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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth


By Michael Irving, of World Gathering For Truth


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The two lights in the above photograph are two friendly spacecraft

which were hovering over my home in Selkirk, in Scotland, in 2009:

Two Craft Above World Truth Gathering HQ


Introduction by Michael Irving: Between 2001 and 2003, three or four people suggested to me I should write down and publish the main experiences I have had in my life. I didn't know many people around that time, so three or four seemed like quite a message. In 2004, I was made homeless, bankrupt, ill, and exhausted, mainly (or perhaps, totally) because of harassment due to the work I had been doing, since 1997, of spreading information around the world which I felt was crucial for people to know. Early in 2005, I found myself homeless in North America, and I decided to write down the unusual things which had been happening to me for many years. When I read what I had written, I had the overwhelming impression the information needed sharing with the world. These events show something big is happening, and we all need to be involved.


Beginning of the extraordinary '100th Monkey' phenomenon.

For more information on the '100th Monkey' phenomenon, see: 1952

Mass, worldwide sightings of UFOs / Spacecraft.

For more information on the global, mass 'UFO' sightings of 1952, see: 1952-1953

I was born on the Isle of Man, middle of British Isles in 1952.



Left the Isle of Man in 1974, went to England. Did not return to I.O.M. until 1995


1983 - August
Sir George Trevelyan for the first time (in this life) at 'Explosion From Within'.

----- All through the year, Moyra (we married the previous year), felt we should travel down south in August to a week-long event called 'Explosion From Within', at the University of Sussex's campus at Brighton. This was an amazing thing for me: I got to sing in a choir, there were dance, lectures... and the architecture of many of the buildings was unusual and impressive. And I got to hear
Sir George Trevelyan speak for the first time in my life.

     There was something which was captivating about Sir George Trevelyan that made me want to listen; this man was not in a hurry, it was as if he was a commander in some sense, as if he commanded this world and perhaps unseen worlds. At the end of George's talk, Moyra turned to me and said that she had seen Sir George as a man in the prime of his life as he gave the talk. That is remarkable, Sir George was 77 years in age at this time - not a man of 30 or 40 years of age. Then, a woman who had sat behind us during George's talk, said, "Excuse me. I couldn't help hearing what you were saying. I too saw Sir George as a man in the prime of his life as he spoke."

Sir George Trevelyan: 'Something Extraordinary Is Happening'
Commemorative and archive website for Sir George:


1983 - August
My life exploded into a new direction, and I saw my first Spacecraft.
'Sir George Trevelyan' AND 'a spacecraft'....  I think there is a connection.

It was the last night of the amazing, week-long course called 'Explosion From Within'. I had walked out across the South Downs, adjacent to the campus, and I was lying on my back on the grass with my feet to the north, looking up at the stars. I noticed a bright light traveling northwards, and I took this to be a satellite, as the white light was constant and was not flashing. Suddenly, the constant light did a right-angle turn, and was immediately then heading east. The turn was an exact right-angle, not a slow, curved turn of a plane. I looked across to other people who were sitting nearby to see if they had seen this remarkable thing, but they were talking and obviously had not been looking up.
     My life took on a new direction the next week. Looking back, now, it is as if I took a 'right-angle' turn in my mind, and from this point began to use more the faculties of my right-brain: intuition, spontaneity, and creative thought. And, I was to find out later, telepathy.

Started to publish a range of booklets.
The first 'Acorn Book' is called:
'The Rainbow Dream Vision'.

----- Other 'Acorn Books' were: The Acorn Book One; Avalon Arise - Acorn Book II; Words To Awaken The World - Acorn Book III; Acorn Book of Healing Through Christ Consciousness; Acorn Book of Self-Celebration; Acorn Book of Emotional Healing; Acorn Book of Birthing The Cosmic Child; and a later re-publication of
Rainbow Dream Vision. I also published, in conjunction with its author, 'Decide To Network', by Dr Robert Muller, late of the U.N.

My name strangely changed to 'Michael'.

----- This was as I was arranging to relocate from my office in Stow-on-the-Wold in the Cotswolds, to Glastonbury, Somerset. Someone phoned and asked to speak to 'Michael Irving'. I replied I didn't know a Michael Irving, my name was William Irving (I was christened 'William Irving'). Around the same time I was running through the street to catch the last post at the Post Office, and someone was shouting 'Michael' from across the street. I saw this person the next day, and they said they had mistakenly thought my name was Michael. When I drove away from the Cotswolds, I went to a week's course, en route to moving to Glastonbury. When I registered at the start of the course, I thought I would go along with what seemed to be happening, and registered my name as 'Michael Irving'.

1985 - August
I moved to be on the 'Saint Michael Leyline', at Glastonbury.

----- See the book 'The Sun and The Serpent', by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst.

It is said that the Great Saint Michael Leyline is one of two main energy currents which circle the Earth. This is the British portion of one of the great Ley currents .... click for larger image:

1985 (to 1990)
Around this time, whenever
Sir George Trevelyan saw me in a crowd, he would wave his hand in the air as if he was waving an imaginary sword to greet me. Very encouraging.

----- I had other connections with swords too. A lady took me to Wayland's Smithy Long Barrow for a meditation. Apparently Wayland was famous for making special swords for warriors. When we walked away after meditating for some minutes, she said, "Yes, you've got it". I asked what it was she thought I had, and she replied, "The Sword". Seemed good to me, I thought one can't get into too much trouble with invisible swords... but little did I suspect at that time how things were going to develop.

1986 - February
My first face-to-craft meeting with a spacecraft (actually, THREE craft).

----- I had just given my first one-day workshop on self-development, at March House, Ogbourne Saint George, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. It had gone well. On the Monday morning we had a group session with local psychic, Isabelle Kingston. This went well too, I was getting encouraging messages and ideas from all manner of people and places. My confidence was good. After Issy's session, I thought on my way back to Somerset I would call in at Warminster, a place well-known for UFO sightings, and check out whether 'ET' and UFOs really exist.
     I drove through Warminster, up towards the start of the fenced-off, huge army training area of Salisbury Plain. I sat and just relaxed my mind. After a while I had the impression ET really did exist, so in my mind I said, "Don't bother coming out of your way to appear for me, you probably have far more important things to do". Then I switched on my engine and started driving back west towards Somerset.
     After about ten minutes, I noticed a red light over to the north keeping pace with me, it was followed by a second red light, then a third red light. The next thing was they were veering towards me, then they went over my car at about 50 feet. I was excited. I swerved the car onto the grass verge, and got quickly out of the car. Three, disc craft, of approximately 20 to 25 feet in diameter were hovering close to me. They were at an elevation angle of approx 45 degrees, and were only about 60 feet away, i.e. they were VERY close. Around the mid section of each craft was a continuous line of windows. I did not see anyone at the windows, but I felt a communication coming from the ships; the communication did not come to my head, but seemed to connect to the middle of my chest. This was undoubtedly a most wonderful experience.
     The three craft started to move off, to the south-east. I quickly got back into my car and accelerated off in the direction they had gone. A minute or two later I had caught up with them; looking up through the windscreen, the 3 craft were moving gently side-to-side as they progressed on their way. The road started going uphill, to the entrance to Longleat House. Looking across and downhill a little, I saw the 3 craft going past the foot of Cley Hill, at this time a little white light came up behind the group of three, and entered the trailing disc craft.
     We parted company as I drove through Warminster. I felt I had to go to where I had been parked in my car half an hour before. True enough. The three disc craft were there; they were 100 yards from where I had been parked when I sent my telepathic message. They were circling a stand of trees, flying beautiful, slow circles around these tall trees. There seemed to be a message in this gentle circling. There was a peaceful / constant / soothing atmosphere to the whole experience. After some minutes, the three craft headed off east, fanning out in three directions: northeast, east, and southeast.


