Steel industrial research and/or environmental "desert-greening" studies.


The Aum's deputy leader, Kiyohide Hayakawa, in his pre-Aum days studied at Osaka University in the Landscape Engineering section of the Environmental Engineering department. His thesis is highly confidential and not available to the public, but allegedly contains only landscape engineering studies.


For several days prior to the great Kobe earthquake there were reports of glowing orange-red and pink lights and spherical forms hovering over and along the Kobe fault line. Such Earth stress lights have been observed over major quakes in many parts of the globe since the 19th century, but the number and intensity of those that developed in the January 1995 pre-Kobe quake days appear to be highly anomalous.


The existence of geophysical weapons capable of creating or triggering earthquakes in highly stressed crustal regions has been discussed privately by geophysicists for a decade or more. Rumours have abounded over certain huge earthquakes of the 1970s and 1980s in the Central Asian republics of the former USSR. Some writers have suggested that these were caused by Israeli, French or American EM weapons systems used in retaliation for Soviet EM weapon strikes on the West. US scientist Tom Bearden contends that the Soviets brought into service an intercontinental-range Tesla EM weapon in 1963 during the Khrushchev era.


The evidence that Kobe was not a natural earthquake is slender and is based primarily upon Asahara's prediction that was later proved so horrifyingly correct. However, one cannot be certain about actual cause, and quite possibly I am totally incorrect in suggesting this event could have been caused by a sentiently controlled and directed EM energy weapon. There would appear to be some supporting evidence of an indirect nature involving political considerations and other more recent events. However, taking into consideration the entire Kobe and Aum Tokyo scenarios together with the earlier, possibly Aum-related, fireball-explosion-earthquake events of 28 May 1993 at Banjawarn, Western Australia, one is left with a very strong impression of a serious fire underlying the visible "dark plume of smoke" that rose over Kobe.


But what motive could there possibly be for such a major city- busting weapon strike? Why choose an exotic EM weapon system?


It is quite possible that the EM strike was directed at the secret Kobe Steel EM weapons research laboratory and that the motive was in part to destroy this facility and cause such a resounding blow to the civilian population, similar in scale to the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that the Japanese oligarchic powers behind the scenes would think long and hard before attempting to continue their EM weapons project.


If the USA (or a covert international power group based therein) were the belligerent party that struck down Kobe, then the motive would most likely have included a 'big stick' warning to the Japanese powers to do what they were told with regard to the New World (economic) Order, or face the consequences.


It would appear from subsequent events that the Japanese oligarchy did not grovel under this attack but in fact, after some further provocation, went on the offensive with its own (or a friend's) EM weapon system.




During 1995 and 1996 the following major events were literally blasted onto the world stage:


1) 17 January 1995: The great Kobe "earthquake";

2) 20 March 1995: Tokyo subway gas attack;

3) 17 April 1995: Oklahoma City "terrorist bombing";

4) 1 May 1995: Perth "fireball-explosion";

5) 17 July 1996: Destruction of TWA Flight 800 off New York City and Long Island.


With the exception of the Tokyo subway gas attack, each of the above events can be proven to contain evidence for the apparent involvement of highly advanced exotic EM weapons systems. The Tokyo subway gas attack appeared to involve the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth sect and possibly several other players previously 'fingered' in the EM weapons game. For some reason the 17th day of a number of event months appears to be significant; this may reflect payback timing based on the first major event on 17 January 1995.


Taken as a whole, these events appear to represent an escalating exchange of fire between opposing (but unidentified) factions. The nature of this ongoing war and the identities of the opponents and their leaders appear to have been very deliberately kept secret from the planetary population, whilst elaborate webs of lies have been erected in the world press and Japanese and US courts to nominate patsies as the perpetrators of these shocking events.


The development of apparently magical EM weapons capable of initiating earthquakes or nuclear-force-level explosions over or within targets located at a great intercontinental distance by transmission of scalar or Tesla EM ray-waves from two or three transmitter sites-or EM weapons able to strike target sites from an orbiting satellite, spacecraft or aircraft-or ground-based EM beam-pulse weapons capable of taking out orbital or airborne targets, has for the first time in our planetary history allowed the use of 'deniable' massive-force weapons in terrorist acts directed against the general population.


These EM weapons effects are "deniable" in that they can be blamed upon natural earthquakes, meteor air-burst explosions or bolide ground-impacts, or can be set up as terrorist-bomb, ground-to-air missile or even alien UFO scenarios. The ability to cause apparently magical-force events implies an enormous advantage to certain individual power groups who appear to have stolen these weapons (from the states that originally developed them) to use solely for their own advantage.


Such weapons in the hands of secret power groups who are willing to use them without mercy against the innocent citizens of planet Earth, represents a horrifying future prospect in the power struggles of this planet. Defence against such weapons and the curs who control them must now be our primary objective. The nuclear terror has been replaced by something far worse: a usable, high-energy weapon.




The Tokyo subway gas attack on 20 March 1995 killed 11 people and injured thousands. The Aum Supreme Truth sect was soon implicated by the Tokyo Police and the world Press.


The Aum was reported as initiating the gas attack as a prelude to a revolutionary "right-wing" takeover of Japan. Aum members were shown on film by the BBC being trained and armed by the Russians. Allegedly the Aum smuggled thousands of automatic rifles and other weapons into Japan from Russia. Apparently the Aum intended to use Russian helicopters and Spetsnaz troops landed on the coast as aids to allow Aum forces to take control of Japanese Government ministries during a series of major diversionary terrorist nerve-gas attacks on key population and government centres across Japan. The Tokyo subway attack was allegedly a preliminary operational test prior to the full-scale action.