1987 - March
Visit to the Hopi Nation, in Arizona, U.S.A. / Turtle Island

----- See:
Connecting with Sir George Trevelyan (1983), meeting the three disc craft (1986), and this visit to the Hopi in 1987... these are about the three most significant events in my life. Much happened when I visited the Hopi in 1987. In 2005, I returned twice to the Hopi. Hopiland (the east-west line of low mesa escarpments, approx 100 miles wide) feels to be a very significant place. The Hopi have the legend of 'The Three Helpers' coming to help the world. Also, the most important warning the world presently has, I believe, 'unite and arise for survival, and uncover the cause of our dilemmas' comes from the late elder of the Hopi, Dan Evehema.



1987 - April
Pre-'Harmonic Convergence' meeting with Jose Arguelles in Colorado, USA.

----- Jose Arguelles and friends were very busy organising for the global 'Harmonic Convergence' link-up for August 17th, 1987. Jose Arguelles asked me to take his good wishes back to Sir George Trevelyan; they had recently met.

1987 - August 17
I organised a Solar Cross / Four Directions meditation with
Sir George Trevelyan and 200 people on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor, near Chalice Well.

----- This was a very powerful meditation. We sat in the shape of a medicine wheel, or, solar cross: a circle with a cross inside it. With Harmonic Convergence going on there were all manner of people knocking around; one hell's angel-type person looked as if he planned to walk straight through the centre of our meditation, but he stopped a few feet away, as if hitting an invisible wall.

1987 - September
Later I found out a Hopi Grandmother had sat in that exact place two months before us.

----- A few weeks after the Solar Cross meditation, I was talking to people who said that a Hopi Grandmother, about two months before, had been sitting in the exact place I had chosen for the cross meditation - the centre of a large, sloping field, at the foot of Glastonbury Tor. This seemed to be a big 'thumbs up' for me, that I was being guided in what I was doing.

Moved 'up' St Michael Leyline to live at the village of Ogbourne Saint George.

----- See the book 'The Sun and The Serpent', by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst.

It is said that the Great Saint Michael Leyline is one of two main energy currents which circle the Earth. This is the British portion of one of the great Ley currents .... click for larger image:

1988 - July
I drew a FIVE-circle, Celtic Cross pattern on paper, then that night after hanging the drawing on my wall, it flashed at me! The next night Mary Freeman saw a large spaceship with beam of light at Avebury Stone Circe.
(Reported in detail in the 'Marlborough Times' newspaper, Wiltshire, England).
The next day a glorious FIVE-circle Crop Pattern was found at Silbury Hill.

----- One evening, in the summer of 1988, I drew five circles on a piece of paper, to form a Celtic Cross, this is four circles in a square diamond shape, with the fifth circle placed at the centre. I pinned it on my wall; looking up, later, the five circles appeared to flash at me, fairly vividly.
     The following day I drove to Warminster, to visit the place where I had met with the three disc craft in 1986, I drove past Silbury Hill en route to Warminster, then past Silbury Hill again on the way back. When I got back to Ogbourne Saint George, Heather told me a fantastic, five-circle crop pattern had been reported close to Silbury Hill. I drove towards Silbury for the third time that day, and spotted many cars parked on the A4. I climbed up Silbury Hill and sat on the southern edge of this extraordinary, man-made hill with many people. Below was a wonderful glinting and burnished set of five circles, making an impressive Celtic Cross (or 'quincunx').
     The following week there was a dramatic report in the Marlborough newspaper. It said that late one evening as Mary Freeman was driving out of Avebury village and out of Avebury Stone Circle after visiting friends, things started to fly off her dashboard, looking up she saw, low in the sky and stationary, a large discoid craft, perhaps 100 feet in length. Coming from the craft, and directed down in the direction of Silbury Hill, was a strong beam of light or energy... this was in the approximate direction of where the impressive five-circle, Celtic Cross / Solar Cross was discovered several hours later.



Silbury Hill, near Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire

Insight into a massive 'Atlantis Ending' trauma - applicable to many people I knew.
----- Living in the flat in the top of March House, Ogbourne St. George, my left eye exploded for the third time (these terrible eye-torture episodes began, without any apparent cause, in 1981). Agony. My whole nervous system throughout my body burned. I stood in the bath to run cold water over my burning ankles and feet. This went on for weeks. It was as if a red-hot poker was in my left eye. One night, while standing in the bath, I started going over in my mind the names of scores of alternative therapists I was acquainted with in the U.K. I think I listed well over 100 people. A realisation, or intuition, came to me that all of these people were traumatised from the catastrophic ending of a civilisation on Earth several thousand years ago. (I had further evidence of this catastrophic trauma within most people, in 1995 - see '
1995'). I had the realisation this was a deeply buried trauma in many people and was so strong it had a very restricting effect on people's consciousness and on their potential to feel alive.
TOTAL RECALL - 'They stole his mind, now he wants it back again'.

----- Somewhere around this time, I had the film 'Total Recall', starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the film there was a colony on Mars. The hero had an implant and an artificial life had been set up for him in order he would forget crucial things he had experienced. But he fights to become conscious; and as an analogy to life on Earth right now where so many people are suppressed and depressed, he restores a natural air system to the people on Mars, and people are set free from the dictatorial corporation controlling life on Mars.
     On the plastic cover of the Total Recall video were these words: 'They stole his mind, now he wants it back'. I copied these words off onto a piece of paper and carried them with me for many years. If you read the next several years of my life, you will begin to see why these words are so important.

1989 - November
Back 'down' the Saint Michael Leyline to live near Glastonbury.

----- I found a lovely little cottage, in a winding road called 'Watery Lane', in the locale of Lower Westholme, near Pilton - five miles from Glastonbury Tor. I had some of the loveliest time I had had for a long time cycling and walking these lanes and low hills. It was good to be on my own for awhile.

----- See the book 'The Sun and The Serpent', by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst.

It is said that the Great Saint Michael Leyline is one of two main energy currents which circle the Earth. This is the British portion of one of the great Ley currents .... click for larger image:


Insight... The Crop Pattern hoaxing and cover-up
----- Very soon, the 'crop pattern world' was about to be hit. There were suspicious people intermingling with the real crop pattern enthusiasts, and these odd people seemed intent on causing division and argument. Hoaxing of crop patterns was increasing. The key crop pattern researchers were set up in a humiliating situation, with media coverage, which totally soured one person at least, Pat Delgado.
Colin Andrews - the leading Crop Pattern researcher - was soon to be visited in the night by a man who seemed to speak with authority, who told Colin that his life would change from that point, and it did. Colin Andrews never made his expected declaration that his research showed the authentic crop patterns were a message from other intelligences who share our universe - and probably our planet - with us. Colin was also told that other people linked in with the crop pattern phenomenon would be, one by one, 'taken out'. 'Taken out' is what I think was happening to me. I was nearly losing my left eye, nearly lost my life, and very soon I was to lose the friendship of quite a few people who were close to me.
      Some of the sabotage of crop patterns and crop pattern enthusiasts was traced back to a fenced-off 'farm', very close to where I was living when I got the nearly overpowering idea for around 12 hours that I should go and end my life by jumping off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol (at least two of the technicians who may have worked on Star Wars / SDI ended their lives by this means - this rash of bizarre suicides became known as the 'Marconi Suicides'). In fact I was only about five miles from this 'farm'. What equipment did they have at the farm - did this equipment connect up to the 'Star Wars' satellites? The Star Wars project was completed. There are all manner of satellites (and
stealth 'Black Triangle' craft belonging to the Cabal / New World Order / Secret Government) up there, in orbit, but we don't know what they are doing or what they are capable of doing.

      Dr Werner Von Braun, German scientist coerced to become American scientist immediately after World War 2, and later known as 'the Father of Rocketry', gave dire hints and warnings to his personal secretary Dr Carol Rosin in the early 1970s regarding 'Star Wars' weaponry / technology. (Google search for: 'Star - wars - von - braun - rosin')
      For more data on the tricks that were played to try to discredit the Crop Pattern phenomenon, see this wonderful book: 'Cosmic Connection: Worldwide Crop Formations and ET Contacts', by Michael Hesemann, first published 1995. My copy is back in the Isle of Man and I am presently in Scotland, otherwise I would reproduce some key facts here; such as regarding the 'farm' near Shepton Mallett. A lot of dirty tricks were played to try to tarnish a wonderful subject.

1992 - August
Back 'up' the 'Saint Michael' Leyline to live in Marlborough (Merlin's Borough).

1992 - Dec 25 to Jan 1, 1993
Rainbow Dream Vision magazine, and THREE CRAFT over Mexico City.

----- See this detailed, extraordinary report:
For the January 1st, 1992 report, go over half way down the webpage to: 'The Third Wave'. Over the few days of Christmas to the New Year, I worked hard and produced an A3, folded, magazine:
The Rainbow Dream Vision. At the same time, THREE CRAFT were doing spectacular things over Mexico City. Team work?

1993 - Early May
Dramatic rendezvous with extremely low-flying Spacecraft near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

----- In messages received by Dawn, and written down by me, in April, we were told there would be a rendezvous with a spacecraft on the night of the full moon in early May. The way things were feeling to me, this seemed extremely likely. On the day of the full moon, we were in London with some of Dawn's friends; they were very strange people. As we got up onto the M4, in the heart of London, I saw a vivid light to the west, very low, near Heathrow airport. It took us 10 minutes to drive there, and the light stayed constant. When we were at Heathrow, parallel with a runway, the light was alongside us, keeping pace. This was pretty weird. A few years later I read of strange incidents around Heathrow. [Map showing probable line of travel of the light / craft:
      We carried on driving westwards along the M4. There seemed to be lights in the sky to the north and to the south which were keeping pace with us. This was getting interesting.
      Eventually we turned south, off the motorway. We had the idea to drive to Stonehenge. On the way there we stopped and parked at Woodhenge; looking westwards, we could see a low-level, flickering light that appeared to be zipping all over the place as it proceeded along its general line of travel. Ufologists have a name for this type of sighting, but I don't remember it.
      We had driven on, I think, to Stonehenge, and were now driving back north. We had passed the turn-off to Woodhenge, and were approaching a triangular road junction at Upavon, just south of Pewsey. My eyes were beginning to close, I was so tired; then, approx. 300 yards in front of us, a craft of around 30 to 40 feet diameter or length, was coming slowly from the west towards the east, and was only at tree-top height. Amazing. We yelled. I pulled in off the road to the right, and we got out of the car. The craft had apparently flipped onto its side, and we saw a vertical circle of white lights, similar to a small Ferris wheel; this was approximately 20 white lights, regularly-spaced, on the circumference of a vertical circle. (See later:
'a large circle of white lights' in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man, 1998). Then the lights turned off, or the craft became cloaked. We went to the boot of the car to get a hot drink from the flask, then suddenly the craft was coming straight towards us, and overflew us and the car by about 50 feet. Yippee, amazing stuff.
     We had a hot drink of tea, then decided to drive towards Alton Barnes, and the great White Horse carving that is in the hillside there. As we approached the area where The Barge public house is, I stopped the car, and walked towards the back of the car. I think we spotted the same thing at the same time; over to the west a craft was slowly approaching us, again at about tree-top height. In the car, Dawn was thinking, "He's going to be beamed up", she told me later. Outside of the car, I was sending and thinking the thought, "Keep going, I am not a good enough person to meet you". The craft carried on over us, flying towards the east.
     Dawn and I were on such a high, we decided to drive around the four innermost White Horse hill carvings which make a diamond shape around Avebury Stone Circle, as a celebration. (
There are actually eight white horses that make a very revealing pattern around the Avebury area). Dawn and I were on a high for a week.
     We had more sightings, and some very unusual events over the next several weeks. Mind-boggling. Perhaps my mind needed boggling, to free it from constricted, left-brain, 20th century thought patterns.
     [Note: I have been told there are reports of 'aircraft that look and behave similar to aircraft, but don't actually seem to be aircraft' in the area of our contact - Upavon, just south of Pewsey. These reports of 'strange aircraft', I was told, date back several decades.]
1993 - Summer
Camped at the Barge Inn, Alton Barnes.
Three large craft flew slow overhead.
----- More messages were coming through hinting that it would be a good idea if I soon parted from Dawn. In truth, she seemed to be changing character, and into a character I didn't really like. One day I left. As I drove away I suddenly realised the chorus of the song on the cassette player I was singing along to didn't say, 'I can't see my way so clearly', (for many weeks, Dawn and I had been singing the chorus that way); I suddenly realised the chorus was, 'I CAN see my way so clearly'. Around then, a Merlin hawk swooped low across the front of my car in the direction I was going, and I started to feel wonderful.
      I had a large geodesic dome tent (21 feet diameter, by nearly 11 feet tall). I put this up at the back of The Barge Inn at Alton Barnes, in the Pewsey Vale; this is known as the
Magic Valley to some people. This was a lovely time, and I felt relaxed. Things were happening. Late one evening, a large craft of approx 50 feet diameter dawdled its way, from the east, slowly over the campsite; I believe other people were seeing this. Then a second craft. Then a third. They moved very peacefully, and I made a drawing of the pattern of the lights on the craft. I think they were easily less than 200 yards from us.

1993 - Late Summer
Went twice to Ireland.  Second time: fleets of craft, like George Adamski.

----- First I went to a big 'Rainbow' gathering in central Ireland, which was wonderful. On returning I thought I should move to live in Ireland. On the morning I was packing up my trailer to tow behind the car, very early, there seemed to be a lot of lights in the sky, which then started to move westwards, towards Ireland. The main thing that happened in Ireland was that I read the book 'Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee'; I felt a great connection with the Native Americans who were butchered and dispossessed as 'progress' made its way across the North American continent. I felt, after all, England was the place for me to be. Early on the morning of driving east to get the ferry back to England, I saw a lot of lights high in the sky which at first were stationery, then they moved off eastwards, in the direction I was going.