In Australia, ABC TV soon ran a prime-time news story with video showing a shed full of large chemical drums (found at Banjawarn by the new post-Aum owners) and trenches full of hundreds of dead sheep. The report also discussed Federal Police reports concerning sarin-gas-derivative chemicals found in the dead sheep, and interviews with the Aum's Australian sheep station manager. All of this was supposed to demonstrate that the Aum purchased Banjawarn station to carry out tests with home-made sarin nerve gas on sheep, as a precursor field trial to the Tokyo subway gas attack.


Problems soon surfaced with regard to this official Australian press scenario. The present owners of Banjawarn reported to this author that the ABC TV story was "a pack of lies", for the shed of chemicals shown on the 7.00 pm news was not on Banjawarn station; in fact, they had never seen it, and did not know where this video had come from. They insisted that they had only reported finding two relatively small bottles marked "HCl" (hydrochloric acid) in the old station building, which was previously used by the Aum sect in September 1993 as a mining field-laboratory.


The ABC news footage showing hundreds of dead sheep was actually stock video recorded the previous year when sheep were being shot on farms near Esperance, WA, due to extremely low market prices. Only a few tens of dead sheep were found by police on Banjawarn, and these had been put down by hammer-blows to the head by the Aum's real manager-appointed by the WA Pastoral Board because the Aum's novice manager had failed to tend the station's windmills, thus causing a shortage of water for the flocks, which resulted in many severely dehydrated sheep having to be put down.


In Japan, European chemical and nerve-gas experts who examined the Aum's chemical complex laughed at the notion that sarin or any other nerve gas had been made there, pointing out that the equipment and facilities would have leaked like a sieve, killing the operators and local villagers. They did find plenty of residual evidence in the plant that demonstrated that large quantities of designer drugs such as ecstasy had been manufactured there, right up to the time of the Tokyo subway gas attack.


Small samples of sarin and other nerve gases as well as other lethal gas and chemical types were found in the Aum complex, along with a few automatic rifle kits of Russian origin and equipment for duplicating further arms. However, Aum members were apparently deliberately warned about a week in advance that a police raid was coming-thus allowing them to remove any other stocks of arms, gases and drugs in advance.


It appears that deputy leader Hayakawa used the sect as cover for a range of foreign weapons purchases and weapons-related research-apparently for the "right-wing" oligarchic power behind the Japanese Government. It is quite obvious that at least parts of the Aum organisation were not staffed with 'good guys' and that they were involved with some quite crazy and antisocial activities such as the manufacture of massive quantities of drugs.


Japanese investigative journalists believe that the drugs were being distributed worldwide by the Yakuza, possibly through a rogue CIA operation. Thus, in time-honoured secret-service fashion, a "right-wing" Japanese oligarchic intelligence operation was being funded by illicit drugs.


These same Japanese journalists (see their web site, www.pelago.com) have suggested that the Aum sect was a cover for Japanese Intelligence operations involving covert re-arming of the Japan Self-Defense Forces with new Russian weapons systems. Recent Japanese Defense Agency press releases tend to support this view by revealing large, new purchases by Japan of modern frontline Russian jet fighters and bombers, as well as joint communications exercises between the two countries' defence forces. There is plenty of evidence concerning the Aum's activities in Russia, such as training with Russian troops and managing the joint Japan-Russia University in Moscow-a cover for a Russian-Japanese redevelopment of the first-generation Russian EM weapons systems mated to Japanese computer power.


As early as mid-1993, in his visa applications to enter Australia, Asahara complained of gas and laser attacks on his person and against Aum facilities. He continued to complain of such attacks in further correspondence with Australian Immigration in mid-1994. If taken at face value, this data and much else of the press web re the Aum suggest that the Aum (and hence their backers?) has been the victim of a knockout blow delivered by a very influential foreign secret service. The Aum was set up as the perpetrator of the Tokyo subway gas attack-the patsy, if you like.


It may be highly significant that over 50 per cent of the Japanese LDP Cabinet allegedly flew covertly to North Korea for one week's negotiations, the day after the gas attack. The Aum Science Minister Hideo Murai was murdered by a North Korean hitman's knife soon after the Tokyo subway gas attack. Someone was very afraid that he was going to talk. Apparently Murai's last words in the ambulance were the equivalent of "The Jews got me!", although other interpretations of his final mumblings have also been advanced.


Hayakawa left his early "landscape engineering" studies and joined the Moonies, whereupon he was equipped with the deeds of several Tokyo buildings and vast sums of cash so as to buy his way to the top of the Aum sect. The Reverend Moon was a close friend of the North Korean "Great Leader". Reportedly the Moonies still have exceptional ties to North Korea and, more recently, to ex-US President George Bush, involving business ventures in South America.


Several previously reliable Japanese sources believe that the CIA planned and executed the Tokyo subway gas attack to destabilise the LDP government and/or force it to co-operate with US policy requirements. The exact nature of their evidence is unknown to me, but similar claims have been made by Debra von Trapp, an ex-NSA/CIA agent involved with bugging the Clinton White House for a George Bush-controlled faction of the CIA on behalf of certain Japanese industrial companies during key USA/Japan trade talks.


The strange ABC TV deception of its viewers, by implanting the Aum = sarin nerve gas = Banjawarn station testing = Tokyo subway gas attack imagery across Australia, suggests an intelligence action in support of United States interests.



Article continued on this page:  Stealth 2


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BRIGHT SKIES: Top-Secret Weapons Testing?

 Part 1

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