1994 - June

----- I was asked to help with events in the Green Field, at the Glastonbury Music Festival. I led a sharing on UFO experiences in the lecture marquee. The organiser of the talk programme told me mine had been the best event held in the marquee. As I walked across to give the talk (I turned my scheduled 'talk' into a general sharing of ET-UFO experiences), I noticed a silvery object floating high above the festival site, it seemed to be a craft. A friend, Nick Ashron, a great slide-guitar player, said he saw his first-ever spacecraft, making geometrical shapes in the sky, others saw it too. This happened during the time my 21-foot diameter geodesic dome tent was being erected the night before the festival began. Many people felt a wonderful peace inside the geodesic dome tent, and the tent seemed to be connected with Nick Ashron's sighting. (I think
Buckminster Fuller was onto something important when he discovered geodesic geometry and designed futuristic Geodesic Dome buildings.)

1994 - All year
Very strong mind-linking with those on the Craft. 
Linking with Dream-Time.
----- At the start of the year, I had moved to live in a quaint, huge, old stables block in the grounds of a stately home in Savernake Forest. During most of 1994, I felt my mind was reaching out to link up with those people who were on the spacecraft we had been so very close to last year, in 1993. In the late autumn, I regularly listened to an owl hooting in the woods. The owl seemed to be telling me of another world; a world much more loving, and more sensible than this world.

1995 - January
Return to the Isle of Man, centre of British Isles, to live.

1995 - October
THREE CRAFT over Saint Andreas Church, in the north of Isle of Man.

----- 1995 was an incredibly depressing year for me. I didn't know what had happened. The bottom seemed to have fallen out of my life, I was now in a swamp, and I seemed to be going further and further down. Perhaps someone had locked a type of mind-tracking and harassing technology onto me, and everything was now going wrong. (Over recent years, I have tended to think it was malevolent aliens who were targeting me in some way... those negative aliens who are opposed to humanity connecting up with our friendly neighbours from out there in the Universe).

     Feeling like this, one evening I had gone to the Spiritualist Church and then, afterwards, sat on a small wall outside as people were leaving. The two last women leaving the church asked me if I was okay. I said 'Not really', and before I knew it, I was telling them about the three disc craft I had spent 30 minutes with back in 1986. One of the women, Sue, was astonished, and she exclaimed. Then she excitedly said that the previous weekend an amazing thing had happened. Late on the Saturday night Sue had been standing out in her garden when she noticed, way above her home in the village of Andreas, three disc craft moving around the sky. She said the three disc-shaped craft were emitting rainbow-coloured lights. Sue was very nearly jumping up and down with excitement; so perhaps I had been guided intuitively to mention 'my' three craft after all.
      Then Sue seemed to be looking off into the distance, I could see she was recalling something. She said she was seeing in her mind thousands of spacecraft, there was a disaster happening on Earth, and the spacecraft were patrolling around trying to lift people off, but apparently many people could not be picked up. She said this had happened a long time ago in the past. After a moment, Sue said the same thing will happen now, if we have a disaster, spacecraft will try to take people off.
      As I walked home across the town, I felt wonderful. Suddenly my world made sense; it all fitted together. I was being given information and warnings to pass on to people. I was a part of something that was happening, and the reason it was difficult for me was because just about everyone had forgotten the things they should have remembered.


The carved Norse stone to 'Ragnarok' at Saint Andreas Church.

----- I believe the three craft, with rainbow lights, were flying above the ancient church at Andreas for a reason. Inside the church is a carved, Norse stone which refers to the Norse, mythical battle of 'Ragnarok'. Ragnarok is the final battle in Earth's history between the forces of good and evil. It is meant to be a terrible battle. 'The Gods' may intervene, and assist.
The image below is of parts of Thorwald's 'Ragnarok' Cross, from Andreas in the centre of the large northern plain at the north of the Isle of Man, central British Isles. This is a partial reproduction of the Cross which is displayed in Andreas Church because, I believe, the original Cross is housed in the museum in the Island's capital (click on image for larger image):


1995 (-1996)
The start of The Battle of Ragnarok.

----- With hindsight, I think the start of the Battle of Ragnarok was around 1996. And was well underway in 2004 when the films of Tolkein's trilogy were completed with, 'The Return of The King' (I took this to be a good sign). People were realising the issue was basically survival. And, in 2004, the film 'King Arthur' was released. Signs come in the most strange ways.

Very strange and very difficult year (for many people).

----- I have since heard that many people had a very hard and odd year in 1996.

Prophecy for 1996, and last battle starting between good and evil.

----- Some years ago a prophecy appeared in a channeled book. It was written in arcane French. My wife, Moyra, taught French, so we got it translated. It said, 'Around the year 1996 a great force of whites, and a great force of reds, accompanied by those from Avillion, will go against the King of Babylon'. I took this to mean: 'the reds' are emotionally based people (right-brain preference); 'the whites' are intellectually based people (left-brain preference); 'those from Avillion' are benevolent ETs. The 'King of Babylon' is not a person or being, but the material world where souls may get caught up in the illusions and distractions of greed, power, and transient, material things. 'Babylon' is the material world where souls are tested to find what is true and authentic.

Another interpretation of 'Reds' and 'Whites' could simultaneously be 'Reds' for indigenous peoples, and 'Whites' for modernised/westernised races; and the left and right-brain brain division is still applicable because modern / developed people tend to be more intellectual / left-brain, and people who have kept their roots more with the land and nature tend to be more intuitive / right-brain. Intuition and intellect are both needed for the jump we are about to take.

See Hopi elder Dan Evehema's announcement: Final, Decisive Battle between Good and Evil

This, I feel, is the time for the evolution of humanity where what is long-standing, good, and true, goes back to its rightful place ahead of what is short-lasting, not worthwhile, and false.

1996 - January
I started taxi driving, for two years.

----- Well, there's nothing like being a taxi driver to get a quick idea of the pulse of society. The most obvious thing I learned was people were depressed. They were not just depressed, they were shut down, i.e. they had given up hope. Secondly people had given up hope in the government. Everyone felt that government had separated away from the people, and had gone off, somewhere, on its own. Another thing, it seems from around 1995, many people were experiencing bouts of severe illness which never seemed to clear up. Why were more people getting ill? Medicine was meant to be improving and pollution was meant to be reducing. What was going on? [Please see: CHEMTRAILS]

1996 - Late Summer
Big realisation that planetary destruction (as in the Book of Revelation) is not a good idea - All of a sudden, I realised what exactly destruction like that would mean.

----- I always had, semi-consciously, thought that the world destruction described in the Book of Revelation was something that the world deserved for being such a despicable place, full of despicable people. But, on a Sunday afternoon, in early autumn, strolling along Douglas's huge promenade, in gentle sunlight, with many parents and their children gleefully running around, the idea of massive worldwide destruction suddenly didn't seem such a good thing. Life is often busy and we have many ideas, hopes and wishes in our heads, which get updated when we get a chance to update them. Now was the time for me to update this idea. I used to think disasters were a good way of waking people up - and waking up was needed because I always thought 'life today' had something seriously wrong about it - but now I was not so sure. Seeing these lovely and innocent little children running around in the sunlight, I wondered how they would fare in an all-out planetary disaster.

1996 - Late Summer
My dedication to do all that I could to change the path we were all headed on.

----- When you see, in detail, something awful is about to happen, you automatically know you have to do something to try and stop it. Both of these overwhelming insights occurred to me.

1997 - June
The comet Hale Bopp (with alleged companion craft?) roared overhead.

----- Driving my taxi through the night, I would stop and look at the comet speeding across the heavens.  This was the start of a time when there seemed to be a lot of signs in the sky.

1997 - July/August
Started Rainbow Dream Vision website; and wrote to many tribes in North America.

----- I think almost dying from pneumonia, had an awakening effect on me. I moved out of the country and back into the capital, taking lodgings with a Chinese lady. I spotted signs for an Internet cafe, and I went there and asked them to design and start a website for me. The website was for the Rainbow Dream Vision, the interactive prediction of a much better world, after a show-down between good and evil. I also designed a small booklet and sent this to many tribes in North America. I felt much better from doing something artistic and creative. I drove my taxi at night and designed, printed, and posted things during the day.

1997 - October?
White Light flew over my taxi, then approx 12 craft at Mount Murray Hotel.

----- Things were better, but for some reason (a line of implants down that side of my body?) the left side of my body was becoming frozen. I had had problems with the left side of my body for a few years. There was a numb spot in the ball of my left foot, a numb and achy spot near my heart (i.e. just left of centre of chest), and of course there were all sorts of problems in and around my left eye. I was getting exhausted, physically and mentally.

       One night, around 3 a.m., I was sitting in my taxi in the large car park at the back of the Casino, in the centre of Douglas's promenade. I felt ill. I said a prayer asking for help. Almost immediately I spotted a white light going over the car park and heading out to sea, it was at very low altitude. I started the engine and pulled out of the car park onto the prom. A man hailed me, and asked to go to the Mount Murray Hotel, out in the country. I said to my new passenger, I'm following a little white light! He said, fair enough! A few miles later we turned off the main road to go down the long lane towards the hotel. My passenger said, "Is that your white light down there above the end of the lane?" I said, "It looks like it". We pulled into the hotel car park. The man seemed a little uncomfortable, so he paid, then went into the hotel. About 30 seconds after he'd entered the hotel, all the fire alarms went off in the hotel! Why, I don't know.
      Meanwhile, I knew something was happening so I got out of the taxi, and moved up the car park for a better view of the whole area. There seemed to be about a dozen lights in the sky that were unusual; then these dozen or so lights began to move, and they were all moving clockwise around my location. Wow. And yippee. This was better than sitting around and aching all the time.

      (A realisation in 2008: Rereading this, it has just struck me that there could be a connection here with the 13 white lights / craft which appeared in May 2007 in South America to put on a great show which was filmed, which appeared to be an encouragement for the 'Beacons' message I put out in May 2007.  See: 13 UFOs Validate World Gathering  And: SOS - The Planet And Humanity...)

     The next hour or two was pretty unusual. I phoned the taxi base and said I was knocking off for a while. I then felt to drive to the southern headland, overlooking the large bay at Douglas. While driving there, my eyes were riveted on the sky, because there definitely seemed to be something major happening up there. As I approached Douglas Head, there seemed to be planes coming over at a very low altitude. Normally planes were high here, because it was a further 80 or so miles before the planes flying the main air-route above the Isle of Man would land at Manchester. What it felt to me was that the 'planes' coming low overhead were not planes, but were actually spacecraft putting on the appearance of being planes. [In 2009, two people observed three craft transforming their appearance into aircraft: News]. Dawn and I had several experiences of similar things in Wiltshire in 1993. There are also reports from that area of Wiltshire, dating back about 40 years, of many observations of planes that people felt were very odd.
     At daybreak, just as I was going to park my taxi, I noticed that over the island's capital of Douglas, there were about 50, thick plane's contrails. I had been noticing all these 'planes' going over, but I had not been noticing their contrails. [And why would planes at very low altitude leave a contrail anyway?] What had been going on? I took the little white light to be something good for me, and out at the Mount Murray the circle of lights was obviously a number of (friendly) spacecraft - but, what had happened after that?


1997 - October?
Chemtrails..... and 'V' For Victory.

----- After the white light and spacecraft out at the Mount Murray, there seemed to be a lot of what I later recognised to be 'Chemtrails' over Douglas that morning. After a few hours sleep, I nipped out to buy some food. Passing the newspaper shop I noticed something strange in the sky. There was a big 'V' symbol. I was staring at this when the owner of the newspaper shop came out and asked what it was I was looking at. Then a policeman stopped too. A plane, which had been laying a thick contrail, had made three changes in flight direction in quick succession. First he turned left, then very sharp right, then left again; thus making a general line across the sky, but with a very distinct 'V' in the middle of the line. The policeman said, "I think my brother must be driving that plane!"

----- Note added in December 2009: I should have stated, above, that I have always taken the 'V' symbol to stand for 'V For Victory'. Meaning humanity will overcome the problems the world presently has. The reason I think the 'V' symbol (probably made by a craft which had taken on the appearance of an aircraft) stood for 'V For Victory' was because of an experience I had around 1988. My eye had started to 'detonate' once again, and before it got too bad I drove to a healer I thought might help. The healer made things worse. She moved energy in my meridians towards my eye, and not away from the eye. I should have said stop, but I thought she knew what she was doing. Another lesson in trusting our own intuition. However, it was probably going to get bad anyway, and perhaps going to this place opened up the situation where I could receive a message from ET friends. While waiting for the treatment session I was in a room looking out over trees, and I felt there was one or more craft out there which I could not see because they were cloaked. I wrote down a message something like this: "We are your family and friends. We are closer to you (in relationship) than your present brother and sister. ... there is great love between us ... There is bad 'static' ... it is hard to get our communication through. We will have Victory".  [I wonder if the bad static and communication difficulties were due to the field around my (negative) implants, and/or due to high EMF pollution; and/or covert, negative technology, such as HAARP, ELF waves, etc.?]


1998 - August
To Wales, for a gathering in a large teepee.... The Gathering

----- All through 1998, Jane felt it was important that we go to this gathering in north Wales. In the end I went on my own. And yes, it did seem important... in fact, very, very important. I felt I was getting back on track at this international meeting which was simply called 'The Gathering'. I sat in my car a lot making many copies of the cassette 'Rainbow Dream Vision' (spoken, key ideas from the
Rainbow Dream Vision, with music by Dave Goodman and The Wind Travellin Band from Japan). A Dutch woman was at The Gathering, and although she seemed a little round the bend, she had with her a message that was very interesting. She said it was from a spirit who wanted to communicate with The Gathering. The letter had been left in the teepee, so at the end of The Gathering I went into the teepee and wrote down what was in the letter.

This text and message appears here:

THE GATHERING by Chief Sitting Bull and Positive ET Alliance

1998 - December
Started 'WORLD-ACTION' on the Internet.

----- Money, inherited from my Uncle Jack, started to come through in December 1998, and I knew I had to get a nice flat, over-looking the sea, in the place where the trouble was! I needed a flat where I would not be distracted by neighbours arguing, etc.; I needed to be over-looking the sea in order to get inspiration for the work I was about to do. And I knew this needed to be in the capital of the Isle of Man, which was Douglas. Douglas, for many years, was being taken over by big money, the Island being a tax haven. Lovely old Victorian buildings, hotels and public houses, even churches, were being converted into the international headquarters of very rich corporations. There was, also, a lot of squalor in Douglas, much depression, violence, suicide, drugs, alcohol, etc. This is where I wanted to be, with my eye on the problem, but able to see 'heaven' by having my flat high up above the promenade, looking east to the rising Sun. Then I started 'WORLD-ACTION'.

      Very soon I was to find out that there was a spacecraft flying into Douglas Bay, from the east, every night. Jean, the woman who saw this, who lived even higher up behind the bay than I did, said the craft made complex geometric patterns, and also a large circle of white lights (see my spacecraft experience of 1993: 'a vertical circle of white lights').

       I had met Jean two days before. We were sitting next to each other on a bus. Jean turned to me and said: "Get a group of a 100 people together ready for something to happen". It's not hard to remember a simple idea like this and it stuck in my mind.

      Now fast-forwards to 2016... In September 2016, very unusual thunder was heard around the world; and right at this time I felt a big shift begin in the field of human consciousness on Earth. This shift has carried on every day and is still happening as I'm writing this - May 2017.

      I had known about the gathering starting at Standing Rock in America for several months, but in September 2016, it suddenly occurred to me that Standing Rock could be the start of people gathering together from all tribes, nations, and tongues as described in the Book of Revelation. 400 Indian nations were gathering at Standing Rock and millions of people from all around the world were supporting Standing Rock.

      Another thing about September 2016, all of a sudden I started noticing ambulance sirens. Every day I was hearing five or six ambulance sirens and a friend said she was often hearing ambulance sirens on her favourite radio station. Was a healing crisis happening with Humanity? Would things get worse for a while, and then suddenly start to improve? On the last day of 2016, two friends in different parts of the world told me that all animal life and birds had gone completely silent around where they lived. Deep inside me I felt this silence was a good sign... something good is coming our way.

      Jean said my main contact was a soul who had been a Native American. Jean was referring to Chief Sitting Bull. See Chief Sitting Bull's global message The Gathering. Chief Sitting Bull's message has the word 'multitude' in it, and if there ever has been or is ever going to be a call for all people to unite to change the world for the better, this is it.

      Around this time, UFO groups sixty miles east of us, in the county of Lancashire, on the north-western coast of England, were reporting many spacecraft going overhead, and going out into the Irish Sea -- this is the direction of the Isle of Man which is due west of Lancashire.
THE GATHERING by Chief Sitting Bull and Positive ET Alliance

1999 - March
Visit to the area around volcano Popocatepetl, south of Mexico City, Mexico.
'Dream ... Vision ...'

----- Back in 1997, when the white light had gone over my taxi, the man I stopped for said he would soon be going to Mexico. That put Mexico in my mind. Around this time I was reading Jon King's magazine, 'UFO Reality', and there were two articles, or more, about a man who had been drawn to go to a particular area of Mexico. It was something to do with discovering ancient records. He interviewed local people, in the volcanic area just south and east of Mexico City; these are the huge volcanoes of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, the large city of Puebla, and the towns of Atlixco and Metepec, the latter very close to Popocatepetl. Many people had seen spacecraft very close up in these areas, just south-east of Mexico City. In the writer's report he mentioned coming to the edge of some land where he looked across a vale, and feeling something like a "dream.... a vision...". This maybe had a connection with the Rainbow Dream Vision, so in March 1999, I went to Mexico.

1999 - Summer, onwards
Two People 'in Light', at back of lounge every night.

----- Starting in early 1999, when I first became personally involved on the Internet, talking to many people around the world in many different groups, something started to happen in my lounge. I usually sat in a corner at my computer, with my right side to the bay window looking east over Douglas Bay and the Irish Sea (see, above, the craft that came into Douglas Bay). At the other end of the lounge, away from where I was and the bay window, I had a few significant pictures of Angels and Celtic crosses, and I had the talking stick with rainbow-coloured tassels that we used at quite a few large talking circles in the early 1990s. I suppose this end was my altar, what most people would call their mantelpiece. Often I would look around from my desk at the computer, and I felt sure I could make out the vague, silvery-white forms of two fairly tall beings at the far end of the lounge. This felt fine to me. It felt like friendly and benevolent company. I felt this to be the soul who had been both Sir George Trevelyan and Chief Sitting Bull, and the soul who had been White Buffalo Calf Woman. I was beginning to get the idea that White Buffalo Calf Woman was my twin-soul.
     Sir George Trevelyan would occasionally drive to a sensitive in East Anglia to communicate with his twin-soul (I think Sir George's twin-soul was on a spacecraft or in a base on Earth, or Venus, or Arcturus, or Sirius, etc. There is much more going on than we know). Now, 1999 and onwards, the soul of Sir George Trevelyan / Sitting Bull, and my twin-soul were coming to visit me on the Isle of Man. Every time I seemed to get some success and progress on the Internet, I would look around to these two vague, silvery-white figures and give the 'thumbs up'. This continued for several years, probably to the point where I just feel the presence of these two beings, rather than seeing their (limited) forms.


1999 - Late 1999
News of THREE CRAFT coming out of Irish Sea and flying slow circles around the headland known as Saint Maughold's Head, (I.O.M.), then going back into the Irish Sea.

----- I felt I had to go up and visit a woman who was living in the north-east of the Isle of Man. A recent employer of this woman had seen the three craft flying with rainbow-colours above Saint Andreas church in autumn 1995. I drove down a long lane to a cottage which had a very interesting spiritual history. Talking to Sharon, eventually she told me a friend, back where she had just been living at Saint Maughold's Headland, had frequently been observing three disc, spacecraft coming out of the Irish Sea and flying slow and graceful circles around Saint Maughold's headland. Slow, graceful circles were a feature of the major meeting I had with
three craft back in 1986. After they completed their graceful circles they would go back into the Irish Sea. Many people, she said, had seen this. Soon after this interview, I had the strong feeling I had been guided to go and speak with Sharon. Around two years later I moved home to be very close to Saint Maughold's headland. And that is where another stage in 'the fight' began.

2000 - Spring
Decided to risk my life by telling the truth about ETs, UFOs, etc.

----- I had been very ill in hospital. When I crawled out of hospital, I realised I had almost died quite a few times over the past twelve or so years, and I felt I was lucky to be still alive. In fact I thought by all rights I should already be dead. From this point I decided to tell the truth of what I knew about 'ET', UFOs, etc. I thought there was a high chance I would be found dead very soon because I was very aware there is a power group on Earth which wants humanity to be kept separate from our friendly neighbours out in the Universe.

See: Governments And Main Media Are Lying, Conniving Bastards - Life In The Universe

2000 - Summer/August 17th
'The Start of The World Gathering for Truth', worldwide.

----- In spring 2000, I sent out to many groups on the Internet a version of the Rainbow Dream Vision. A week or so later I opened an email and was surprised and delighted to see someone had given an artistic and musical treatment to the Rainbow Dream Vision mail I had sent out a week before. 'Someone' was Rory Winter, an old acquaintance who was now living up in Scotland. A big link Rory and I had, was Sir George Trevelyan. Sir George had meant a lot to Rory too. Very soon we found ourselves planning for a world link-up date on the key, annual date that appears in the Rainbow Dream Vision: August 17. We planned for 'The Start of The World Gathering For Truth' for August 17, 2000. I mailed many groups, and then I started to receive many mails saying that people were forwarding our 'Gathering' mails to everyone they knew. This increased. Someone in California said they were forwarding the mails (I was sending out updates every few days from early July) to around one million people. Many people were offering to be contacts in their part of the world.
      Three features of 'The Gathering' which seemed to suggest Spirit (or God, or God/ET, or ET, etc.) may have been behind this event: (1) The Gathering in one American state, at a place which was probably long-sacred, several Native Americans turned up who said they had been guided by Great Spirit to come; (2) A friend on an Island (please see links below, I think it was Costa Rica?) was very sad she did not have time to organise something on her island, then she was delighted to find an Island-wide celebration had spontaneously been organised for that week; (3) I don't know if you will appreciate this next indication, but if you liked the film 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' you may. I had read about a woman in the UK who seemed to be getting remote 'electronic harassment' because she was involved in some protests in the UK some years ago. Perhaps the harassers thought they would keep harassing her as a test of the capabilities of their nasty technology. Her name was Marina (sorry, can't remember her second name). I read, some time after the Start of The World Gathering For Truth, somewhere on the Internet (I think this was the website of a man in the UK who states he also has suffered very bad harassment by nasty covert technology), that at the time of the World Truth Gathering, Marina was incarcerated in a mental hospital somewhere in Scotland. The report I read said Marina walked straight out of the gates of this establishment at noon, on August 17, 2000, and was then free. Noon (local) was the time we had chosen for everyone around the world to link up. WELL DONE, Marina... it is hellish enough to be a target for covert harassment and torture without having to be also forced into a mental institution - freedom and liberty removed - and forcefully given chemical concoctions by our present-day, completely out of touch 'Mental Health' establishment.

Also see: Mental Health DRUGS Cause Mental Health PROBLEMS

2001 - Spring
Did much work in supporting Dr Steven Greer's call for full disclosure on 'ET' reality.

----- Dr Steven Greer's website: http://www.disclosureproject.org
I think it was in May 2001, Dr Greer launched his effort to get full disclosure on the world's 'ET' and 'UFO' situation by organising a live web-broadcast from, I think, Washington D.C. In the preceding weeks I was in touch with Dr Steven Greer and his team, and I did a lot of mailing out to many Yahoo groups with the information for the disclosure launch. I always put 'Please forward to friends and contacts' at the top or bottom, or both, of emails.
     On the day of the live web-broadcast of video from the press room in Washington DC, to begin with, for the first 15 minutes or so, it was very difficult to pick up the video and sound link. Soon afterwards we were to learn that there had been a very powerful and sophisticated jamming of the signal - so those behind the cover-up were not giving up easily. Then the picture and sound came through, and soon after my brother, Jonathan, walked in. We stood there in the lounge absorbed by what was going on on the PC's monitor. This was an historic moment for the world: For 50 years, selfish people in the world had stopped advanced civilisations from out there in the Universe from being in contact with the people of Earth; what damage this 50 year delay has caused we can only guess at.
     Dr Greer, and his team, had collected an impressive array of scientists, military personnel, etc., who were now willing to come forward and tell the world what they knew about the biggest cover-up in Earth's history.

2001 - Starting in Spring
Did much work in support of the call to end worldwide spraying of 'CHEMTRAILS'.

----- In the large and many mail-outs for 'The Start of The World Gathering For Truth' in mid 2000, I had included information on something I had only just heard about. This was a full-scale, worldwide spraying of certain substances from 100s of large aircraft. This was popularly and logically called, 'Chemtrails'. We are all very familiar with 'contrails', these are the regular, short trails left behind planes when planes are at very high altitude where the temperature is very low, this had been happening for 50 years. But Chemtrails were said to be actual spraying of chemicals from nozzles along wing edges, or from outlet nozzles in the tail of a plane. Chemtrails were said to be quite toxic, unhealthy chemicals, such as barium stearate and aluminium oxide. Worse still, many sources were saying that biological substances also seemed to be included in some or all sprayings. There was evidence that many people were getting sick, and another commonly reported sign, from the USA, was on heavy spray days pets were hugely reluctant to step outside.
      This seemed authentic to me when I heard of it in mid 2000, but it seemed to be mind-boggling, and it felt so outrageous I had the feeling the effort I was likely to put into notifying people about this bizarre, new problem would burn me up if I became involved in it. So in mid autumn 2000, I decided to leave the subject for the time being.
     However, in spring 2001, I went to search on the internet to see what developments there were with the matter of 'Chemtrails'. I found:
(1) More people were talking about Chemtrails,
(2) There were many more Chemtrail websites,
(3) There was more evidence, and people were more alarmed than they had been in mid 2000.
-- At this point I knew I had to get involved. And with a little research I found that 'Chemtrails' seemed to be clearly referenced in the Book of Revelation as something which 'the multitude' needed to stand up against.


2001 - Starting in September
Contributed to effort to find and publish the truth regarding '9/11'.

----- Right from the beginning there was something wrong with the '9/11' attacks. When the towers were collapsing the young commentator on the UK television channel I was watching blurted out, "They are coming down... just like a controlled demolition". And that turned out to be the truth. Over 200 New York firemen reported many explosions were happening in many parts of the two World Trade Center towers - but their statements and evidence have been suppressed. So why have planes flying around when the towers were in fact demolished solely using extensively placed demolition charges? The reason was that those responsible for the '9/11' attack wanted the world to think it was foreign terrorists... in fact, 'terrorists' who lived in a part of the world they wished to invade and plunder for oil, and for other reasons.  U.S. government agencies were complicit in covering up what really happened in the 9/11 attack and this, and hundreds of other pieces of data regarding 9/11, point to the covert controllers of the U.S. government as the perpetrators of 9/11. The criminal, super-rich controllers of the American government are known as the Secret Government / Cabal / New World Order.

See: 9/11 - The Start of the War On Truth


2002 - Spring
Moved to north of Island, to Ramsey - midway between where the THREE CRAFT appeared in 1995 and where they were recently appearing at St. Maughold's Head.

----- This was a very strange move! It was a wet day when I looked for a house to rent in Ramsey; in fact, when I tried to come back southwards over the northern hills a wall of water was coming down the road to meet me. On the day I was in Ramsey to sign the lease on a new house we had to quickly leave the estate agent's shop because a very high tide was flooding the town - water was coming in the front door as I left. My sister was visiting the Island just before I moved and late one night I drove her to see the new house; but we almost never arrived there, going over the northern hills, a car at speed, coming from the opposite direction, crossed the road in front of us nearly taking us with it. I suppose this was all very appropriate because an even bigger battle seemed to develop in the north, around Ramsey.

2002 - All year, and also 2003
Big effort, all through the year, to publicise the true facts on 'September 11th, 2001'.

----- Most of this year I was engaged in helping publicise information on '9/11' and the fake 'War On Terror'.
(1) The official 9/11 story did not add up,
(2) Masses of data showed '9/11' was set up by those who control America, and blamed on others as an excuse for global military action.
See: 9/11 - The Start of the War On Truth

2003 - AUGUST
August 1st, low-flying spacecraft did a back-flip in Florida... amazed motorists.

I did big emailing in mid August - then hit intensively by directed energy, and assault on my mind. 

Suddenly... big BLACK-OUT in USA (after Spacecraft seen near powerlines, etc.).
----- A terrible month, but when I looked back at the end of the month, it had been truly amazing. A friend on the Island had promised to pay the fee for the imminent renewal of my World-Action website (at the time, this was nearly 200), then he disappeared on a long vacation to Ireland. I knew at this time that whenever I did big posts to many Yahoo groups, I would feel ill the next few days as a new intensity of directed, nasty energy hit me. I was concerned World-Action website would disappear so I did a big mail-out to many large groups asking for financial support for World-Action, and like the 'fool' I am I included some information and inspiration to encourage people. I also included this part of the Rainbow Dream Vision: 'Many of the enemies of the humans will begin to drop (original said "die") away'. There is one thing bad people do not like, they don't like to be told that they will get their 'come-uppance'. Very soon there was an attack on me that was overwhelming, it was physical, mental and psychological. How do they do this stuff? Or is the technology being used increased by attack from other-worldly sources, and or by the use of minds trained in occult, voodoo, etc.?
     For approximately 36 hours I staggered around trying to keep my sanity, as I felt an awful presence, a presence that was relentlessly hammering on my mind. When it slowed down, I drove to a lovely valley, sat on a rock in a river, and gave thanks for having survived this massive attack. For a change I could feel the air on my skin (usually the electrical-like, energy wall around me cut me off from just about every nice sensation: relaxation, the air, gentle sounds, peace, etc.) Sitting on the rock in the river, feeling alive and good, I looked up in the sky towards the north and a very bright flash came from the sky. From previous experiences I felt certain there was a disc 'scout' ship up in the sky at the position the white flash had come from, and I was sure they were on my side. (From 2006, craft started being captured in my general scenic photographs).
     There were three big attacks on me in August 2003 (August is the important month for the RDV and The World Gathering). For the second attack I think I had sent out another big emailing (because I was now annoyed, and fighting, because 'people' were trying to kill me), and again I was very badly hit, I could only just hang on to my sanity, much worse I would have been running down the road screaming. But something remarkable happened at this stage....

      Sightings of very lively UFOs (i.e. spacecraft) had been happening in the USA since August 1st. Some of these sightings were craft being seen very close to electricity switching stations. It occurred to me that I was being hit by some form of energy which must have included the use of electricity somewhere along the line. Also consider that many people believe the global use of 50 cycles/second alternating current is very bad for human health and our ability to think correctly. In effect, the A.C. electricity the world uses has our minds caught in a prison... we live in homes with AC electricity circling around us 24 hours a day. And the huge increase in cancer over recent decades may be due to the evermore powerful way electromagnetic energy is being broadcast: TV and radio transmission, microwave, etc.

      Something extraordinary, and 'neat', happened on August 14th in northern USA. A package of electricity heading east along the national grid, near the Great Lakes, suddenly turned around and started heading west. What ensued was the massive black-out which swept across NW USA. People have put this down to a test of HAARP, but I don't think so, I think this was 'ET'. I think it was done for two purposes, the main purpose was to hint to the world that something is wrong about the way the world uses electricity, the second angle I see is it was done to try and help save my life. It didn't necessarily reduce the strength of the attacks on me, but when I saw that there were craft whizzing and back-flipping (see later) around the world in efforts to save my life, my strength and hope increased manifold.
     What particularly makes me think 'ET' was responsible was a small but significant (if you know the signs) event which happened in Florida on the interesting date of August 1st ...........
See: http://ufoinfo.com/filer/2003/ff0334.shtml
TAMPA - Three businessmen were heading northbound on I-75 on August 1, 2003, around 9:30 PM. Off in the distance they saw a baby blue, greenish and white light.... 'A few seconds later it was right over us coming from the west to the east toward the highway at a pretty high speed. As soon as it was directly over us it flipped, reversed and started heading west again finally shooting away. When directly over us it could have been no more then 100 feet away. When it changed directions, I knew something was up......'
      This is what the U.S. national grid did 14 days later, a package of electricity heading east, suddenly turned around and headed back west, causing the massive black-out. To me, this was a clear message from 'ET'.

2003 - Late AUGUST
(The month of AUGUST keeps on being important.)
Third and final 'electronic' attack on me - then Black-out in London (my intuition was this was 'ET' too).

----- These attacks (2 to this point in August) were so bad I thought there was now a higher chance I would lose my life. I did two things: (1) I copied all my information onto CDs and sent copies to the Police, relatives, friends and contacts, (2) I decided to take out a second 'mirror' website to copy World-Action onto another place on the internet in case the main website was hacked and obliterated. While I was booking the new website with an Internet Service Provider in England, the third and final over-the-top attack of that month began. Within a few hours I was distracted by news on the TV in my lounge. Apparently, while I was trying to book a new website in ENGLAND to keep myself alive and to keep the message going, ENGLAND was hit by a massive black-out, in London. I had a shiver. I really felt there were strong forces willing to help the good people and willing to make a point to the New World Order / Globalists in the USA and UK that they were using energy WRONGLY.
      At the same time I was contacted by an Englishman, Martin Poyner, who offered to back up World-Action at his personal website. Thanks Martin. Martin has kept this effort up to this day (Late 2008). These files were created a few years ago, but their information is still HIGHLY RELEVANT to the present world situation.

Each attack that I survived, I felt great for many hours, and would see winking lights in sky.


2003 - October
After a chemical-filled big storm over the Isle of Man, I started: Stop-Chemtrails com

[I lost 'Stop-Chemtrails com' at the end of 2004 because I didn't have enough funds to renew its domain name. Now, STOP CHEMTRAILS is a section of WGFT website: Stop-Chemtrails]
A local friend, who had lived in my area all his 65+ years, was again noticing unusual chemical smells in the air. We had already seen, for several years, that in the USA the spray tankers would use the thick cloud cover of storms to mask their mass-spraying activities, so this was perhaps happening in the British Isles too: massive spraying by many planes up above the dense cloud cover. In a petrol station one evening, I met a young man who told me that he and his girlfriend had been so ill, in an unusual way, over the past few days - i.e. during this chemical-smelling, big storm - they had gone to the hospital. He told me that in the brief time they were waiting at the hospital for treatment, many babies were being brought in with breathing problems. I had a strong feeling I knew what this was all about, so I decided to do even more publicity on the
global 'Chemtrail-Spraying' operation.


2004 - Summer
NEWS of THREE CRAFT being regularly photographed at Popocatepetl, Mexico.

----- >>>>>>>> To be completed
See: 'Mexico Frequent UFO Sightings at Volcano'......
Near bottom of page:  http://ufoinfo.com/filer/2004/ff0441.shtml

2004 - December
My sister, Elizabeth, bought me a plane ticket, and I flew to MEXICO CITY, Mexico.

I set off for Central and North America.... to see how an extremely poor country (Mexico) manages; and to see how life is in the world's most dangerous country... the United States of America. It seems the USA, as Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy long ago warned us, has indeed been quietly taken over by a rich and powerful industrialist-oil-munitions-etc. 'mafia' several decades ago, and is now threatening the survival of the whole world.


I met many, many good people in the USA - Native, White, and all races. My friends there are suffering just like everyone else. It's strange how you need to go a long way from home to see how good people can be. A change is something we all need. I want to return to the USA. I HOPE we can sort the world's problems out. It is not the people of the USA who are causing the world's problems - there are many countries in the world where the majority are hoping for a better government. Right now, the British and American governments are showing government in its most dysfunctional form. Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower, the Hopi Nation, and other intelligent and aware groups and individuals have warned us about the world's present chaotic and unhappy situation. Read information on the attempted 'World Take-Over' at: WORLD-ACTION


Please feel free to contact me... Michael Irving: Contact


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The two lights in the above photograph are two friendly spacecraft which were hovering over

my home in Selkirk, in Scotland, in Feb 2009: Two Craft Above World Truth Gathering HQ


Governments And Main Media Are Lying, Conniving Bastards - Life In The Universe

The Truth Is Out: WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE - by Michael Irving

Hopi Prophecy: We Are At The Final Stages Now ... People With Pure Hearts

The Gathering by Chief Sitting Bull and Positive ET Alliance




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